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  1. I haven't been keeping up with the ratings since May. Back in May 247 had Blake higher Nick Blake (Fr) 6'6 4.00 3.00 0.9593 Espn had Jenkins at 3* 247 not ranked
  2. It isn't going to happen. Especially in Cali. We keep breaking records for cases. Trying to be number 1.
  3. Oh.... I knew there was a reason this is the best message board I have ever seen.
  4. Amazing. I will have to check my spreadsheet, but I believe this would officially put UCSB higher rated than any MW team. Granted if UNM got rid of a few 2* (they are at 16 players now) then it will be close. MW should pull in UCSB. They do have some MBB history.
  5. Yes, they looked rough at time, but they can offense well.
  6. Great job Hawaii. Why oh why would you not just kick the ep?
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