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  1. In Ventura County, they have a limited encroachment agreement (SOAR) for maintaining farmland (strawberry country), yet they still have height restrictions in some cities. Oxnard refuses to go up (even though they have two towers) and open up space that could help widen roads for the new population, just a bunch of 4 story apartments crammed together with the same crap roads and worsening traffic. Now they are encroaching more of the wilderness in a Santa Ana fire hellscape. I guess the short answer is I agree. lol
  2. damn CSU is laying a shit ton of bricks
  3. I think so, this even worse than many bad Sparty games.
  4. It is a trainwreck and yet says a lot about how bad UNM really is.
  5. bsu usu sdsu csu unlv unr fresno wyo af umn sjsu
  6. UNLV is looking so much better than their first games.
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