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  1. Name: Jason Hometown: Winston, MT Marital/Kid Status: Married for 20yrs, 1 daughter University and Degree: Didn't even graduate high school Teams I Root For: Boise State and anyone playing the ducks Favorite Music: Older country Favorite Movies/TV: Red Dawn, Dazed and Confused, Young Guns Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, gardening If I am at the bar, I like to discuss: Just about anything Likes: Getting away from everyone while hunting and fishing. Traveling to tropical places. Dislikes: Dumb asses and cities Miscellaneous If I could afford to buy a mountain top and not have to see anyone, I'd be in paradise.
  2. My mother in law lived with us for almost a year (I know a bit different) and it was hell. We ended helping her buy a house to get her out. Good luck and best wishes.
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