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  1. Thomas

    Duckboat Tragedy

    Since when does the US Coast Guard poice inland waterways, like the middle Mississippi?
  2. Thomas

    The Vandal Guys Ought to Be Happy

    I'm just going to remind everyone that Trump trolls hard, all the time... effectively (love or hate him, he trolls). This thread hasn't "hurt" me at all, and I got exactly what I wanted out of it. With minimal effort, I just baited Des out of "retirement" and branded him with the Bronco-head he should really be wearing as a tattoo at this point in time. He's unhappy with the exchange, and with me not making the "desired" comments & responses. But why would I cooperate, when he's a total fraud, a "Vandal" who cheers for Boise State? I don't attack the Vandals, they are already toast. I only point out that many Vandals, including Des, are frauds, and own BSU season tickets. Maybe YOU sit next to to some, Bronco Fans? @DesVandal is a Bronco Fan, as verified by 4 independent sources. He was suckered into coming here & getting dragged for his lies & fraud toward UI. This is a great thread. I couldn't be happier with it..sure didn't turn out like my critics had hoped. Even the vaunted DesVandal can be easily manipulated. If only he wasn't hiding the ONE skeleton in his closet, the one that is the unforgiveable sin to his supposed "own". What a tangled web... indeed. He'll futz, and stew, and eventually come up with a strategy, come back- and then get pissed, because I won't engage. Damn, winning is divine, especially after all these years.
  3. Thomas

    The Vandal Guys Ought to Be Happy

    Whatever, man. My exwife never held a grudge the way you do. You'd be helping if you stayed over there for the rest of your life. I don't expect you or anyone else to understand this thread. Remember, it's not for you, but trust me, Des gets the point. Hell, maybe YOU were sitting right next to him, both cheering on the Broncos...? You just didn't know he was quite THAT big a hypocrite. Live and learn. He should have stayed retired, cheering on BSU in anonymity. No WONDER he bailed on the Vandal board.
  4. Thomas

    Millennial Night

    Good to hear. Was wondering if that club was going to become the next Protest-Nexus.
  5. ... and the "reports" used to corroborate the dossier to the FISA Court came from the same source as the dossier itself, not an indeoendent source... The entire thing is epic bullshit. Wonder when the shit's gonna hit the fan over Strzok's Iranian ties, and his wife's convenient Obama-appointment to the SEC? ...but he has no bias. Right.
  6. I just hear there is a big homeless problem, piles of shit and used needles in the streets, and etc. Not in ALL of Frisco, but in many of the touristy & biz parts of downtown. Definitely not like Downtiwn Seattle, which is basically dominated by violent Marxists.
  7. Wasn't Angle the bizzaro who kept saying stuoid. Crazy shit that would have made Palin seem normal??
  8. Thomas

    NFL and Players Union poop in the crib again.

    My my... Let me guess, you're one of those poor self-loathing folks. Go get some Black friends. Go ger some Gay friends. It's much better having friends of all stripes, than hating yourself, based on Leftist racial nonsense. I promise, it's not hard to get along with others, just because theyre different from you in whatever way.
  9. Thomas

    The Vandal Guys Ought to Be Happy

    Des gets a lot funnier when you know the truth about the tital PWNING of the Vandals he's undertaken, being their online hero fir 2 decades, all while cheering in the Broncos & going to far more BSU games than UI games. Some "hero". He was lying to them the whole damn time. If they were smart, they'd guve him a beatdown the next time he shows up in Moscow, for making as big of fools out of the Vandals as the butt-logo uniforms did. ...but their not smart, 80% of tgeur tiny fanbase has quit due to going back to 1-AA, and whenever he goes back, they'll just ve do damn grateful to have another fan. But wait. The HA HA HA HA HA thing you do is the MO of a certain Vandal troll... and I noticed that years ago.
  10. Thomas

    NFL and Players Union poop in the crib again.

    Yeah, the go-to for that pathetic cross section of Americans who don't have any Gay friends, nor any Black friends, so they're SO uber concerned that maybe they are RACIST!?! So instead of developing relationships, and having Black & Gay friends like normal people, which takes effort, they watch Ellen & BET, start hating their own whiteness and run around trying to be "Woke SJWs". Yet, in the end, theyre every bit as ignorant as they were at the beginning. It's easier and one learns far more just actually having friends from outside their own Tribe, not joining a tribe of self-loathing white SJW Leftists, who are just like themselves.
  11. Thomas

    NFL and Players Union poop in the crib again.

    No wonder you believe Trump doing something is TERRIBLE, but Trymp also doing nothing is also TERRIBLE. Maybe, you've already decided that you're going to be outraged, and what's actually going on in reality has nothing to do with your outrage?
  12. Thomas

    Interesting Trump/Putin Observation

    Russia is going to shoot down missiles? Rysdia can't even protect Syria from tge last 8-12 Israeli airstrikes on Iranian troops/facilities, using 40 year old F-15s & F-16s, much less shoot down cruise missiles.
  13. Hence, why I'm ignoring it entirely. They don't even kniw which of their phony narratives have or have not been trashed already. Clueless.
  14. Wake me up when the indictments for meeting a Russian in a set-up, after she just met with Fusion GPS are handed down. It will never happen. All JR. is guilty of is being duped by a know-nothing Ryssian, who BTW is so unimportant that Mueller & the FBI have never even bothered to interview her in a 2 year timespan. Yeah... that's a cloak & dagger connection, with zero followup from investigators. It will be discovered that Trump is in cahoots with Aliens, long before that Trump Tower meeting will become anything other than a wet dream for Leftist Media conspiracy theorists. Still waiting fir anything REAL, anything ACTIONABLE, anything ILLEGAL, tied to Trump. I'll die of old age before that hsppens.
  15. Thomas

    Millennial Night

    I was going to post this story, but I thought it perhaps too anti-millennial? At least itvshows how dead baseball's future is. It's just not a sport millennials care about as a generation, they love soccer instead. MLB is beyond fvcked when the Baby Boomers die off; that's like 70% of their fanbase.