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  1. Because of being lazy and not having the time. But mostly cuz I'm lazy.
  2. My mother in laws place in Bozeman appraised for $800K in January and she just accepted an offer for $710. It is a bit of a fixer upper so I think, considering interest rates, she didn't get too bad of a deal.
  3. Do you process your own game? If so, as your cutting the big muscle groups off, put the in tubs of saltwater and let them soak for a day or two. We do this with all of our Mule Deer and most of the White Tails. It takes out almost all of strong game taste.
  4. If the MWC were to expand or need to backfill, I'd love to see the Montana schools get in. I live an hour north of Bozeman and it would be great to see MSU host MWC schools.
  5. The Meateater podcast. I know a lot of you on here wouldn't give this a second thought because of the name. But, they are extremely well balanced with their take on most non political issue's (they purposely stay away from politics). I have tried to get halfman to listen to a couple of the episodes, to only be shot down, about wolves when they had conservation officers and experts on. Anyone that has any interest in the outdoors, whether it be hunting, hiking, conservation, global warming, in which they are extremely concerned with, should listen to these guys they rail against Republicans and Democrats on climate and wildlife issue's. This is a direct quote from their website: MeatEater, Inc. is an outdoor lifestyle company founded by renowned writer and TV personality Steven Rinella. Host of the Netflix show MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast, Rinella has gained wide popularity with hunters and non-hunters alike through his passion for outdoor adventure and wild foods, as well as his strong commitment to conservation. Founded with the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, MeatEater, Inc. brings together leading influencers in the outdoor space to create premium content experiences and unique apparel and equipment. MeatEater, Inc. is based in Bozeman, MT.
  6. Boise ranked at 34, considering our 2 losses, I'll take it.
  7. In my noodle, I put the cut off at 2 weeks in one consecutive stay.
  8. Hookers and blow?! Guess I'm an UNLV fan now
  9. Isn't there a board for the aac?
  10. Haha, I just had the same exact image, fvcking stupid. Fuuuuck, can't even hit the reply button because of all these stupid ads.
  11. I have to fly out to Chicago on Friday. Depending on how my crews are doing out there, I'm hoping to sneak away Saturday and catch the Wyoming game.
  12. My office is in Denver so I am obviously there a lot. I see just as much, if not more, Wyoming gear than CU. I rarely see any CSU gear unless I'm in Fort Collins.
  13. One is in the bill of rights, the other is not.
  14. Actually, you can buy a fully automatic rifle right now, if you pass the background checks.
  15. A right is a right, wouldn't you agree? Although when comparing the two, only one is actually a right.
  16. Would you say this same thing about the 2nd Amendment?
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