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  1. Maybe this is looking through rose colored glasses, but I miss watching a Kruger coached team. The past ten years have been hard to watch. UNLV has looked soft and dumb. Kruger ball was hard nosed defense and team offense. Terry, Wink, Anthony, Chopper, Darger, Oscar, White, Moser, Justin... I loved those guys because they killed themselves on the floor. They played smart. Maybe they weren't the most athletic, but they had heart and they played smart. Sure we have better recruits now, but that just makes the losing more frustrating. I have high hope Otz will get us better, and I saw flashes a
  2. You are probably right, but mostly because we'll be getting back to a level of normalcy with a leader willing to reach across the table who can treat political rivals with respect. I don't imagine Biden will be calling Cruz's wife ugly. Sometime outcry is the proper response. I mean, were talking about a president who waffles on whether or not to give federal wildfire aid to California.
  3. I just wish UNLV football was watchable. There have only been a few games in the last ten years that I could sit through.
  4. I served: 82nd Airborne Infantry 2001-2005. I was an NCO. I never experienced or saw physical abuse. A smoke session, sure. But a few push-ups are much different than a hand around the neck or a fist to the head. In PLDC we were informed that anything like what Gregg Marshal is being accused of would result in a visit to JAG.
  5. We have a president that wouldn't be eligible for a top secret clearance due to his massive debt. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  6. I read these details. A bunch of them still work for Trump, Kellogg wasn't there. Bolton basically said he didn't hear it when he was around, but he felt Trump could have said it when he wasn't around. Fuentes had the most convincing denial, but he might not have heard it either as he was just Kelly's aide. This could all be cleared up by Kelly, but he ain't talking. He resigned shortly after this trip. The thing that gets me, as a veteran, is Trump's initial lie in 2018, "I called my wife in Washington and told her how disappointed I was..." She was with him. Then the lie that he never called
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