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  1. Thank you for the advice. I'm almost done building it now. We do have strong winds out here but it's attached to the shop and I'm going to put rock anchors in it.
  2. I'm using the corrugated stuff from Home Depot. Sounds like happycamper knows waaaaay more about building this stuff than I do. He'd be the one to ask about it.
  3. I wish. I've been winging it and have cost myself extra money because of that. If I knew more about framing, it probably wouldn't be so bad. You can buy all of the material from your local Home Depot or Lowes.
  4. Building the wife a greenhouse. I'm an iron worker and hate working with wood.
  5. You may be the only one on this board that might appreciate this.
  6. I spent about 6 months working on the big towers there by Isleton. I partied all over the delta and had a blast. The locals were pretty good to us out of towners.
  7. I drive an average of around 60,000 miles a year, I'm sure that I use a warranty way more than an average person.
  8. I don't buy anything of value without getting the extended warranty. I had a Dodge pickup that I paid an extra $3500 for a bumper to bumper warranty and they ended up putting over $30,000 into it. We also bought my daughter an Audi for graduation and the warranty has already paid for itself. I recommend these to everyone.
  9. I was waiting on a Chris LeDoux song.­čĹŹ
  10. We hunt black bear around here. As nmlongbow said, they're tasty. We make hamburger and jerky out of it. As the old saying goes, if you don't eat it, don't hunt it. Except of course for the predators that go after cattle.
  11. I have never ate wild turkey (drank plenty of it) but know people that have the same opinion as you. Question for you, have you ever deep fried it? I would think that would take away some of the toughness out of it. Thoughts? Also, if you're into pheasant hunting, try Northeast Montana, around the Plentywood area. I've never seen so many pheasants in my life as I have there. The locals are pretty good about letting people hunt as long as they're respectful and ask first.
  12. For those of you that hunt, bear and turkey seasons are right around the corner. What are the places you like to hunt? For turkey, I see them everywhere around White Sulphur Springs, MT (where I elk hunt). For bear, I like the Deer Lodge area. With all of the chaos going on, I'm stoked to have a bit of reprieve from normal shit and hit the woods.
  13. I've always told my daughter, friends, coworkers etc to never make fun of someone's job, at least they're working.
  14. Have to disagree with you on the CPS part of your post. While I do agree that they don't do their job correctly, from my experience, they don't do enough to protect children. My cousin and his wife, who were good parents and citizens, got hooked on heroin. They obviously became horrible parents because of it. He went to prison, she basically went to the street corner. Family and friends tried helping her and the kids but everything we did seemed to attribute to her addiction. We finally had enough and called the law and CPS over and over. Never once did CPS take her kids or even set up home inspections. She finally got so bad that she gave her kids to other family members. Thankfully, my cousins time in the pen straightened him up and he now has full custody and is doing great. With all this being said, I do have no doubt that there have been instances where kids have been taken needlessly. It would be nice if CPS had a better oversight committee.