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  1. TyranosaurusFlex

    Prediction: Wyoming will not win another game this season.

    Well they'll beat BYU.
  2. TyranosaurusFlex


    F I R E H A R S I N I I R S E R H A A H R E S R I I N I S R A H E R I F
  3. TyranosaurusFlex

    Nice game BYU - too bad you have no hope for a NY6 game

    Well if we made it to a NY6 we would play a team that is ranked worse than 6 in the country. Isn't that the benefit of the NY6 scrap game (besides the money)? To play a top ranked team from a big boy conference and beat them.
  4. TyranosaurusFlex

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    Wow, the MWC dreg supporters aren't piling on us after a loss. We are clearly over the hill.
  5. TyranosaurusFlex

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    Why can't we play UCONN every game?
  6. TyranosaurusFlex

    Fresno State sponsor offering a private flight to UCLA

    4 grand to avoid a 3 hour drive. Just lol.
  7. TyranosaurusFlex

    Harsin’s OSU Presser

  8. TyranosaurusFlex

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    Nevada has to win this.
  9. TyranosaurusFlex

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    Were those even high school sized? I was thinking middle school sized goal posts.
  10. TyranosaurusFlex

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    IMO a conference championship and a Vegas Bowl will not be a failure this year.
  11. TyranosaurusFlex

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    Wow, I mean we've played great so far but that was against a pretty good troy team and +++++ing UCONN. Wait for next week till we start talking about AQ and playoffs.
  12. TyranosaurusFlex

    ESPN Football Power Index

    This. ESPN is about getting eyeballs watching screens, that's it.
  13. TyranosaurusFlex

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

  14. TyranosaurusFlex

    Why This Board Rules

    These idiots have the worst copes. There's no "perceived strength of the AAC" especially when your comparing that team to Boise State. The selection committee doesn't give 2 shits about the "poverty access bowl" and they'll just cop out to whomever will get the highest ratings WITHIN REASON. Meaning a 11-1 BSU will get in over a 11-1 UCF, Houston, USF....Etc. The committee knows Boise State is a national brand and that it is really all that matters in G5 football.