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  1. It's human psychology to be attracted to watching a giant dumpster filled with flames instead of any other action that stays within the boundaries of normal
  2. Paraphrasing here......"The Pac 12 should have been a 1 to 2 bid league", but they get an automatic 1 bid anyway and got 2 in this year......we do not claim him....
  3. If you're going to troll, do it properly. Make the extinguishers silver and blue.
  4. It's difficult typing proper when I'm constantly winning at doing other things. By the way, there shouldn't be a hyphen there grammar hippie.
  5. I'd hope you would stop too, but we aren't that lucky
  6. I just got YouTube tv/philo combo, 65 total with tax. Got 4 local channels as well and a nice wide range of channels. Only one missing is a weather channel. The DVR is good too. Now that directv now charges 50 and 70 for a shit selection, I predict their new customer sign ups will drop by 50%, and customer retention to drop by 20 or 30. They just put themselves out of business
  7. What's more sad? UNLV coaching search thread getting way more pliers and views..... or other fans filled with bitterness, still being obsessed with finding anything they can to throw shade at Nevada fans,
  8. So I'm seeing the keys to the game as this. - make them take bad 3 point shots, crowd them at the arc - find a way to play at our tempo, not theirs. Speed them up and make them uncomfortable. - ball movement, sets of 4 or 5 passes alternating inside and out, make them chase the ball, then attack the paint inside with the bigger guys - bring in size, porter and brown Edit: it's hard to speed up tempo with porter and brown in....I'll get back to you....hmm
  9. I'm not mad at this bracket really. I like the top 4 seeds better than the other 3 as far as winability
  10. If we get left out I'm denouncing basketball