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  1. TyranosaurusFlex

    Spartans Loss, Wolf Packs Gain

    about par for the course for SAN! tbh.
  2. TyranosaurusFlex

    Come Home Kellen

    +++++ it make him the head coach.
  3. TyranosaurusFlex

    Power 7!

    As much as a spaz Thespywhozaggedme is. I got to give him credit, he can rile up some AAC slobs.
  4. TyranosaurusFlex

    TyranosaurusFlex Adds Mugtang for 2020

    Craig Thompsen is gonna referee. You in brah?
  5. TyranosaurusFlex

    TyranosaurusFlex Adds Mugtang for 2020

    TyranosaurusFlex will fight Mugtang at the North Wells Ave Denny's in Reno Nevada in 2020. Mugtang will make a return trip to the Goodwoods next to the Costco in Boise in 2021.
  6. TyranosaurusFlex

    Power 7!

    Boise State gets half right?
  7. TyranosaurusFlex

    Caption This (OT)

    MFW SAN! gets kicked out of the MWC.
  8. TyranosaurusFlex

    12-Pac considers plan to sell 10% of conf for $500m

    With the conference sharing BSU should be able to buy 10% of the Pac-12, kick out Colorado and extend themselves an invite.
  9. TyranosaurusFlex

    Mark Richt retires from coaching.

    pending BIG invite > 5 National Championships
  10. TyranosaurusFlex

    Arizona Bowl

    Molehill Worst at it again.
  11. TyranosaurusFlex

    Swoll Cracker will NOT declare early for the 2019 NFL Draft

    Another year here won't get you that BIG TEN board invite.
  12. TyranosaurusFlex

    Mattison gone too

    To be honest I would want to get away from that line as fast as possible too.
  13. TyranosaurusFlex

    P6 vastly overrated and plays zero defense

    Damn. Army is for real, dropped a steaming shit on Aresco's chest.
  14. TyranosaurusFlex


    What? you don't want Tim back?
  15. TyranosaurusFlex


    Can the whole conference wave the white flag?