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  1. Extra Mayo

    Gear Report: Sears Point

    I didn't notice any school gear yesterday, but I was at the Carl's Jr. on Bowers and Central. So it would stand to reason there were so CSUf grads working there. What rly stood out was the Cherry Coke, it was by far the best CC I've ever had from any soda fountain. #SRSLY #MentalNote
  2. Lefty hates ritey dude so much he's taken to pwning himself just to put us out of work. #Epic
  3. Or lack thereof? How about what country you are from, ever gotten that wrong? #Asking4aFriend
  4. Extra Mayo

    The Knife Thread

    This was all basic government issue stuff. We did have a marlin spike but it was separate. The knives got sharpened so much they'd start to look like a sickle after a few months. We'd also make really cool leather sheaths to carry the spike and the knife too. I lost those and my lanyard somewhere along the way, i rly wish i'd kept track of them.
  5. Extra Mayo

    The Knife Thread

    Ole Mayo was a Boatswain's Mate back in the day, and cld get a deck knife sharp enough to shave with. I haven't messed with any of that stuff in decades though
  6. Extra Mayo

    Dems Adopt Midterm Slogan of F the People!

    The DemoKKKrats problems isn't "messaging". The DemoKKKrats problem us their message is coming through loud and clear.
  7. Extra Mayo

    Gear Report: Sears Point

    Potatoes = vegetable Jealousy = Capital Sin. If you're looking to free yourself from the discontent of Malicious Envy, I know some ppl @#1Stunner @roswellcoug I saw a Utah State University license plate holder on a sedan with Utah plates at the Residence Inn on Sam Ignacio in South San José. I also saw a faded SUDS t-shirt in line at the Steak n Shake inside SJS Student Union! Which I fnd ironic, given they've stolen our lunch money the last four years
  8. Extra Mayo

    Trump walks back Russian summit

  9. The WAC was higher competition than the MW.
  10. Extra Mayo

    What is there to do in Boise???

    You can try to appropriate surfer culture as much as you like, but you're not riding a pulse of energy as it travels through the ocean. What you're doing is bouncing around where the current hits a rock. Have fun.
  11. Extra Mayo

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Sounds fun. But it's gravity driven so it's not surfing.
  12. Extra Mayo

    What is there to do in Boise???

    That's some form of stationery whitewater rafting, not surfing #SurfingPuristAchievementUnlocked
  13. Extra Mayo

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Was he marching arnd in a goofy suit like you were Cincy? "LOL" indeed! #BandDorkBeatdown
  14. Extra Mayo

    Gear Report: Sears Point

    I saw a NMst Pistol Pete sticker on a Silverado in the Fry's PL in Sunnyvale. Right arnd the corner from there: