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  1. Hate to say it but that’s the risk you take over a 12-game season with mobile QBs. That’s why you rarely see it in the NFL. Wish the kid nothing but a full and speedy recovery.
  2. Sounds like Idaho being obsessed with Boise despite the widening chasm between the two schools- not to mention the moral morass of Idaho’s Athletic Department
  3. Probably because the Ute fans are known for shouting obscenities, starting fights, and throwing up on their fellow fans.
  4. No I think YOU are confused. Your sister is also your momma
  5. Thanks. I think I’m starting to kinda like this place.
  6. Fair enough. I was waiting for a good comeback actually. I can see you got all respectful, polite and kind on me instead. Seriously that was very good of you. But little by little, I’m getting the hang of this board Maybe Joe will play along. So... back to my original question... which is it? Am I getting the hang of it yet? 😉
  7. Again people who derogatorily belittle others typically are trying to make up for either deep-seeded insecurity or a small appendage. Which is it Joe?
  8. And Boise can learn to hit free throws. After tonight’s debacle it might be time to shoot underhand.
  9. Sound good 408. Thanks for the intro. Glad to hear you read OBNUG too. It doesn’t have nearly the action this one has but it’s still fun. Definitely different breeds. Get it? 😄
  10. I was thinking Nuts might be a good name for a dog. Of course, having been on this blog a while that might not be a bad name for some of the bloggers as well. 😉
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I live in Salt Lake City and would be up for a beer any weekend. I travel to all of Boise’s home games and nearly all their away games as well so we could meet up then as well. I’m always down for great conversation and a beer at a sports spot
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