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  1. Man you really hate Mormons. You always find a chance to bash them. Low hanging fruit eh? I again challenge you to take pot shots at Muslims or black Baptists or native Americans and their religious beliefs. I know you can’t cuz you Libs only attack the right but not the left side of religion. Keep it honest, rebel!
  2. Let’s be realistic. Vegas will never be good and never draw more than that.
  3. Almost as good as Groth getting out of our home games with UCLA and Oregon.
  4. I was basically forced to get the vaccine if I wanted to keep my job and I wish I hadn’t gotten it. I’ve had heart pains since the second shot and my heart rate has been higher than normal. I’m a healthy guy under 40 who already had covid. This vaccine made me feel worse than when I had covid and now I gotta go see a cardiologist soon. If you’re thinking about getting it, I’d say stay away.
  5. But I’d like you to specifically go off on Mohammad and Muslims. Just to keep things intellectually honest. Also native Americans and their sacred sites and their Gods. It’s easy to go after low hanging fruit..
  6. I’m excited to hear you go off about Muslims now. What’re your thoughts?
  7. I agree with you on the lsu games. Best experience I’ve had at a game. I’ve also been to a&m, bama, auburn, Tennessee, ole miss, miss state, Georgia and even Louisiana Lafayette was a fun time. West coast football just doesn’t compare.
  8. The south is awesome- great food, nice weather most of the time and the people are way nicer than in the rest of the country. I want to retire in Natchez
  9. Is it just me or are these announcers huge Purdue homers?
  10. I took the Ponies on the money line
  11. I personally like S&M U
  12. I thought Nelson was a good hire but I’m thinking not.. stupid groth should have never canned Scruggs. She’s the only coach to get us to the NCAAs and her worst seasons were .500 whereas that seems to be celebrated now.
  13. Ouch, getting taken to the woodshed by a team that was D2 last year.. I hope you guys remember this when you start thinking that adding nmsux would be a wise choice in the future.
  14. From here it looked clean but they’re not showing replays here. Was it clean?
  15. We get the junior tournament with the junior refs.
  16. I hope I didn’t put a ph-type curse on us though
  17. Lolzzzzz. Love seeing them lose, but it’ll hurt our rpi
  18. Which outlet do you use? I’ve been watching through flashseats. And btw I’m glad usu b-ball looks to be back this year!
  19. The cheapest one I see is $100 on stubhub but that doesn’t include the fees. Are all these games full or do a lot of seats end up empty from the ones who didn’t sell their $100 seats?
  20. I didn’t go to a vgk game last year because it was so expensive, and here I am in town again and tickets are still around $100.. is it all just high rollers getting comped tickets or are locals really throwing down hundreds of dollars to go see a game? Are ticket prices ever gonna drop to commoner prices?
  21. I’d believe that if I didn’t see so many Ute fans obsessing over BYU. I honestly don’t give a rat’s hindquarters over CSU, UNM or Wyo, so you’ll never see me on their board or talking about them, or commenting on their articles. As a non-bias third party, I can say I see both fans are always obsessing over the other one. So Utah does like playing them and the rivalry.
  22. CBU needs to learn to move its feet on D. These guys keep getting beat off the dribble- that’s why they’re racking up the fouls.
  23. Good win usu! I’ll be at your next game Wednesday
  24. Mug how many people are actually there
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