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  1. Nevada 2018 MWC basketball champs 2 peat

    They’ll have to pry my CBI title T-shirt from my cold, dead hands.
  2. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    CUSA and sun belt aren’t that different anymore. They really should just split them in half and all the schools in the west go to one conference and the east go to another one. Then maybe nmsu can get an invite to the western conference
  3. Bracketology Update Feb. 19

    Utah? For real? I haven’t followed pac 12 the past week or so but I thought Utah wasn’t even in the conversation ?
  4. Bracketology Update Feb. 19

    They got hosed in 04
  5. Hey Boise...

    Cuz Boise can’t... amiright
  6. Hey Boise...

  7. Nevada @ Boise State

    The booooooos after the buzzer had gone off on his dunk. Delicious.
  8. Nevada @ Boise State

    Lolzzz. Five second call
  9. Nevada to play @Penn State in 2020

    Adjusted for cost of living in California
  10. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    No offense to Boise joining, but I liked the odd number of conference teams which opened up the schedule for a good OOC series in the middle of the season with other odd-numbered conferences. That’s how we got a series with Clemson last May.
  11. UNLV at Nevada

    Why are there still 7 minutes left in this vcu Richmond game? There have only been 8 fouls called in the half. What gives
  12. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Fight fight fight fight
  13. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Wtf was that lobos
  14. So the wolf pack is ranked again..

    Who else thought “ah crap now we’re gonna lose the next game” when the ranking came out ?
  15. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    I’ll probably watch a little atthr start but then eventually change the channel. Not a boycott, just not interfered