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  1. The inherent problem with the Nevada loss wasn't just that they got beat... Nevada got STARCHED... by a bad team. I think they will be fortunate to maintain a ranking of any number. The MW is currently the #16 conference in the country, and that impacts Nevada too.
  2. You don't lose to a UNM and get a top seed line..
  3. I remember when Oprah lost all that weight (the first time)... I just looked at my watch, because I knew she'd gain it all back... When all this hype around Nevada started... I just looked at my watch... And sure enough... Nevada pulled another USF
  4. The WAC is so savage. The MW poaches the WAC and it's the WAC that climbs higher in the ratings... Makes you wonder if certain teams were addition by subtraction... or subtraction by addition... Or BOTH What the MW should do is set up a series with the WAC.
  5. Rankings WAC #15 RPI MWC #16 RPI
  6. This sure looks like the AAC is P6 The AAC is ranked in front of the Pac 12 at #6... And the MWC is ranked subterranean #16... (BELOW THE #15 WAC)
  7. Leyluken says: who are the MW signature wins? Arizona? in 2014? Leyluken says: that who is the last MW team to make the top 10? Boise couldn't even beat Oklahoma State. Lack of success in the OOC kills the MW. Leyluken says: the CUSA made more noise than the MW with UNT this year. Leyluken says: the new MW and the new CUSA should reignite the MW-CUSA FB Champions game, give their lack of ability to make the NY6. Leyluken says: the CUSA has a better basketball league than the MW. Stansbury at WKU recruits better than Muss, and the top teams are pulling more weight. Leyluken says: the MW is the #15 ranked MBB RPI conference. Leyluken says: "the Alliance" is where the MW should try to rebuild, instead of trying to chase the AAC. Leyluken says: MW football needs to stop playing itself in bowls, and stop playing in bowls that get cancelled. Leyluken says: Its a good thing Boises bowl was cancelled because they were about to lose that one. Leyluken says: Where's the beef? No. Signature. Wins. Boise talks about having a winning team over the years but all those wins are by beating up underfunded MW sisters of the poor. lulz
  8. Again, if you're saying the MWC was even with ECU & UConn this year, I'll agree. That's not going to help the MWC. Navy being down certainly didn't help the AAC but the AAC isn't judged on that any more than the B1G will be judged by Nebraska's struggles. Conferences are judged by making the NY6 and the dance. Period. End of story. The MWC has become a 1 bid MBB conference since 2014 and a no bid FB conference since then. CFB is about TV and perception. Relevancy
  9. The problem with the MW is that there are no signature wins. The MW hasn't made a significant post season game since 2014. I don't know what stats were posted but I'm assuming they weren't financial. The AAC East had 3 of the remaining undefeated CFB teams late into the season this year. The AAC West was down this year and I'm assuming the stats that were posted showed that, as well as UConn & ECU. Truth of the matter is, although those teams were down, it doesn't matter. The MW wasn't even close to being relevant this year and the AAC had some of the higher rated games of the season en route to a NY6 Fiesta Bowl. To say that the AAC and MWC are 'Even' is akin to saying that Sasha Mitchell is even with Jean Claude Van Damme because they both starred in Kickboxer movies. (Lets conveniently forget that Sasha Mitchell's Kickboxer was a direct to video) Don't be Van Dammed.
  10. These are EXACTLY the moves the MWC has to swing if it wants to get a solid TV deal. If the MWC could lure a comparable sitting Pac12 coach, such as a Mike Leach, networks may take notice in negotiations.
  11. Let's just get a grip. Do I have to dig up the record of some of the retreads that have gotten jobs around here? The AAC just poached a standing B12 coach, that did pretty damn good considering he had to recruit to Morgantown, and has an exciting style of offense. USC just hired Holgorsen's understudy, and Kingsbury is landing NFL interviews. Kliff was never seriously considered by Houston - as Holgorsen has been on Houston's radar for some time. HUGE get.
  12. Dude was just on the sidelines with Will Grier doin the horns down on the fallen UT program