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  1. I can’t tell if he’s serious or if this is satire gone wrong.
  2. We’ve only played the 13th game once. I wish we’d take advantage of it
  3. Lolzz.. well now I know one of them.. PS we had the distinction of being their first MWC win
  4. Who were the two SJSU victories again?
  5. Just saw all those spam messages about love specialists from last night. Looks like Mug got spammed
  6. Seems like SDSU always wins it..
  7. They’re for real bragging about 2.69? I like the vandals and hope the best for them.. but seriously, 2.69? That’s barely north of a C average
  8. Yup, we won two regular season titles and lost in the tourney both times. I still think we shouldn’t have the conference tourney even in years we don’t win the title.
  9. If Vegas holds on to lose, and we finish with the same record, who gets the 3rd seed? I think we went 3-3 against each other
  10. I thought AFA’s was wild blue yonder? I picked SJSU’s. Theirs is peppy. But Idaho and UTEP have better fight songs.