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  1. You’re blind. The state sucks now. That’s why I left- it’s California junior now and I know you like it like that. But I remember the days when we were proud that we didn’t “do it like that in California” Now Nevada is just trying to stay in step with CA
  2. Fleeing Californians ruined Nevada. If you’re going to move away from your dumpster fire, then don’t move elsewhere and vote the same type of crappy politicians in and infect other places.
  3. You’d be singing a different tune if they were wanting to defund planned parenthood, get rid of social welfare programs, privatize social security etc. you only back them up because you think you’re woke.
  4. You don’t trust doctors in states with a high percentage of black citizens? Or do you just like looking down on the south cuz it makes you feel big.
  5. What percentage of people who have died from COVID would be dead by now from some other cause? I imagine it’s very high... 7,700 people die on an average day, I’d be willing to bet COVID is getting its numbers from that crowd
  6. He supports blm right? Aren’t they against the western nuclear family? So this should be good news for him then
  7. I just heard they’re playing at navy Labor Day. Is that true? edit- just saw it in the other thread. Never mind
  8. I imagine we’ll lose our UC Davis game in week 0. My money is on UC’s not playing
  9. I read that they have a 5 year transition period instead of the normal 4 year. Is that specialized for them because of the jump from d3?
  10. Is the Eskimo kiss next?
  11. Why do you need to announce you disagree with me? I care about what people do when they take a loan out for a useless degree and then default on it and taxpayers have to cover it.
  12. Lolzzzz. Where’d you get that from? I said people waste money and time on stupid degrees.
  13. Preach. I got shouted down last time I said that some degrees are a waste of time and money
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