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    They gotta be practicing........somewhere?? It's difficult to imagine they aren't practicing at a park or some apartment complex......somewhere......
  2. Hope Boise State can pull off a win to help the MWC SOS.
  3. Spoiler Alert: No MWC teams in Top 25 but western teams in bold. (SDSU(6) and BYU(4) receiving votes) 1. Gonzaga 2. Baylor 3. Villanova 4. Virginia 5. Iowa 6. Kansas 7. Wisconsin 8. Illinois 9. Duke 10. Kentucky 11. Creighton 12. Tennessee 13. Michigan State 14. Texas Tech 15. West Virginia 16. North Carolina 17. Houston 18. Arizona State 19. Texas 20. Oregon 21. Florida State 22. UCLA 23. Ohio State 24. Rutgers 25. Michigan
  4. Not a single tear shed. They had plenty of opportunity to play when SEC, Big 12, and ACC started.
  5. OT: At second glance, according to KenPom what the SEC is to college football the Big 12 is to college basketball. FIVE teams in the top 10. Unreal. The separation between us and them(P5) keeps getting wider.
  6. KenPom is no better #44 SDSU #69 Utah State #105 Boise State #117 Colorado State #120 UNLV #121 Nevada #150 Fresno State #198 Wyoming #219 UNM #225 Air Force #266 San Jose State https://kenpom.com
  7. #38 SDSU #56 Utah State #77 UNLV #96 Boise State #108 Nevada #120 Colorado State #147 Fresno State #197 UNM #228 Wyoming #274 San Jose State Big drop from top 3 to bottom 3 https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-1-357-rankings-here-are-the-projected-best-68-teams-for-the-2020-21-season/ https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/division-i-college-basketball-rankings-teams-69-200-out-of-357-as-the-2020-21-season-approaches/ https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/comple
  8. Fair enough. I had to look up Mizzou’s record since SEC membership and you’re point is valid.
  9. But- Mizzou is in the SEC even if they are struggling with the transition. They have a decent overall record along with a traditional fanbase both of which any MWC school woud love to have.
  10. The sad truth I'd probably a few midwest states like Ohio, Iowa, and Nebraska. Craig Thompson has failed by not focusing and promoting basketball heavier and going all in for Gonzaga membership.
  11. "Before I die we will hold up the 5th conference championship for this school" - new Mexico football coach How embarrassing for you guys that he brings up that new Mexico only has 4 conference championships. The last being in 1964. What the actual f**k??? And it's not like UNM has even been close to being in the conference title conversation long before joining the MWC. Perrennial bottom dweller UNM doesn't have the facilities, athletes, or tradition to compete and it's time for new Mexico to leave. UNM record against MWC:
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