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  1. Nothing needs to be resolved immediately and there will be discussions moving forward, there will be points and counter points between now and 2026 from both the Conference and Boise State. I highly doubt any of those discussions will take place in public view. President Tromp and Boise State, like every university will study their options and choose what is best for the university. Their will be no "airport meeting" with Boise State and others slinking off into the night. Craig Thompson works for the MWC Board of Directors and the Board has has voted they would like to see the carve out for Boise ended. Every member of the MWC Board is a new member since the original agreement was signed. Thompson put out what the Board instructed him to do. If you look at his actual words he chose them very carefully. Boise State in turn put out their position so it would be known to all they have not agreed with the MWC Board of Directors. What will be the end result? No one knows at this juncture. Boise State's home games will be on Fox Sports and their away games on CBS Sports for the next six years unless they received an invite to a P5 conference, just as any other team in the MWC would jump if invited They will continue to receive the bonus payout through the terms of this agreement. Boise turned down the Big East in part because of the travel and they were told their brand had value. Will that value be there if they remain in the G5 in 2026? Only time will tell.
  2. I can't argue with you about being a "prickly" old guy. I have been known to get my dander up on occasion. Members of my family has been involved with Boise State football since the early 1950’s and the first practices and games I attended were during the 1958 season. Pictures of my family members can be seen hanging on the wall of the Alan Noble Hall of Fame. As young kids we would use the wooden bleachers as our giant jungle gym to entertain ourselves while practice was being held and our family members attended to their duties with the team. On more than one occasion Coach Smith would interrupt our climbing drills and bring us cookies. A memory I hold dear to this day. That man was one of the classiest humans to ever walk this earth. I don't believe my initial comments where necessarily “prickly”. I simply pointed out something I knew at the time was an incorrect statement. On occasion I do hear things that I am not at liberty to disclose. I don't believe I said anything derogatory until I was referenced as a "jackass". I hold no ill will toward anyone but when attacked I will not roll over.
  3. You are a man? Really? More like a young ignorant pup. You certainly have an affinity for homophopia don't? You obviously give a shit and may want to seek help beta boy.
  4. Stationed at the old Naval Air Station Memphis, now NSA Mid-South. Beale Street was a run down dump at the time but you sure could hear some damn good blues if you were adventurous enough to enter one of those old little dives. I was privileged enough to hear the likes of Muddy Waters, B.B. King and Rufus King among others in a couple of those run down juke joints. It was nothing like the polish.and pomp or modern Beale Street. But it's a hell of a lot cleaner, safer, and more expensive today.
  5. Really? I haven't seen the news for a bit but when didn Notre Dame and BYU join a conference?
  6. You are a piece of work aren't you son. Dumb as a box of rocks. Your homophobia is a window to your soul.
  7. Interesting point of view from a former writer for Fox Sports and NFL.com that oversees the news coverage for Saturday Down South, and SEC site. "Considering the value of its football program, Boise State may soon be the most valuable “free agent” in college football" Michael Wayne Bratton
  8. About as much as Colorado State having long term football success.
  9. Hair hamstrung the Mountain West prior to Boise State. Just ask BYU, TCU, Utah, CSU, Wyoming and Air Force how enamoured they were with their original media rights under Thompson. When Boise came on board so did ESPN.
  10. I'm not sure CSU was your best choice to try to make a point about winning programs. I don't think administrators are looking at coaches for a one year pop. I believe most want sustained success and they are willing to pay for that success.
  11. Don't be a dick. You could be our travel partner in the PAC14. With an Idaho and Nevada school the PAC would lock up the west. UNLV is a much more attractive school to the PAC than Nevada.
  12. Certainly glad this "jackass" never gets anything right. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'll try to do better in the future. This one isn't behind a paywall so maybe you can read it. https://www.ktvb.com/article/sports/ncaa/ncaaf/boise-state-football/boise-state-to-the-moutain-west-we-are-weighing-our-options-after-latest-tv-deal-spat/277-dba89b25-635d-49fa-8be2-80f50feb1b1f Teaching moment: It is generally better to wait for the official statements than to just "say it" when one knows what is imminent.