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  1. brillio

    Hawaii!! Let's go!

    Hawaii playing in two tourneys this year eh?
  2. Tell her to piss off and move on
  3. brillio

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    I don’t know anything about him, but I’ll make sweeping judgments on him without research.
  4. I’d be surprised if anything actually happens from all these investigations. I think I’ve just become jaded, seeing the big schools get away with everything lately.
  5. brillio

    Grand Canyon University

    Could’ve also gone with Fresno’s old b-ball coach. But I accept this too
  6. brillio

    Grand Canyon University

    Bring on the Lopes!
  7. brillio

    2018 World Cup

    Ay caramba!
  8. And now Idaho is an official member of big sky football today
  9. brillio

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Wasn’t ph dogging our schedule and saying we couldn’t land big name teams like Vegas can?
  10. brillio

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    We host usu January 2 and then at unm January 5
  11. If people can’t use hyperbole then how are they supposed to debate??
  12. brillio

    Nevada vs. Arizona

    I was hoping this was gonna be about a series with them
  13. I already forgot who the sponsor was last year
  14. brillio

    UNLV schedule

    Oh I missed that. Who is the other team you miss?
  15. brillio

    UNLV schedule

    You guys skip at Fresno and vs CSU.