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  1. Actually you're just another sanctimonious self centered jerk.
  2. Current death rate is estimated @ .07%. Reports also indicate there may be many more that have the virus that haven't been reported and haven't been tested which will drive that number even lower. Please let my cousin know your view on dangers of driving. He would be very happy to hear it.
  3. Enjoying those deaths now aren't you. You'll be dancing when the average reaches the number killed daily in automobiles. Now if you sustain the corona death average at or above the daily average of automobile deaths for the next ten years you'll be insufferable. Some how I just knew my time at Claremont was a waste of money. I'll continue to look at the glass half full. You can relish in your doom and gloom.
  4. The potential exists that I will win the lottery this weekend. The total to date global figure for the past three months from the virus currently stands at just around 5,416 or about 60 a day. A far cry lower than the thousands a day from automobiles accidents. F*ck the stupid in some of these posts is legion....
  5. What are the statistics related to my cousin and I at seven years playing in my back yard on a beautiful sunny summer day and a three inch branch snaps off the tree kills her instantly? Or my other cousin driving to visit us in Las Vegas and hitting a patch of black ice and flipping his car and dying alone on the road. How about my best friend and I getting our orders and his send him to Vietnam and mine send me home for a 28 day leave. Twelve days later while having a barbecue at his home with his wife and kids as a Navy Chaplain appears to ruin the day and our world? As a society I guess we should quit playing in our back yard and absolutely must ban automobile travel as 3,287 DEATHS A DAY occur each year, day in and day out. https://www.asirt.org/safe-travel/road-safety-facts/ The "experts" have stated the young are the least affected and may not even know they have the virus. Why is it most activities being canceled are activities our youth are involved with? I guess I'll need to disconnect from the modern world as another coronal mass ejection as occurred in 1859 (Carrington Event) is inevitable and with our modern electric system will be devastating. Excuse me but I just think this latest viral outbreak has been completely blown out of proportion. Being cautious and aware is one thing, sensationalizing and paralyzing the world is another. Fact is very few know when our time comes and to put the entire world in a tailspin to get clicks and views is just asinine in my view. Call me some kind of special stupid but I just think the sun is going to come up tomorrow and my family, friends and I are going to enjoy each and every moment we have together and not obsess about what may or may not happen.
  6. New world sensationalism? Twitter educated populace? Entitled people?
  7. Been about 10 days and the world still turns. Imagine that.
  8. And the 16,000 deaths in the US from the flu this year just can't compare to those shocking Coronavirus numbers can they? The 3125 deaths worldwide from Corona dwarfs the 650,000 deaths worldwide annually from the flu. There is absolutely no sensationalism involved from the media. Fact is most of the world will be dead by next Tuesday the way this virus is spreading.
  9. You are correct. That is exactly the point.
  10. Another banner year of Frenso adding to its winning ways. Pathetic!
  11. TV Media Markets are a bit misunderstood. Not all are created equal. Having worked in the media in marketing for 25 years they are just a piece of the puzzle. 2020 Nielsen Markets 30, Salt Lake City UT, 952,470 - BYU 94, Baton Rouge LA, 293,610 - LSU 98, South Bend-Elkhart IN, 277,380 - Notre Dame 102, Boise ID, 261,140 - Boise State 109, Tallahassee FL, 239,650 - Florida State 117, Eugene OR, 218,200 - Oregon 156, Gainsville FL, 114,400 - Florida This link below shows just how convoluted the media markets really are. http://bl.ocks.org/simzou/6459889