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  1. The pendulum always swings back. The method is the only mystery. Enjoy overinflated welfare states and attacks on the constitution while it lasts
  2. How exactly? They didn't do anything that wasn't done before with Garland. And the Kavanaugh circus was a national disgrace
  3. He replies in crayon, don't expect much from him
  4. I still need to be won over on other things but I respect her the most out of the opposition field
  5. Granted the reason we go to the non sports threads is partially so we can bitch and fight each other over politics. However, I have a proposal. Maybe we can all agree to select a day in the future where we go a legitimate full 24 hours without one new thread or one new post related to politics. We can talk about food, science, history, anything....anything at all.....just not politics. It will be a toxin cleanse for our mind and our soul. What say you?
  6. I'll rephrase it, they purchase the discount version of a good idea and the good idea gets a bad name for it
  7. I'm not in favor of tariffs in general, but IF....IF they lead to better trade deals down the road that save costs in the long run, then I'll be tolerant of them temporarily.
  8. Ewwwwww. Walmart is where good ideas(and retirees) go to die
  9. You are Insufferable and indignant to the point of lunacy sometimes. Part of the "it's always been like this" crowd huh
  10. While you guys are at Costco, do you mind picking up some bulk buttwipe?
  11. I'll start giving polls more attention a year from now
  12. To a point, yes. If consumers go broke buying those goods, then it makes no sense. If the price increases are moderate at most then sure.
  13. So we're not allowed to disagree?
  14. Back in the last century it didn't matter what letter was next to your name, many opposite aisle representatives and senators were good friends and tried to work together for the most part. Now look at it, not only is Congress 2 houses divided, but it has spilled into the public consciousness. Look at our conversations on the MWC board. Now, while I will never compromise my beliefs for anything, I would be willing to compromise in an action to achieve some sort of positive result. Personally I'd be fir an entire legislative termination and to hold a mass and sweeping new election for both houses
  15. Not what I said. Nevada is getting California, just not the red California. Don't pretend like you don't know or pretend it isn't true. The transplant population here has turned the state light blue