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  1. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Lolz at the SJSU student behind our bench getting kicked out. What was the spread?
  2. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    In which sport?
  3. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Come on San Jose, spend a few bucks and buy a functioning clock
  4. Nevada @ San Jose State

    It’s been that kind of game.. their big throws up a three as the shot clock goes off, banking it in for his first three of the year..
  5. 4 Point Shot. Should the NCAA Add It?

    I’d like to see the Rock n Jock 25 point basket
  6. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    Wait for real? Like..scholarships and everything? Playing DU, Minnesota and all those guys?
  7. Boise State at Wyoming

    What’s going on. My stat tracker is stuck at 78-76 with 32 seconds you
  8. Word. Refs blow calls and nothing happens to them. We just get the “oh they’re human” line and everyone moves on. Their pay should be dinged for every crap call they make
  9. Nevada vs San Francisco

    I told the guy next to me the way this game is going they’re gonna hit a 3 and we’re gonna miss layup at the end. Man am I Copernicus
  10. Nevada vs San Francisco

    Useless tournament. Stop playing in theee tournaments with a bunch of rpi anchors. Nothing to gain
  11. Nevada vs Southern Illinois

    And of Muss
  12. Nevada vs Southern Illinois

    What kind of sponsorship deal does Muss have with Pepsi
  13. Nevada vs Southern Illinois

    Goodness.. these refs are horrible. It’s a good thing it’s a blow out so these calls don’t matter, but man, they are awful!
  14. Nevada vs Southern Illinois

    Dang, all the sudden it’s a blow out. 41-19 good guys at the U4
  15. Nevada vs Southern Illinois

    Foster getting a lot of time this half..and our 3 game is 🔥