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  1. Harris is the embodiment of KKKalifornias corrupt single party political system. The bltch shd be sharing a cell with Hillary
  2. The Feds have been stealing my property for the past 35 years #WelcomeToTheClub
  3. "Gamboa fo' Shoa" won MW PotW week too
  4. The Ninth Circus shd have to register as Democrat PAC. #CorruptToTheCore
  5. Ask the Russians, they're the ones who made vote for Trump.
  6. Erdogan is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood is he not? IINM, they are basically a fusion of ME strongman military tactics and Muslim theocrat governance. All bad all around.
  7. Refer to mugs post on 1A, you get to decide for yourself
  8. "You'll be ruled by God, or you'll be ruled by tyranny."
  9. You guys are just projecting your own demagoguery. Trump isnt the standard. He is a liar and a sinner, just like every other person born in the last 2000 years. The only truth is God.
  10. Internet search " founding fathers morality" dumbass. It's far more worthy of your time than anything you'll do or see here
  11. Go ahead. You're going in a totally different direction than I was though.