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  1. The sad truth I'd probably a few midwest states like Ohio, Iowa, and Nebraska. Craig Thompson has failed by not focusing and promoting basketball heavier and going all in for Gonzaga membership.
  2. "Before I die we will hold up the 5th conference championship for this school" - new Mexico football coach How embarrassing for you guys that he brings up that new Mexico only has 4 conference championships. The last being in 1964. What the actual f**k??? And it's not like UNM has even been close to being in the conference title conversation long before joining the MWC. Perrennial bottom dweller UNM doesn't have the facilities, athletes, or tradition to compete and it's time for new Mexico to leave. UNM record against MWC:
  3. I'd say the damage has already been done.
  4. Maybe not P5 status but it will be interesting to see how all this affects recruiting.
  5. Agreed. Although UNM ain't no hoops power. The coliseum UNM basketball plays in I hear used to be cool but I guess it has lost it's luster because it looks run down and outdated-like their football stadium.
  6. I'm afraid it's too late and the damage has been done.
  7. Yes, it is pathetic. When presented with facts that can’t be rejected he shows his lowlife morals as he resorts to derogatory name-calling. if everyone is a racist no one is racist.
  8. With this record you should just be quiet and thankful your pathetic, no fanbase, commuter school is even in a conference.
  9. Sounds like she did you guys a solid. Hopefully this is the first step in cutting the football program at New Mexico once and for all.
  10. Jack Schitt. And the PAC is not playing any sports until next year.
  11. Who is Boise State going to play??
  12. Yes to kicking out UNM. Don’t agree that going into Texas and picking up the 12th & 13th best schools in the state brings anything. Plus, that’s adding a time zone---besides they are both in conferences that are playing football they wouldn't want to join the MWC.
  13. And didn’t the New Mexico gov say no to football? It’s sad watch football die in the West.
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