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  1. Alright boys, enjoy your circle jerk. I’m gonna watch the end of the Bama game. See you on the hardwood for your yearly beat down.
  2. Yeah. Vegas had some Powerbar giveaway that night or something. Your fans opened were throwing half chewed power bars at us all night. But that’s what class programs do right?
  3. Fans are dumb. And players shouldn’t run over to them to talk shit after a game. And fans shouldn’t drink at games in my opinion.
  4. So you didn’t see it. I did. And your player should be arrested for that shit
  5. Do you Vegas fans really think it doesn’t happen at your stadium? Serious? Or are you just trying to troll?
  6. Should I tell Ed that i got pelted with Powerbars when I was 12? Or would that not make unlv fans look good?
  7. Huh? Did you even see it? Your player went up to the stand and reached over to swing his helmet. No fan went over the railing
  8. I don’t think anyone has claimed were OSU. But with all your money he shouldve gone 5-0 right?
  9. Lol I’m just repeating the same thing you guys say when we win. Lighten up. Enjoy the win
  10. Moron- I’m talking about your player who swung his helmet at our fans.
  11. As opposed to the heroin alcoholic fan base you have? congrats on the win, but if you’re gonna act like your fans are shit too during this game then you’re insane
  12. Your fans are shit too pal. I got chewed up Powerbars thrown at me back in the 90s.