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  1. Thompson's statement at MWC media days that he's open to a 12th Olympic sports member was telling. Why would he keep going there? It was strategic. While the WCC gave in to Gonzaga's wishes, the possibility of another Western power basketball conference is just too enticing (to the Zags) if that is perceived as a possibility down the road. With that obvious goal in mind, I can't undersell the importance of Nevada's season this year. If Muss brings them to the F4 or beyond, Nevada legitimately sits on the verge of becoming another Wichita State/Gonzaga type power program. It all hinges on Muss becoming a Marshall/Few type stalwart coach who makes Nevada his legacy. That becomes a strong probability if he takes the team to the promised land. Consequently, the MW becomes increasingly desirable for Gonzaga because the Zags are really tired of pulling all the weight in their league. IF Nevada keeps pulling in McDonald's AA's, that would be extremely attractive because it sets the table for the rest of the conference to improve as well. And, it already looks like SDSU, New Mexico, Boise, etc, aren't far away in a perennial 1-bid league. A duo of Gonzaga-Nevada immediately makes the MWC a multiple-bid league. Having what is perceived to be an automatic 2, makes it a lot more conceivable that the MW can get 3-4. That's a foothold that Gonzaga hasn't had. As good as St Mary has been, they haven't been anything more than a bubble team. They haven't been a recruiting juggernaut. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it will be easy. Nevertheless, the arenas and fanbases of the MW (combined with another legit power program) would give Gonzaga the much bigger stage its program has deserved all these years. If some of the other programs blow up as well, it could lead to a MW renaissance that ultimately challenges the Pac for recruits and bids. However, it all starts with Nevada this year. The position Muss has them in is really the biggest (and most overlooked) story of 2018-2019. If all the stars align and Nevada plays unconscious this year and Gonzaga does come over as #12... BYU has a lot to think about too. Don't think that BYU wouldn't want that recruiting bump from joining what would likely be considered a high major basketball conference.
  2. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    No reason to get hot. I like Boise State. I was just drawing a distinction between what Boise became known for and what a program like UNLV became known for. (on a national level) IMO, UNLV athletics should get the same revenue that Boise gets.That one game against OU was not worth a special deal. But that's just my opinion. We can agree to disagree.
  3. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    Having teams defect would not be a bad idea. The Conference Championship game has been one of the greatest disasters for the FB side of the league. The original MW stayed away from a Championship game and that was by intelligent design. Most definitely Boise State won its most significant game with trick plays but not all.
  4. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    Whether you want to admit it or not, Boise State built its rep on trick plays. With Harsin the program lost a lot of that shine though. In contrast, MBB programs like UNLV, Nevada, New Mexico, SDSU, etc, became more well known for being nationally competitive basketball programs and fanbases.
  5. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    You really can't compare Boise with TCU & Utah. Ever since the conference reconfiguration it's been tough to figure out what MW football is all about. The old MW with Utah, TCU, and BYU, was a tough, hard-nosed, athletic conference. When TCU beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, they steamrolled them. In contrast, the teams in the old WAC were mostly innovative. Boise State won games with trick plays. Hawaii had the R&S and Nevada spawned the Pistol Offense. Over the last 5 years it seems like the new MW is a hodgepodge with the more physical teams, like SDSU, grinding down the more gimmicky teams. The old MW didn't play for a Championship game and I think the excess in teams and a Championship game has made MW Football a war of attrition with the most physical teams ultimately winning out but taking a lot of hits that the first conference didn't.
  6. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    The problem with that is that most of the current MWs national pedigree is on the basketball side. The Boise FB program has already seen its better days, as Harsin has been losing bad to mediocre teams like Virginia and Baylor. Those were teams that Peterson used to dust.
  7. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    This. The "mid major" label is greatly damaging recruiting at the main schools in the MW. The SDSUs, Nevadas, UNLVs, New Mexicos, Boise States, etc, would all be able to contend for major players - across the board - if it wasn't for that tag. The only way to dig the conference out of that gutter is a major shift in focus. Revenue distribution for one needs to be re-thought (which is why the Boise crowd wants to argue about this topic so much). It would also be wise to install more stringent league-wide standards as it relates to basketball (scheduling, hiring, etc). Lastly, I think adding basketball schools (plural) OR cutting schools (like AF basketball) is a no-brainer. There is no good reason that Air Force gets a full share in the MW. The fact that they do is mismanagement.
  8. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    If the MW really wanted to become a challenger FB conference in the West, these 2 teams would help form a solid core. Trying to birth a program, instead, at SJSU is absurdity.
  9. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    The MW changed from a FB conference to a conference more suited to MBB long ago... This was the last MW conference configuration that was truly suited to play FB.
  10. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    Agree with this. For mainly these reasons: 1A.) The MW will never have a football equivalent of Nevada MBB in football. 1B.) The MW will never secure a FB recruit the equivalent of Jordan Brown.
  11. My compliments on Nevada's program. Coach Muss has done a tremendous job in a relatively short time, and has positioned Nevada for a F4 run... which is something a G5 program would never be allowed to do. SI just came out with their top players from "mid-major conferences" and the MW is well-represented.. https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2018/02/22mid-major-smaller-conferences-top-players-hutchison-daum-adams-landale To get to the point of this poll... Does basketball take a backseat to football in this league... and "WHY!?!" given that football is treated like such a step-child in the "power" system???? Is MW football such a revenue driver?? It seems to me that MW programs spend an obscene amount on FB commensurate to the revenue in your TV deal. Would it be easier and more rewarding to become a "big boy" instead of a "mid major" in basketball, instead? Again, congrats on Nevada becoming such a contender. I wish that Gonzaga had joined so the MW would've gone into this season with such a visible 1-2 punch. I think that could've impacted perceptions of the conference. Here's an outdated "mid major" Top 10. It would seem there could be room to consolidate and perhaps build a new Western challenger league. Mid-Major Top 10 1-26-2018 Gonzaga (18-4, 8-1 WCC). ... Saint Mary's (20-2, 9-0 WCC). ... Rhode Island (16-3, 8-0 A-10). ... Nevada (18-4, 7-1 MWC). ... New Mexico State (17-3, 5-0 WAC). ... Middle Tennessee (15-5, 7-1 C-USA). ... Western Kentucky (14-6, 6-1 C-USA). ... Boise State (17-4, 7-2 MWC). Louisiana (18-3, 8-0 Sun Belt) Loyola-Chicago (17-4, 7-2 Missouri Valley) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2018/01/26/mid-major-top-10-gonzaga-saint-marys-rhode-island-out-front/1060986001/