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  1. Yeah and I think she tried to or had on of her guys in her entourage finish for her. Yeah, usually there's a point when you drink where you hit +++++ it mode and the spicy isn't as bad
  2. The one with Taraji P. Henson is crazy, as she was half hammered before the eating even started
  3. That does look like nail polish doesn't it
  4. Is it record or record ATS? Then it would make sense
  5. Ivan Drago won this round. Time to run up mountains in the snow being chased by Russian security, cut down trees, wear flannel, workout in a barn and yell during a training montage
  6. Honestly, eyeball test tells me they win the west for sure, and are 50/50 with the mountain
  7. Trucks, beards, the lake, real mountains, and still owning a winning cannon record are still better than living there with the cannon for a year
  8. I think if we can beat Loyola, USC, Arizona State, and Utah, then we'll be a legitimate top 5. Until then I'm waiting for the close loss to one of them or a wtf loss to another team
  9. What's the deal broseph? I feel the hate and anger rising in you. If you aren't careful, you'll go to the dark side
  10. There needs to be some sort of additional incremental increase in gaming revenue as well as a first round draft pick.
  11. Yeah, because 7 seasons in the conference is unheard of to never play in the championship game