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  1. Amaru523

    New Mexico at UNLV

    The SDSU and Boise games are the only ones I see us having a chance in. Although we've lost 7 of the last 8 vs Boise and haven't won there since 2012 (5 straight losses on the road). I guess they could get up for Reno at home, but I don't see it happening. Utah St. on the road won't end well. As UNLV coach, Menzies is 0-2 in Logan with both losses being by double digits and Utah St. is top 3 in the MW. We haven't beat Fresno since 2015, lost 6 in row to them. I see 1-4, but 0-5 wouldn't shock me.
  2. Amaru523

    New Mexico at UNLV

    We'll see where he stands after the next 5 games, our schedule gets incredibly more difficult. If we go 2-3 or better, I'll be impressed.
  3. Amaru523

    UNLV at Air Force

    4-1 for the first time in 7 years? Well, whens the last time a team started 4-1 after 5 games and was 4-7 after 11? Cause that's a real possibility.
  4. Amaru523

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    At the beginning of the season I thought Menzies chances of coming back next year were very good, but with the way this season has gone so far, I'm doubting it more and more everyday. Its very possible UNLV could be 5-6 or even 4-7 after 11 games, if that happens its gonna get ugly and I would guess that would be the end of Marv's chances for another year. As Ernie said, the attendance problems have me leaning towards no chance he comes back.
  5. Amaru523


    So glad Duke lost. ESPN's non stop forever Duke love fest has been especially nauseating this year, so it always warms my heart when they lose.
  6. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    I've ragged on Clyburn in the past, but he's been pretty good this year, 25 pts, 9 boards tonight. Rebs are 5-0 when he scores 17 or more. Robo had a very good game as well, 14 pts, 8 helpers. Rebels have trailed at the half in each of the last 6 games, but are 4-2 in those games. I'm still not sold on Menzies, but no one can say that his players don't fight, I haven't seen a Rebel team play this hard in a long time. As I've said before, I really like the team Marv is building.
  7. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Looking at the remaining schedule, this team has a path to 11 or 12 MW wins, possibly more if they keep playing like this, but knowing UNLV, they'll probably start 5-0 and end up 5-6 after 11 games. Please prove me wrong.
  8. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    We're about to beat the team that beat the dog sh*t out of Reno......Niiiice!
  9. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Wow, did not expect this. Have the Rebels ever started 3-0 in MW play? Ever?
  10. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    The refs are getting carried away here, put the damn whistles away and let them play.
  11. Amaru523

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Sounds like the Rebs are about to get 2 FT's and the ball up 3.
  12. Amaru523

    Colorado State at UNLV

    Me neither. If you love Dave Rice, you'll fit right in and you can post "we should've just kept Dave Rice" after every loss. If you love the Rebels, stay away.
  13. Amaru523

    Nevada Basketball Owns The State of Utah

    The whole state of Nevada owns the state of Utah.
  14. Amaru523

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Some things Menzies has going against his chances for a 4th year are: The lack of excitement surrounding UNLV basketball. Our situation is similar to Memphis in that Tubby wasn't doing horrible, but he wasn't the current AD's choice, the attendance was waaay down, and there was very little excitement for the program, so they cut him loose. There's also the fact that, not only was he not hired by DRF, but he wasn't even TKM's first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc choice. He was also completely unwanted by Rebel fans. So barring a miraculous turnaround in MW play, and considering the Pitino rumors, I'm starting to think more and more that Marv isn't back next season.
  15. Amaru523

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    If there is mutual interest than Desiree would be crazy not to do everything in her power to get him here. As I said before, even if she has to go to New York and borrow money from Gambino Mob Boss Dom Cefalu, she needs to get this done. UNLV will most likely never get back to what we had with Tark, but Pitino can get us closer than any other coach we could get. Based on the Knights popularity and the complete lack of excitement surrounding the Runnin' Rebels (and I don't see that changing anytime soon under Menzies), this is a no brainer.