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  1. brillio

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    It’s not true that we’ve NEVER won at Viejas since we won back in 98 or 99. But that’s the only time. We haven’t won there since we were Big West
  2. brillio

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Windier than the football game in November? That night was miserable in many ways
  3. brillio

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Gary Parrish reading the mwcboard. Convinced of it
  4. brillio

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    I could see SDSU playing out of their minds ala unm last month.
  5. brillio

    UNLV at Wyoming

    I didn’t notice it Saturday night either. But now it might be used as a tryout for Wyo now that James is out
  6. brillio

    UNLV at Wyoming

    That extra basket wyo has sitting behind the Vegas bench almost looks as small time as our soccer lines..almost.
  7. brillio

    BYU Fans Upset playing in HS-sized Gyms

    I’d love if gcu and du joined the wcc so I could see the Lopes play every year here. And of course,I’d have to come out and see BYU to give them my mwcboard frown during the game.
  8. brillio

    MW BBall Attendance

    More people show up to high school games than to San Jose or Air Force games.
  9. brillio

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    I heard them saying “put in David” and “we want David” Never heard overrated
  10. brillio

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    What a late night.. but the game was good, wyo fans were hospitable and I hate 8pm starts.
  11. brillio

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    Well the good news we’ve won like 7 in a row that I’ve been at!
  12. brillio

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    I’ll be there!
  13. brillio

    UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine

    How often does UCR have to schedule around intramural games to get their own games in? oh yeah- Go gauchos
  14. brillio

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Not gonna go through 26 pages, but it looks like he’s doing just barely enough to keep his job. He’s in 4/5 place right now and is Vegas that cutthroat to fire someone for finishing in the top half?
  15. brillio

    Sports passport

    I don’t know how many of you would care, but I just stumbled upon this app that tracks all the games you’ve been to. I remember Espn had something like this years ago but stopped updating it. I spent about an hour of productive time at work trying to remember all the games I’ve been to in my life. If any of you are interested it’s at Sports passport sorry Mug for pimping another sports thing on this page. You can remove this if you want. I just thought some might find it cool.