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  1. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Mid Major Madness Bracketology already has the WCC at 2 bids, with possibly more. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2018/12/12/18136872/joe-lunardi-bracketology-san-francisco-dons-west-coast-conference-wcc-gonzaga-san-diego-smc-byu
  2. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Jon Rothstein said the reason the MWC is a 1 bid conference is that their 3 "brands" are collectively 14-12. Going into conference television negotiations, that's a death sentence. All 3 of the HCs at those programs are relatively new-ish hires, so they probably deserve more time. That being said, if UCLA moves on from Alford, does New Mexico try to snatch him up? Tark is not walking through those doors for UNLV. Steve Fisher is not walking through those doors for SDSU.
  3. A couple weeks ago, we saw Colorado State lose a game on the last play (a completed hail mary) when the referee threw a flag for stepping out (when many officials would've allowed the play as it had no impact on the catch. and came with prior contact from the DB) https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/11/17/utah-state-colorado-state-hail-mary-penalty-video The MWC had a lot riding on Utah State at this time as they were holding out hope that UCF might stumble. The idea that Hair put a call in to the field was speculated about, because obviously the conference needed a better showing this year. FAST FORWARD to Saturday's AAC title game when a couple of flags were picked up. More speculation ensued that the refs wanted UCF to win to secure another New Years spot for them.. Is the idea that referees are clued in to the politics surrounding their decisions really legitimate?
  4. ProprietyofLeyluken

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    Annex Texas. Go to 16 teams with UTEP. UTSA. Texas State, and North Texas. Then go after bowl tie-ins for the Central time zone. With deeper California and Texas recruiting classes, the quality of talent in the league goes up. AND with 16 teams the MWC has 4 more lotto tickets for the NY6. At this point there's not enough of the pie left to worry about splitting shares 16 ways. Then, try to get a TV deal with Fox Sports.
  5. ProprietyofLeyluken

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    Jans is the better coach. Simple as that.
  6. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    It's always been said that BYU left the old MWC because the Utes got the Pac invite and they wanted to pretend they weren't lower on the totem pole... If that is indeed true... Was the MWC's addition of Utah State a death knell for any hope of bringing BYU back in, because then BYU would be seen as equal to Utah State?? We have seen that in CUSA, where Louisiana Tech has pulled out all the stops to NOT be in a conference with ULL and ULM. With Hair working out the Boise Bowl invite with BYU, it may be a ray of light for BYU joining the new-generation MWC. Perhaps Hair can sell them on a brand new vision of marketing the league. GONZAGA would've forced BYU's hand. It makes me wonder if Hair has any kind of sweeteners that he can offer the ZAGS. Time is running out with TV negotiations about to commence. If Thompson can pull off 1. Gonzaga to net 2. BYU, the MWC may be able to make up significant ground in TV talks... But would BYU be able to concede equality to Utah State? And who would the 14th team be? UTEP?
  7. Gents, Are the NY6 and NCAA monies really all that important for your programs? Regardless of how the MW is doing in both categories, would the programs in the MWC be that significantly impacted by achieving those bonuses? With TV deal negotiations fast approaching, revenue is going to be a popular topic of discussion. It was publicly stated that the Boise sweetheart deal carries over into perpetuity. So far that agreement has netted 1 NY6 invite in 2014. Was that a big help to the conference?
  8. ProprietyofLeyluken

    BYU to the Potato bowl?

    How did BYU get that spot and not Wyoming?
  9. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    Perhaps more important than the score with media deals coming up... UCF vs LSU in the Fiesta ESPN just tweeted this out.
  10. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    The Mountain West should make the Boise bowl the MW Champions bowl now that Vegas is looking to make different arrangements. The Boise and SDSU prez's have to be scratching their heads and wondering 'what if'.
  11. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    LMAO CYCLICAL??? Like UCF just had two straight undefeated seasons... and the American conference has been in 4 out of the last 6 New Years Day games? Congrats UCF... You deserve to be in the playoff.
  12. ProprietyofLeyluken

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    The A10 is a 1-bid league,
  13. Boise beating Troy is impressive?
  14. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Would Thompson pursue a scheduling agreement with top MBB teams?

    For MW basketball to pull up the nose of the plane, this guy needs to be a 'lifer' MW coach. The conference really needs to devise an approach to scheduling that gives MW coaches a fighting chance at at-large bids. Otherwise, the lifer coaches like a Tark will get lured away. Nevada needs to become a Gonzaga-type program (and I believe they can be). If they can maintain that, I have no doubt that Gonzaga will join forces and perhaps those two programs can help the others.