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  1. Damn, this is shocking and sad. Live life to the fullest cause you never know when its gonna end.
  2. If TJ gets poached from UNLV, that means he must've done an amazing job here in short time, so I'll take it.
  3. Arroyo is slaying it on the recruiting trail, and he's not done yet. By the time he's done we might have the #1 class in the MW. Who'd a thunk it.
  4. I wasn't too thrilled with the Arroyo hire, but so far its looking pretty good off the field, he's got some impressive recruits showing interest in UNLV. Now lets hope he can coach. Bell had offers from almost every other MW team as well as Arizona St. and Washington St.
  5. Nobody cares about UNLV BBall anymore. Our AD had the chance to fire up the fanbase last year and make a splash, but instead did a belly flop. TJO might turn us into winners again, but it'll be awhile before the fans come back.
  6. I agree they need to improve defensively, I think I even said that. My point is that they don't have the talent on defense to improve that much. DeBoer isn't going to come in and magically turn Nate Schmidt into Nick Lidstrom. I'm not saying they need to improve on offense, I'm saying they really can't improve anymore, they're already at the top, but the defense stinks. That's why I said they should've kept Gallant and traded for some better defensemen, maybe try that first before axing a really good coach. I've already seen many people who know hockey say that firing Gallant for DeBoer was an asinine move. I've played and lived hockey most of my life, so I know the sport as well. DeBoer had great success with Jersey (at least 1 year) and the Sharks, but he also inherited stacked teams. What Gallant did with the Knights in that first year with that team trumps anything DeBoer has done in his career and should've bought him at least 5 years. All I'm saying is that to expect DeBoer to come in and do better than Gallant is asking a lot and most likely wont go as planned.
  7. Looking at the analytics, the Knights are already in the top 3 in every offensive category, this is why this move makes no sense, they really can't get THAT much better. They're only 3 points out of first in the Pacific. They just simply don't have the talent on defense that could put them over the top. Banking on winning the Cup by changing coaches because the Blues did it, is a very risky strategy, especially when most think Gallant is a better coach than DeBoer.
  8. This move to fire Gallant is mind boggling. The Knights are one of the statistically best offensive teams in the league, and I mean top 3 best. The defense and goaltending have been the weak links. I figured a trade for some better defensemen would've been a better idea than firing a coach that now half of the teams in the NHL would take in a heartbeat. DeBoer is walking into a fantastic situation, but can he possibly do any better than Gallant? I doubt it long term. If this backfires, I suspect McCrimmon will get canned next. The NHL media and most fans are panning this move pretty heavily.
  9. I was 100% against the Josh Allen pick, but I was 100% wrong. He's improved a ton from last year and he's definitely here to stay as he's gonna get better and better. 2018 - 2,074 yds 10 tds, 12 INT 52% comp. 67.9 rating, 8 rush TD 2019 - 2,876 yds 18 tds, 9 INT 59% comp. 84.6 rating, 9 rush TD (still 2 games left) The accuracy thing is questionable. He's got much better WR's this year, but still a lot of drops. Beasley should've had the catch for a TD against the Ravens. Josh does need to work on his touch on the long balls, he finds that and its over for the AFC East. #Billsmafia
  10. Would be huge if true. Finally they get it right.
  11. Anderson tweeted after that, he said his feelings that Aranda gets the job are evolving. Sounds like there's still a chance.
  12. Don't really care much for Chris Bird, he would've bolted after one year anyway, I mean it would've been a great year, but still.
  13. As of now it looks like just about everyone except Juiston will be back, everyone that matters anyway.
  14. You obviously think Menzies is doing a wonderful job, so prepare to be disappointed when he gets canned after the MW tourney.
  15. I'm gonna say no. At this point the only thing that can save him is a miracle run in the MW tourney. If the Rebels go 1-1 and Marvin gets one more year, the T&M will be empty next year. Nobody wanted him, nobody wants him, and nobody will be happy if he stays. I've always compared it to the Memphis situation. Tubby was unanimously unwanted, same with Marv, but to an even greater extent. During the 2 years Tubby was there, the excitement level and attendance plummeted to historic lows, same at UNLV under Marv, and even though Tubby wasn't doing terrible and improved from year 1 to year 2, the AD used common sense and cut the cord.