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  1. What percentage of people who have died from COVID would be dead by now from some other cause? I imagine it’s very high... 7,700 people die on an average day, I’d be willing to bet COVID is getting its numbers from that crowd
  2. He supports blm right? Aren’t they against the western nuclear family? So this should be good news for him then
  3. I just heard they’re playing at navy Labor Day. Is that true? edit- just saw it in the other thread. Never mind
  4. I imagine we’ll lose our UC Davis game in week 0. My money is on UC’s not playing
  5. I read that they have a 5 year transition period instead of the normal 4 year. Is that specialized for them because of the jump from d3?
  6. Is the Eskimo kiss next?
  7. Why do you need to announce you disagree with me? I care about what people do when they take a loan out for a useless degree and then default on it and taxpayers have to cover it.
  8. Lolzzzz. Where’d you get that from? I said people waste money and time on stupid degrees.
  9. Preach. I got shouted down last time I said that some degrees are a waste of time and money
  10. Feather in his cap that people would fight like that for your honor
  11. Is there any silver lining? Could this be the ripping up of our current arms race and giant contracts and starting over? Is there anything positive to take?
  12. And Hawaii ain’t even left coast. They’re closer to the sandwich islands league
  13. I get why they’re going to try conference only for the travel and containing their players within their conference, but I think it’d make more sense to just do games that are a bus ride away and keep it truly regional. Even if that means for one year you’re playing fcs schools- if they’re willing to go along with it of course. Out here it’d be tougher since we’re all so spread out, but for one year- us, Stanford, cal, Fresno, San Jose and sac state, Davis and cal poly if they’re down, it’d make for a nice, regionally tight season. No one would go for it of course, but that’d be the best way to do it.
  14. It’s scientifically proven that a virus can’t spread if you stay within your conference footprint.
  15. Your title is confusing. AAC or ACC?
  16. I say we make it work this year with them. Who knows what all of our schedules are going to look like anyway, so why close the door before we need to?
  17. In this scenario, I’d rather play everyone once. If the team in first is ahead of everyone else by more than one game then no championship game should be played. Gotta make the regular season count for something.
  18. Our women’s teams all suck... except the swim team that had a handful of top 15 finishes in the NCAA championships a while ago. So there’s that.
  19. Yale was replacing too many seniors this year. It was a rebuild year for them anyway. Everything I’ve read on ESPN says this was projected to be Dartmouth’s best team ever.
  20. @#1Stunner what’s the mpsf going to do with men’s volleyball now? They’ll be down to 5 teams. Maybe @jdgaucho knows