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  1. Yeah this is going to get ridiculous. I cut the cord because of how expensive cable was, but in a year or 2 I'm gonna be paying triple digits for cable again, Boo!
  2. I thought Dave was gonna get the Cincy job, he was next in line after Cronin for the UCLA job, also on the Lakers radar, UVU seems like a huge let down for him.
  3. Getting Slocum is huge, that's a great hire for TJO.
  4. Umm we've won a title and made final fours, lmao (but of course that was 100 years ago and no one is alive to remember). Of course we didn't make the post season with Marv, he was terrible. Coach Otz is still unknown at this point, but so far he's blowing anything Marv ever did out of the water. Hey Alford is a really good coach, congrats.
  5. Don't know too many UNLV fans that were begging for Alford, if any. He has a reputation for underachieving in the post season.
  6. I think he may have won a couple first round games, not sure, at work, don't feel like looking it up.
  7. Alford is a really good hire. I'd take him over any of the other names I was hearing. Knows how to win the MW.
  8. How many NCAA tourney wins did Alford have at UNM? Asking for a friend.
  9. If UCLA can't convince Tony, and Cronin is out, Randy might be on the next list of candidates, lol.
  10. I agree. I kinda wish Dave would go coach somewhere in the Big West or something so maybe he can become a better head coach, then if Coach Otz gets poached after he leads us to the promise land maybe Dave can get another chance if he succeeds wherever he is. Not sure he'd ever want to come back after what went down, but he doesn't strike me as the type to hold long grudges.
  11. Why would UCLA need to wait until after the FF to talk to Randy Bennett, he's free now. Did you mean Tony Bennett, cause I heard he's very high on UCLA's list.
  12. Heard Rick Barnes, Lon Kruger, and Bruce Pearl are all options for UCLA. Still could be waiting to back a brinks truck up to Bennett or Beards front door.
  13. As of now it looks like just about everyone except Juiston will be back, everyone that matters anyway.
  14. Yep, this notion that Rice was a point guard away from leading us to a national title is laughable, he was not a good head coach, great assistant, but he doesn't have the personality to lead a team of studs to the promise land. The big wins had more to do with the star players stepping it up for a prime time game than anything Rice did. What happened in MW play? What happened in those games where we lost to crap teams or barely beat them?
  15. Its funny to me that 97% of the twitter rumors are saying its Matta and no one believes it, calling Rebel fans delusional, but ONE guy says its not happening and all of a sudden twitter is scripture. My sources tell me that Mark Anderson may not be in the loop on this one. I'm not worried at all.