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  1. I don’t care about Cohen. I want pictures of Spider-Man!
  2. his video prof the crime happened
  3. Isn’t $60 a standard hand job price?
  4. Just when I think Democrats can't get any dumber - the next day happens.
  5. Will 16 year olds be forced to join the draft as well ? Isn’t that a condition of voting
  6. Aoc will soon be quoted with “how are we gonna pay for it? Nobody ever asks how we’re gonna pay for the space force “
  7. https://genesiustimes.com/colorado-jogger-who-was-jumped-by-mountain-lion-said-cat-yelled-this-is-maga-country/ i knew the truth would come out
  8. If I had a dollar for how many times I saw a guy get punched and while the other guy yelled “this maga country”
  9. Vice,Vox and now this audience above ^^^ Keep being blind to real issues.
  10. If your not a gun owner you shouldn’t be able to have an opinion on gun rights
  11. stormy daniels is the only one that can bring trump down
  12. It speaks volumes that a clearly racist man still has a job in Hollywood . A quick google search I see hes been in over 250 movies.. Colin Kaepernick can’t even get one job.
  13. Social justice warriors are googling his name to bash his Twitter/Facebook page as we speak.he will never work in this town again
  14. Hillary would have had this case ended with suicide 2 months ago. Just saying
  15. If this story is a shocking moment you clearly haven’t been watching left wing voters the last 3 years.
  16. He should be brought up on charges .
  17. Democrats hate America only care about votes .
  18. That’s impossible just watch cnn
  19. Anti gun advocates - “ the suspect should sue. Nothing they own is worth the life of the criminal”
  20. If she becomes president instead of fast food for Clemson they will be enjoying this
  21. One handed typing while eating prosciutto Learn to adapt with the lazy times ...old man