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  1. Second game in Vegas tonight at 7pm. Nevada apparently sold all 1,600 tickets allotted for the game, yesterday there were a few hundred (so game on Thanksgiving may have had an impact). Would be cool to see a larger crowd today as people make it down for the football game Saturday as well. https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game6vsum.html
  2. YouTube TV Subscription has the channel. Sorry you have to work on Thanksgiving!
  3. Nevada plays Tulsa at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas this afternoon. Game's at 1pm Pacific and on FoxSports 1. Winner plays the winner of this morning's game So. Illinois vs UMass https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game5vstulsa.html
  4. Will this be the last rivalry game played at Sam Boyd? Go Pack! Keep the Cannon Blue! https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18unlv.html
  5. If Nevada can figure out how to score in the first 10 mins of games they'd be blowing these games open even earlier. And if Trey Porter can stay out of foul trouble... those efficiency factors weren't lying!
  6. #6 Nevada hosts new to Division I Cal Baptist of the WAC Monday night at 7pm. Last home game for the Pack for almost a month. Hope the refs calm down this time... It's not just in Lawlor, almost every game I've watched has had ridiculous and multiple reviews, just killing the game flows. https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game4vscb.html
  7. A few previews up, about 3 1/2 hours to tip. Hope to see Nevada really open this one up, spread is -25.5 https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game3vslr.html
  8. I mean, maybe not in the exhibitions, but Jazz, Henson, and Zouzoua are all proven shooters. Just shaking off the rust.
  9. Game's in 5 days. No specific game preview articles yet as BYU just held their last exhibition game tonight. The guys at The Reno Slant did go over it and had some predictions, the podcast is embedded too. Nevada's website states less than 500 tickets remain, should be an awesome environment in Lawlor Tuesday! The Law of the Jungle
  10. Nevada's Second Exhibition Game is tomorrow (Friday 26 OCT) in the old Virginia Street Gym vs DII San Francisco State. It's their second annual "Throw Back Game". Last year's event was well attended (Capacity is 1,800), the game won't be streamed, so hurry up and get a ticket if you haven't yet! https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19e2sfstate.html
  11. Nevada is a slight underdog at home this week. We'll see if the defense can match SDSU's effort. Nevada vs SDSU Law of the Jungle
  12. I'm stuck following the stats here: https://nevadawolfpack.com/sidearmstats/mbball/summary But better than nothing. Nevada Twitter has had one highlight of Trey Porter Dunking. https://twitter.com/NevadaHoops/status/105413384302679244
  13. I hadn't heard anything before. Nevada did tweet out a few people lining up 2 hours before the game. Hope it fills up!
  14. Anyone going? Would be really nice to win this one even if it doesn't count as Washington is really good this year.
  15. Murray said they had tried, but they couldn't get it done. Even if it wasn't live it'd be nice to have a delayed stream.
  16. Pretty cool to get an Exhibition against a Power 5, and a team that could be Top 25 early on this season at Lawlor. Game is this Sunday and the cost is $15. All proceeds will be going to victims of the Carr Fire in California. It appears that there will be no TV or Streaming, hope a lot of fans are able to take advantage of this. Nevada will have one more exhibition on the 26th before opening at home vs BYU on November 6th. Not much on the website for this one, but it's here: Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition) - Law of the Jungle
  17. This could be a really big game for Nevada and set them up for a bowl berth. Nevada is 1-1 vs Rolovich since he left to become the HC at Hawaii. Both teams are very close statistically, hoping for a great game! Nevada @ Hawaii - Law of the Jungle
  18. Do like the exposure in the NE. Those game times are going to be crap for fans on both coasts I'd assume.
  19. Wrong. A10 is trending in the wrong direction like most mid majors. AAC would have been much better. A10 nowadays is a slight upgrade over MVC
  20. Don't think this is a great upgrade, would rather have the American
  21. The articles are coming in, got the initial page set up. Hoping for a great game! Nevada vs Boise State - Law of the Jungle
  22. Haha I think you're right, except it might be worse than a curb stomp
  23. Nevada got some potentially bad news about Ty Gangi today. He may be out for the game. Some preview articles and the Nevada presser are up. Game Day Page
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