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  1. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Would Thompson pursue a scheduling agreement with top MBB teams?

    For MW basketball to pull up the nose of the plane, this guy needs to be a 'lifer' MW coach. The conference really needs to devise an approach to scheduling that gives MW coaches a fighting chance at at-large bids. Otherwise, the lifer coaches like a Tark will get lured away. Nevada needs to become a Gonzaga-type program (and I believe they can be). If they can maintain that, I have no doubt that Gonzaga will join forces and perhaps those two programs can help the others.
  2. I don't know if this would interest Gonzaga but - with the 20 game schedules becoming more common - has the MW league office thought about pursuing individual team scheduling agreements? A MW-Gonzaga arrangement (resembling the loose arrangement that MW FB teams have with BYU) would be huge for MW basketball schedules. Probably the next best thing to having the Zags as members. I believe the CUSA has made agreements with a few leagues. Their conference office is also doing creative things with their conference schedules. IMO, teams like GCU and NMSU should be on almost every MW schedule (like BYU is for FB). It would help everyone involved. What kinds of things is Thompson doing to help the conference get more opportunities higher up in the tier system? Does he just leave it up to the schools themselves?
  3. ProprietyofLeyluken

    AAC vs MW so far

    The moral of the story is that Utah State should have won if MW fans wanted to engage in this discussion.
  4. ProprietyofLeyluken

    AAC vs MW so far

    Every rational MW fan would trade records this week for the honor of busting Chip Kelly's cherry at UCLA. The problem with this discussion is the AAC is measuring themselves against the F5 and the MW fans are measuring themselves against the AAC.
  5. ProprietyofLeyluken

    AAC vs MW so far

    Nobody cares if you lose close games. Nobody would have cared about Cincinnati if Chip Kelly brought UCLA back.
  6. ProprietyofLeyluken

    AAC vs MW so far

    It wasn't even close to being even this week. AAC won the week. The AAC took Chip Kelly's scalp this week. Nobody in America cares about those other games. That's what some of you don't understand. It's about TV and high-profile wins. Believe me, I get it. But the AAC's bad teams lost. That's what the bad teams in ALL conferences do
  7. I notice a lot of people mad at different conferences and labels. I make no secret that I think the "Mid Major" label is designed to relegate programs like those in the MWC to a low tier. That's why I was in favor of a Gonzaga/MWC alliance. Here's what Jon Rothstein said this week about the separation after the Top-seven leagues. If you're a "Mid Major" you're an ENDANGERED SPECIES.
  8. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is BYU back?

    huh? All I saw on the news was Cincinnati spoiling Chip Kelly's debut.
  9. ProprietyofLeyluken

    The New Bosses ....

  10. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is BYU back?

    BYU and Gonzaga to the MW... that would help close the gap with theAAC.
  11. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Cincinnati 26 - UCLA 17 What the Hell !!!!!

    Fickle is a good coach. His moxie won that game last night on that last drive
  12. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Cincinnati 26 - UCLA 17 What the Hell !!!!!

    Everyone in the MW should be cheering for the AAC because when they win these games it exposes the cartel for what it is. If the AAC breaks through that improves the chances for the MW when everyone gets their chet together.
  13. Thompson's statement at MWC media days that he's open to a 12th Olympic sports member was telling. Why would he keep going there? It was strategic. While the WCC gave in to Gonzaga's wishes, the possibility of another Western power basketball conference is just too enticing (to the Zags) if that is perceived as a possibility down the road. With that obvious goal in mind, I can't undersell the importance of Nevada's season this year. If Muss brings them to the F4 or beyond, Nevada legitimately sits on the verge of becoming another Wichita State/Gonzaga type power program. It all hinges on Muss becoming a Marshall/Few type stalwart coach who makes Nevada his legacy. That becomes a strong probability if he takes the team to the promised land. Consequently, the MW becomes increasingly desirable for Gonzaga because the Zags are really tired of pulling all the weight in their league. IF Nevada keeps pulling in McDonald's AA's, that would be extremely attractive because it sets the table for the rest of the conference to improve as well. And, it already looks like SDSU, New Mexico, Boise, etc, aren't far away in a perennial 1-bid league. A duo of Gonzaga-Nevada immediately makes the MWC a multiple-bid league. Having what is perceived to be an automatic 2, makes it a lot more conceivable that the MW can get 3-4. That's a foothold that Gonzaga hasn't had. As good as St Mary has been, they haven't been anything more than a bubble team. They haven't been a recruiting juggernaut. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it will be easy. Nevertheless, the arenas and fanbases of the MW (combined with another legit power program) would give Gonzaga the much bigger stage its program has deserved all these years. If some of the other programs blow up as well, it could lead to a MW renaissance that ultimately challenges the Pac for recruits and bids. However, it all starts with Nevada this year. The position Muss has them in is really the biggest (and most overlooked) story of 2018-2019. If all the stars align and Nevada plays unconscious this year and Gonzaga does come over as #12... BYU has a lot to think about too. Don't think that BYU wouldn't want that recruiting bump from joining what would likely be considered a high major basketball conference.
  14. ProprietyofLeyluken

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    No reason to get hot. I like Boise State. I was just drawing a distinction between what Boise became known for and what a program like UNLV became known for. (on a national level) IMO, UNLV athletics should get the same revenue that Boise gets.That one game against OU was not worth a special deal. But that's just my opinion. We can agree to disagree.