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  1. I saw this on Twitter. Nice job, MWC. This is awesome. I just wish the media recognized it more.
  2. I think it makes perfect sense. They made fluky turnovers because they're bad teams. That exacerbated the blowout in favor of USU. Good teams (USU has only played one--and lost) won't make those turnovers and USU will be exposed. I don't see how that undermines my argument at all. You'll see it tonight. Mark my words. Hope you're here tomorrow to admit I was right.
  3. And anything that would happen will pale in comparison to the meltdown that’s going to happen on USU’s side when Boise rolls in this game. Usu has been a fraud all year. Usu’s stellar play earlier in the year is proving to be a mix of gimmicky schemes, fluky turnovers, and an extremely weak strength of schedule. Those things don’t work in big time road games. Boise wins.
  4. Dude I'm not a troll. Everything I'm seeing just points to a Boise State win here. I can't believe others don't see it as clearly. I understand those points you brought up and there's plenty of counter points to them and stronger arguments for why Boise State will win this game. I'm not going to take the time to type them out though.
  5. That's exactly how I feel. Punch them in the mouth when they're not used to that and don't give up fluke turnovers and Boise wins this game handily. Pretty easy to predict IMO.
  6. I've watched several of Boise's and USU's games. Including the games leading up to this week. I honestly don't know how anyone thinks USU has much of a chance in this game. USU has been getting fluky turnovers all year long. Boise isn't going to make those stupid mistakes. I can't believe the spread is as close at is. I've laid down some significant cash -3. I'm considering increasing that amount by a sizeable chunk on the money line. I've seen this story before. The thoroughbread comes through on their home field.
  7. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but at the time of expansion wasn't SJSU the shoo-in and USU was the additional team most people didn't want? Everyone was in favor of SJSU because of that market and "potential" and most seemed disappointed USU was the other team. Welp, SJSU has been killing RPI's and everything else in the MWC since the addition. In hindsight, SJSU was a bad addition.
  8. Reality is there's just no way USU goes into Boise on the blue turf against a fired up team and wins this game. Boise has been tested more and USU hasn't really played anyone. They won't know what to do once Boise punches them in the mouth. Has USU ever even won at Boise before? Combine that with the fact that Boise is just a better team right now and I think Boise wins by double digits.
  9. I'm telling you guys, Boise is the #1 team in the MWC, especially when they're home on the blue turf. They won't lose this game. USU's weak schedule will be to their disadvantage. Wyoming was the only team who slightly punched them in the mouth since the MSU game. USU still held a comfortable lead all game. Once Boise really punches USU in the mouth, things will go awry and they'll be done. USU isn't going to win this game.
  10. Boise State (They're hitting on all cylinders now and are going to beat the Aggies at home. Watch) Fresno State Utah State Nevada SDSU Air Force Hawaii Wyoming Colorado State UNLV New Mexico San Jose State
  11. The answer to this is easy. #1) Several of the computer rankings are also using last year's results as part of their algorithm. Hence Fresno being so much higher than USU. (Applies to Houston too). #2) Several of those rankings also don't account for margin of victory and will heavily emphasize SOS. USU & UCF have a weak SOS, but rankings aren't accounting for the fact that USU averages being up 26 points at halftime of every game.
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