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  1. I watched some of the loss to unm, and our passing is horrible. Can’t run any plays with bad passes, which then turned every broken player to a 3 set which unm was able to stop. The curse of Groth is still with us after she ran Scruggs out.
  2. Nah we laugh at you for other reasons.
  3. Started off shaky but he ended great. Not sure if it was him or Utep. But I’ll give him credit
  4. We cannot stop their qb run
  5. Because we want to hurry up and throw an int
  6. Sounds like the announcers aren’t even at the game. Are they calling this from their living ro?
  7. Good grief.. it’s idaho state all over
  8. Wow, the mac has one FBS win this year?
  9. It still only counts as one loss
  10. I guess with a 6 run lead you guys didn’t need to bring in your closer? I love seeing a complete game shut out by a starter. But for real, how do you judge this one? Gotta be concerned that no TD was scored, but a shut out is a shut out.
  11. Pricing a lot of fans out with the basketball prices now. My dad didn’t renew for the first time since he got tickets back in 73.