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  1. The Sanchize has lost to SAN! and Howard. Not sure how he's not back to coaching high school football?
  2. Thought it would make for a good thread. Discuss
  3. Splitting hairs here but as an accountant being a manager at a Big 4 firm at 27 isn't that impressive. The typical path for a public accountant goes like this. Associate 23-24 Senior Associate 25-26 Manager 27-29 Senior manager 30-34/possibly up till 40 if they can't sell work Partner - depends on appitute, need etc. Also the title inflation in banking is rampant, a VP at an investment bank is like middle management in a business. Of course the middle managers in banking make 400K, so whatever, I'm sure he's good for the job.
  4. I think this came about because NCAA sports are now a business. I'm not a boomer/ Gen Xer, hell I'm barely classified as a millennial but I imagine that sports were less focused on image and generating an income. It was probably more pure in a sense, just a group of 18-22 year olds (or 30 in BYU's case) going out and trying to win a game. The goal for the school/coach/administration was competition and now it's money. Think about your office or whatever, could you get away with yelling at an employee? IMO that's how it works now, it's less about going into "battle" and more about going to "work", and work demands professionalism. Now should a grown ass man be able to control his team, absolutely but a school has to maintain its' image and as of 2019. Advertising $$ > Pride and Victory
  5. Can't wait for the Muscleman to make Kennesaw St the elite team in the ASUN.
  6. Boise State will get 50% of all SEC and ACC tourney credits.
  7. Are we in a rivalry with the MVC now or something? How many fans even show up at conference tournaments?
  8. That AAF game is disappointing, I really liked the concept of a spring league.
  9. BSU gets half of their NCAA tourney revenues right?
  10. I told Jerry about how good BSU players were 5 years ago. You're welcome.
  11. Understandable, fans up here do the same thing. Never understood why so many mormons become BSU fans half way through the season.
  12. Because Kustra paid for that sponsorship fair and square.