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  1. CBU is gonna finish 5th or 6th in the WAC this year. They have a good athletic program down there.
  2. Sucks we don’t have P5 opponents like we did in the past. I wish the potato bowl still had the ACC tie in, it was cool playing Miami and Maryland those two years we went.
  3. brillio

    1-bid league

    A good usu is good for the mwc. I hope they get back to their stew days
  4. brillio

    Coaches Poll Out

    Surprised to see SDSU still getting votes
  5. brillio

    Rank ‘em

    1 Utah State 2 Boise State 3 Fresno State 4 nevada 5 San Diego State 6 Air torce 7 Wyoming 8 Hawai’i 9 New Mexico 10 San Jose State 11 Loyola Marymount 12 UNLV 13 Colorado State
  6. brillio

    Idaho State at Boise Game Thread and Stream

    Well that’ll help the conference rpi, or whatever it’s called now. Two home losses to big sky teams.
  7. La Tech beat Wichita by 13..just sayin
  8. brillio

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    Whoever scripted that many fouls needs to find a new job
  9. brillio

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    Maybe we’ll cover after all!
  10. brillio

    Tony Sanchez Gets Fiery

    Poor Tony! It's hard when you have to recruit against other schools, huh? It was so much easier when he got to play by his own rules.. guess it's back to teaching PE
  11. brillio

    Nevada vs BYU

    I still feel nervous about this one. Part of me wishes we would’ve opened up against Sac State to ease into the season. But if we win it could get us even more ink and get the fence sitters believing the hype too
  12. brillio

    Week of upsets again?

    Down go the Utes
  13. brillio

    Nevada vs BYU

    I’m cautiously optismistic after the exhibitions. I could see us smoking them, but I could also see BYU hitting every shot and hitting a buzzer beater to win by 1.
  14. brillio

    Bowl projections

    They have Nevada in the Arizona bowl against Troy or ULL
  15. brillio

    Nevada vs San Diego State

    Honestly we’d talk more about your loss at San Jose than our win against SDSU 😁