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  1. Can't wait for the Muscleman to make Kennesaw St the elite team in the ASUN.
  2. Boise State will get 50% of all SEC and ACC tourney credits.
  3. Are we in a rivalry with the MVC now or something? How many fans even show up at conference tournaments?
  4. That AAF game is disappointing, I really liked the concept of a spring league.
  5. BSU gets half of their NCAA tourney revenues right?
  6. I told Jerry about how good BSU players were 5 years ago. You're welcome.
  7. Understandable, fans up here do the same thing. Never understood why so many mormons become BSU fans half way through the season.
  8. Because Kustra paid for that sponsorship fair and square.
  9. LMAO at boomers in this thread that think Joe Montana is the GOAT.
  10. about par for the course for SAN! tbh.
  11. +++++ it make him the head coach.
  12. As much as a spaz Thespywhozaggedme is. I got to give him credit, he can rile up some AAC slobs.
  13. Craig Thompsen is gonna referee. You in brah?
  14. TyranosaurusFlex will fight Mugtang at the North Wells Ave Denny's in Reno Nevada in 2020. Mugtang will make a return trip to the Goodwoods next to the Costco in Boise in 2021.