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  1. C'mon stunner, there's no such thing as an "unprovoked fight" against BYU.
  2. Dammit Mugtang, I just spent an hour of my life reading through the comments. Although I did find them extremely comical, that's an hour I'll never get back.
  3. This makes most people cringe, a glass of milk stuffed full of popcorn.
  4. Hasn't everyone seen Rick and Morty? There's infinite possibilities lol.
  5. You might not be what you call a "rechtie" but you are definitely brain dead.
  6. Dragnet was good but I preferred Green Acres, Dobie Gillis, Mr. Ed, Patty Duke, Petty Coat Junction (my great grandfather was the old man in front of the store in the rocking chair) etc. Most people under 60 dont know of most of the old black and white tv shows from that era.
  7. You fallow cfb more than 95% of the population and haven't heard of over half of these guys? That right there proves that you dont know a 10th of what you think you do.
  8. I dunno, Brad Kaaya tripped to Boise after he committed to Miami and admitted that he had no intention of changing his mind. He was actually transparent in the fact that he wanted to see as many college campuses as possible. Some kids just want to take full advantage of the opportunities given them, and who can blame them?