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  1. I actually watched West Side Story on TMC last night. I hate musicals, but that thing was groundbreaking, back in 1961. The bizzare orchestration started to make sense, when I realized that Stephen Sondheim was involved in the stage & especially the film project (Leonard Bernstein was pissed & bowed-out.)
  2. The rule change actually has to do withe the IRS scandal under Obama of targeting Conservative groups. IRS was harassing their donors, not just the groups themselves. ...during Obama's "scandal-free" Administration...
  3. This thread is funny as hell. A giant conspiracy theory that will result in zero indictments of US Citizens. Again. But have fun with your "The Russians are Coming" circle jerk, Leftists.
  4. The only thing UNLV is taking home from that game is a well drink called the "Free Mont-Cannon". Its vodkas with bitters & sours.
  5. Hell, a prepper bunker with Internet Access? What in the hell is the world coming to?!?! Damn, should have bought a generator after Y2K, when they were all fire sale cheap! Without a bunker, I'd have to live in my van, and fish to eat.
  6. What is the guy behind the pussy... With the stuck between his legs... ...doing?
  7. Barack Obama was just spotted at a Subaru dealership. ...he was trying to buy a "Legacy".
  8. Yeah... "Occupy Democrats". Such a patriotic organization.
  9. Keep watching "The News", and believing it has no bias.