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  1. brillio

    OT: Stay Classy, Oregon

    Maybe my screen is too small but all I saw was one shirtless drunk guy yelling at them like a maniac. I couldn’t see any bottles.
  2. brillio

    Nevada at Toledo

    I guarantee we won’t beat USU this year.
  3. So they’re playing a real game, then an exhibition after that? And then playing a road game at a school with a gym I’m assuming holds as much as a high school? It’s an odd schedule for sure..
  4. brillio

    UNM at NMSU

    I took the lobos -3, wish I would’ve bet more but oh well. Thanks unm!
  5. brillio

    MWC Lines for Week 2

    Arkansas only 13 over CSU? I’d take that one all day
  6. brillio


    Nevada 17,525. Bad opening even for us. Hopefully we can have a good showing at vandy to get us a strong gate against Oregon state
  7. brillio


    I like the design of the liberty bowl
  8. brillio

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    Ay caramba San Jose...
  9. brillio

    CU vs CSU

    I’ll be there tomorrow night, hoping for a good game and no blow out like two years ago.
  10. brillio

    Hawaii @ CSU

    Here at the game- good student turn out before they bailed after Hawaii’s first TD of the second half but why does CSU play the Halloween song on third down? Trying to scare Hawai’i? I don’t get it
  11. brillio

    Meet the new Ole Miss Mascot.....

    “...dates back to 2008” I can’t believe that’s 10 years ago. Feeling old now
  12. brillio

    There is football this month!

    I’m planning on going up to CSU for the Hawaii game.
  13. NMSU does this with UTEP and UNM every year.
  14. Eh we'll see. Most people are forking out the big bucks for basketball this season. Reno has a ton of cheapskates, so I don't know how well we'll do getting our bandwagon/casual fans to get football tickets on top of the bball tickets.
  15. If we would’ve hosted byu last year we would’ve averaged 50,000+ But that idaho state loss loss ended the season for most fence sitters.