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  1. So, the wife and I have come down with the china flu. Anyone have any good suggestions on Netflix shows? I'm into history, she's not. She's into reality shows, I'm not.
  2. Montana has done the same thing, starting on Friday.
  3. We haven't tried ours since it has started curing. We will be getting a scale tomorrow, I expect between two and three pounds. Everyone around here that smokes has been hitting us up and come January 1st., we'll legally be able to give them some. Here is a pic of that big bud, shrunk more during curing than I thought it would.
  4. I have eaten more acid and shrooms than most I know. There isn't any way to ensure a good trip, especially with acid. My advice would be, if you are nervous or worried about having a bad trip, don't do it. It can be some of the most fun you'll ever have or can be a literal nightmare.
  5. That's the town that I was arrested in for stealing my own pickup. ++++ that place.
  6. I've done acid in Ontario, sure makes the town a lot more interesting.
  7. Add Montana to the list for recreational as well. Even though the measures past, I'd be surprised if it actually becomes legal.
  8. Shit, didn't know if I should give you a cheers or a sad emoji. Hopefully, after curing, your buds will become what you wanted.
  9. Once again, I say give all law enforcement 30 days off and see how people react. I live in a town of 130 people in nowhere Montana and we are all capable of protecting ourselves. However, the rest of the country....
  10. The waxy, almost tasteless candy corn. Anyone that says any different should be tarred and feathered.
  11. My best friend, who grew up on a ranch in Oregon, moved to California years ago. We always laugh that I call him a hippy but everyone he knows there calls him a hillbilly. Kind of amazing how we all can have different perspectives of the same thing.
  12. Interesting test. I think this use to be pretty accurate. Before the last election, I figured I was in the middle leaning right. Since, I keep getting further right.
  13. Here ar the best pics I could get while they're in the jars, these are both of the 1 gallon jars. I appreciate the info, the wife planned on opening and moving the flowers around a few times a day.
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