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  1. Crazy week, but did a quick game page. Almost an hour to tip! Thanks for another picture @brillio https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game29atusu.html
  2. Viejas has not been kind to Nevada. Been anxiously waiting for this game since last year's loss there and then in the tournament. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game26atsdsu.html
  3. Wyoming took one from Nevada last year in Wyoming so I don't think Nevada will be sleeping on this one. Thanks to @brillio for the photo! https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game25atwyoming.html
  4. Was Nevada playing at a low last meeting? Trouble in a hostile environment? Or is New Mexico just a terrible match up for us? Guess we'll see Saturday! https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game24vsnewmexico.html
  5. Didn't see this thread yesterday, my bad! https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game23atcsu.html
  6. Nevada plays at Colorado State tomorrow night. The Pack won 100-60 at home vs the Rams just 3 games ago. Spread -13.5 https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game23atcsu.html
  7. Round 2... Fight! Didn't expect such a close game in Boise, but I think Nevada is on a different level the last few games. Lawlor will be packed! https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game22vsboisest.html
  8. Game Page is ready. Almost got a flight for this game but got too busy with work. When will they give us some Saturday games for the rivalry??? https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game21atunlv.html
  9. Muss could reach 100 wins at Nevada with a win tomorrow night. Hope to see some major offensive improvements. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game20vscsu.html
  10. Hope the Houston USF game finishes on time... Both teams in Double Bonus for an hour and 5 minute first half...
  11. Not a lot of activity yet, but the game page is up. Glad to get two games at home, and hopefully the 106 points vs UNLV is reason enough to get up for this game. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game19vsaf.html
  12. Says they do, I have YouTubeTV so can't verify. https://www.hulu.com/live-sports
  13. Coming up in 30... Was much more excited last year for this one. Wonder what the crowd size will be
  14. Page is up for the short turn around game tomorrow evening at 6pm Pacific. Nevada favored by 7.5... https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game18atbsu.html Big thanks to @Jalex4141 for the Taco Bell Arena picture!
  15. This will work just fine! Shows a great view of the arena. I appreciate it!