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    The demise of the G5

    IMO, its not about whether G5 conferences like at the AAC or MWC are elevated or not, its whether there is an avenue for the G5 to compete for the championship. There needs to be some avenue yearly. The 4 team "Rank-off" is a joke, its not a playoff. Heck, it excludes most of P5 schools and the entire G5. Undefeated G5s and 1 loss P5s are excluded in favor or blue blood P5 schools with 2 losses in the name of the eye test. Needs to change to the betterment of ALL of college football. To me, there needs to be an avenue for G5 schools to the championship. IMO, an 8 team playoff could structured . . . Top 5 FBS Conf Champs In the playoff. (5) An additional 6 teams are taken for 3 play-In games. These six teams include 2 top G5 teams, and 4 highest ranked remaining FBS Teams. 3 play-In games are at the home of the higher ranked teams. 3 winners of the play-in games are added to the top 5 conf champs to form the 8 team field. I would give financial shares for the 8 team playoff as follows: Top 5 Conf champs: 1 share each (total 5 shares) 6 Teams for Play-In: 1/2 share each, another 1/2 share to the 3 winners. (total 4.5 shares) Each winning team/conf from the 8 team playoff earn 1 share. Round 1 (4 shares), Round 2 (2 shares), Champion (1 share) 16.5 shares of the payoff money paid out to the FBS conferences. G5 gets at least 1 share, and can earn more by winning. It's time for the G5 to do something to become relevant, to stand up.