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  1. Yeah and I think she tried to or had on of her guys in her entourage finish for her. Yeah, usually there's a point when you drink where you hit +++++ it mode and the spicy isn't as bad
  2. The one with Taraji P. Henson is crazy, as she was half hammered before the eating even started
  3. Actually part of it has. He claimed it was two white guys yelling this is MAGA country and then lynching him. We already know they weren't white
  4. No, people are pissed at you because... A. You don't back up the claim with statistics. Once you find your sources to back it up, then we'll listen. B. You are indirectly discriminatory against people with tattoos being successful. C. You're a dick and use a crutch to excuse your dickishness and then try to belittle others who call you out on it by announcing the size of your cerebral penis, and assuming theirs is smaller. So, in conclusion..... you're an ass
  5. "I just believe in athleticism at the quarterback position. If you look at the great team in 2010 that coach (Chris) Ault had, he had a transcendent quarterback (Colin Kaepernick). That's the thing that can take us to an elite status here. We love what we've done here with our quarterback, but we think we can play at a high, high level at quarterback here. We need to do a better job of protecting the football. One of the things this year is we had a lot of young offensive players playing skill positions, which is where we had turnovers offensively. We need a quarterback who can take us to the next level and not only read our progressions and throw the ball accurately, but a guy who can bring a little bit something extra to the table with his feet." Norvell quote on a CBS sports article. Does that sound like a beat around the bush jab at Gangi to anyone else?
  6. For the record, you do act like an asshole, especially when you pull the autism card constantly. And your facts are subjective to your biased perceptions. Just because those QB's you mentioned don't have a lot of tattoos, you insinuate not only would they suck if they had tattoos, but that people with tattoos are less than. Your statement is not only ridiculous assumption but discriminatory. Therefore, you're an asshole.
  7. I hope to God it isn't another David Cornhole situation. If it is Carson Strong will win the starting Job and he'll transfer to Weber State.
  8. I'm curious where ph gets his tattoo/greatness ratio statistics from. I'm guessing the cocktail waitresses he took home were all covered head to toe.
  9. That does look like nail polish doesn't it
  10. Is it record or record ATS? Then it would make sense
  11. Ivan Drago won this round. Time to run up mountains in the snow being chased by Russian security, cut down trees, wear flannel, workout in a barn and yell during a training montage
  12. Honestly, eyeball test tells me they win the west for sure, and are 50/50 with the mountain
  13. Trucks, beards, the lake, real mountains, and still owning a winning cannon record are still better than living there with the cannon for a year
  14. I think if we can beat Loyola, USC, Arizona State, and Utah, then we'll be a legitimate top 5. Until then I'm waiting for the close loss to one of them or a wtf loss to another team