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  1. We're going to do it pretty much the same way this year. We do want to pay more attention to the strains we use, last year we just threw the seed in the pots and didn't pay much attention to what they were. We will try to top a few of them to see if we can bring the potency up a bit, although everyone seemed happy with what we grew. A buddy of mine use to own the Lemon Tree brand until the feds came in and cut them all down. Luckily, he gave my 70yr. old aunt some seeds beforehand so we will be getting some of those clones to try.
  2. Do you plan on growing the same way this year as you did last year? Now that we can have up to 8 plants (gonna have to expand the greenhouse), we plan on topping a few to see how that works out.
  3. So, the wife and I have come down with the china flu. Anyone have any good suggestions on Netflix shows? I'm into history, she's not. She's into reality shows, I'm not.
  4. We haven't tried ours since it has started curing. We will be getting a scale tomorrow, I expect between two and three pounds. Everyone around here that smokes has been hitting us up and come January 1st., we'll legally be able to give them some. Here is a pic of that big bud, shrunk more during curing than I thought it would.
  5. I have eaten more acid and shrooms than most I know. There isn't any way to ensure a good trip, especially with acid. My advice would be, if you are nervous or worried about having a bad trip, don't do it. It can be some of the most fun you'll ever have or can be a literal nightmare.
  6. That's the town that I was arrested in for stealing my own pickup. ++++ that place.
  7. I've done acid in Ontario, sure makes the town a lot more interesting.
  8. Add Montana to the list for recreational as well. Even though the measures past, I'd be surprised if it actually becomes legal.
  9. Shit, didn't know if I should give you a cheers or a sad emoji. Hopefully, after curing, your buds will become what you wanted.
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