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  1. Screw our STUPID ASS Mayor McLean! Nothing more than a stupid ass Bitch!
  2. Come on 2021 football year! Enough of this CRAP!
  3. CSU take care of this issue! O BTW try not to get 3 special team kicks blocked in the same game!
  4. Understand it just fine! You don't Understand the value of flipping field position on returns. It works both ways!
  5. We will just kick their butts and be 10-0 on those road trips!
  6. Hey CSU, hire Kelly Stouffer as your new HC!
  7. Wouldn't waste my money on that rag of a paper!
  8. I remember those jerseys!
  9. So I BSU lost out on Lawton to Cincinnati.
  10. Dems are always committing Fraud, but some Reps do to! And yes I did back President Trump!
  11. Holy mighty! That is some serious yac yards!
  12. Which he didn't do! He passed a lie detector test. Which he paid for out of his pocket.
  13. I really don't know. I think it just might be a lot of talk or they're really going through with it.
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