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  1. That seems like a pretty good deal and as obnoxious as a lot of their fans are, I can't say they didn't deserve it. They've out performed us the last few years and have an ambitious commissioner that is actually committed to promoting his conference and teams that are investing in their programs.
  2. As great as that would be, he says in a previous tweet that he is driving down south to see his family after "making a few stops out West." Sounds like he is just taking a road trip.
  3. Don't see how anyone could vote for SJSU's FCS loss over CSU's other than the dislike for SJSU in general. SJSU lost by 6 to a UC Davis team that went 9-2 and is a top 10 FCS team. Colorado State got embarassed by an FCS team that went 6-5. And since these seem to be based on expectations, well everyone knows SJSU is garbage. I'd assume most of us expected more from Colorado State than the shitshow they put on this season.