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  1. Went from whataburger when I was a kid, to lot a burger to A Burger. Been this name for quite some time now. It's a couple miles from me.
  2. Good job Aztecs. I openly admit I was wrong in my prediction.
  3. wow that was amazingly a giant f up by CSU... geezus
  4. both teams passing to the wrong team.
  5. New QB new dynamic. Should be a great game. Either way, looking forward to watching.
  6. This team is different. I've watched all their games. When they move front the TO, they have been damn good.
  7. It's a different AF team. Their QB can pass. They don't always run the TO.... They run it until they don't need to.
  8. SDSU loses big because offense sucks so much. AF looks good on both sides. Their QB can actually pass. Hope I'm wrong since SDSU is ranked.
  9. Going with: Nevada: good qb AF: Good team FSU BSU SDSU: will lose because of QB Colorado State: Coming on strong Hawaii: Looking better USU Wyoming: QB issues like SDSU SJSU UNLV: looking better. QB out though? UNM
  10. eh, new culture, close losses. Boise will be alright. AF is a really good team and so are Nevada and OSU.
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