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  1. TyranosaurusFlex

    32 best all-time college QB’s

    Cant believe that I actually flipped through this shit. Colt at 25 and a couple of BYU scrubs 29 and 30, for anyone interested.
  2. TyranosaurusFlex

    Rank ‘em

    1. Boise State 2. Utah State 3. Nevada 4. Fresno State 5. Wyoming 6. San Diego State 7. Hawaii 8. Air Force 9. New Mexico 10. UNLV 11. Colorado State 12. San Jose State
  3. TyranosaurusFlex

    UNLV at SDSU

    ESPN hires me when?
  4. TyranosaurusFlex

    UNLV at SDSU

    UNLV with the upset.
  5. TyranosaurusFlex

    Fresno @ Boise

    My bad, I guess I was wrong lol.
  6. TyranosaurusFlex

    Fresno @ Boise

    Boise by 21 AT LEAST
  7. TyranosaurusFlex

    Bowl projections

    I might throw up Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Lyle Smith Field at Albertsons Stadium, Boise, Idaho Dec. 21, 4 p.m. (ESPN) Bonagura: Boise State vs. Toledo Sherman: Boise State vs. Western Michigan
  8. TyranosaurusFlex

    Rank ‘Em

    USU Boise SDSU UNR Fresno Hawaii Air Force New Mexico CSU Wyoming San Jose UNLV
  9. TyranosaurusFlex

    OT: A true American sports hero

    If that was me I'd sprint out of there as quick as I could. Clearly a better man than I.
  10. TyranosaurusFlex


    1. BSU 2. SDSU 3.USU 4.Hawaii 5. Nevada 6. Fresno 7. Wyoming 8. UNLV 9. Air Force 10. NM 11. San! 12. CSU
  11. TyranosaurusFlex


    ROFL at people who are putting stock in Fresno beating a MAC team.
  12. TyranosaurusFlex

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    At least we allow you downies to troll on this board. You insecure AAC types clearly cannot handle banter. "Trolling will result in an immediate 3 day ban Going forward you are warned. This goes for everyone. This board has digressed into nothing but personal attacks, name calling, and trolling. The good posters are walking away because of a few people who just want to puff out their chest. That ends now."
  13. TyranosaurusFlex

    OT: Oregon Fans

    The guy with out a shirt on shouldn't of had one less Martini with the girls before the game.
  14. TyranosaurusFlex

    Week 4 College Football - The other Games.

    and here I thought Okie State was good.
  15. TyranosaurusFlex

    Turd of the Year?

    Do we even need to wait till the end of the season. I wouldn't even expect this from SAN!