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  1. I’ve been to Lubbock and Waco and culturally identical. And Texas Tech girls have southern accents.
  2. All I know is Texas Tech is experiencing basketball benefits right now but they have football achievements that would make any MWC school envious. And they have a boatload of dough. And they have hot women with southern accents.
  3. $$Texas Tech has a boatload of money$$
  4. Who knows? But that's fresh a TCU fan who is gonna knock Texas Tech and Iowa State basketball. Besides isn't Chris Beard the 4th highest paid coach in college basketball? Like $5 mil a year? UR an idiot.
  5. Um every school in the MWC is Stepping Stone U.
  6. That’s great you say that like it’s a big honor😂😂😂
  7. Your post insinuates Universidad de Nuevo Mexico has money which we all know to be false
  8. TCU was a SWC member which is was very close to the SEC in terms of money, traditions, football support (eat, breath, worship football), the type of students that attend the schools, etc. That’s all cultural. They were never a fit for MWC imo and got a lucky opportunity to go back home.
  9. TCU culturally and geographically was not a fit for MWC.
  10. azinco


    They gotta be practicing........somewhere?? It's difficult to imagine they aren't practicing at a park or some apartment complex......somewhere......
  11. Hope Boise State can pull off a win to help the MWC SOS.
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