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  1. I think he’s facepalming your use of the wrong “you’re” CCSD education..
  2. Ive attended five bowls since 2007. 3 Nevada ones, one Hawaii bowl and then the one in Phoenix that changes names every year. I haven’t gone to one for a few years now because it’s too much money that I’d rather spend elsewhere. Wonder if that’s what the average bowl attendee is thinking too.
  3. Already seeing fouls being evened out. 4-0 against af
  4. Boise has had three or four offensive fouls/illegal screens. None for afa.. afa guy drove in and it could’ve gone either way and they called it a block. Then later a boise guy took a three in the corner and they called a travel. It was legit, but I think so many calls going against Boise, legit and questionable, sent Leon off the rails.
  5. Rice just got tossed during this time out. I’d have to agree that the refs are hammering boise this game, but I’m not complaining
  6. We gave San Jose their only conference win a few years ago.. looks like we might give Wyoming theirs too. So generous of us
  7. Can’t argue with that
  8. This game needs to apologize to the game of basketball.
  9. Over/under 48.5 now?
  10. It’s too bad they only meet once this year.
  11. A real wtf game for sure
  12. Reffing the last few years has been awful. I really hate the new charging calls- letting defenders slip in under the offense last second.
  13. Roddy is good. Wish we had someone his size on our team. FB and BB
  14. Nice timeout. Freeze your own shooter
  15. Wow what a shot! Now let’s see if they can get a stop
  16. Tied. Epic collapse
  17. Uh oh.. is Sparty gonna blow this?
  18. After saying that it, it turns into a pick up game for a while there.
  19. The crowd here is dead. It’s like a minor league baseball crowd. But the boys are playing hard!
  20. Why not just schedule the women’s team next time and save on money
  21. I think it’s safe to say SDSU wouldn’t have given up over 50 points to penn state. Hell, Nevada wouldn’t have either.