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  1. Lets go Jackets! Halfway point of the game and up 3-1!
  2. CBJ! CBJ! CBJ! Lesssssgo Jackets!!! One more win!
  3. As a Jackets fan, I’m hoping so
  4. Will they let you paint the end zones for your hole games? Or will you not get your cleaning deposit back?
  5. The only place that Amarillo can laugh at.
  6. brillio

    Final Four

    He forgot to sign into his sock account @ph90702
  7. brillio

    Final Four

    Nah. Guy fell into him. Guy made the contact edit- whatever Barkley says, then I’ll go with. All hail King Chuck
  8. brillio

    Final Four

    Flopped big time on that and the ref bought it.
  9. Well it’s pretty obvious all of ours were middling to okay where you had three good and the rest were turds. That cancels out the three good ones where we only really had Little Rock that was in the 300s.
  10. Lets demand more 9pm weeknight start times for basketball!
  11. Yeah, it’s a pretty boring field this weekend in terms of interesting or unfamiliar teams left. Reminds me of 2008’s field.