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  1. I have to fly out to Chicago on Friday. Depending on how my crews are doing out there, I'm hoping to sneak away Saturday and catch the Wyoming game.
  2. My office is in Denver so I am obviously there a lot. I see just as much, if not more, Wyoming gear than CU. I rarely see any CSU gear unless I'm in Fort Collins.
  3. One is in the bill of rights, the other is not.
  4. Actually, you can buy a fully automatic rifle right now, if you pass the background checks.
  5. A right is a right, wouldn't you agree? Although when comparing the two, only one is actually a right.
  6. Would you say this same thing about the 2nd Amendment?
  7. The apocalypse must be upon us, akkula and I are hoping for the same thing.
  8. Since it was wild, we brined it for 24hrs in a brown sugar contraption. I'm sure we used some sort of a poultry rub but don't remember which one.
  9. That was a wild turkey I shot last year. I actually haven't done a chicken, not a big fan.
  10. I prefer a cabinet style smoker like this one but you can't go wrong with any smoker. Wood, pellet, propane, they all have their own unique tastes and work great.
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