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  1. Again, another ridiculous statement. 50% (I'm probably low balling) of college athletes in basketball and football have no business being in college. That wasn't a Tark thing, its a college athletics thing.
  2. I explained why...........piss poor administration and ego maniac boosters.
  3. You're high if you think anything has changed. The cheating is so blatant now that the NCAA knows its happening and allows it (because it helps their bottom line), that's why Duke for instance, has been outed numerous times, but yet never been penalized. I'd even go as far as saying that every school cheats, probably always have, some are just better at it than others, a lot better. The reason UNLV has been a disaster since Tark left is because of piss poor administrations that don't understand how important basketball is to the school, ego maniac boosters don't help the situation eithe
  4. I'm sure this will end the same way it always does when Duke gets caught. It'll get swept under the rug and everyone will forget about it by next month.
  5. And that's why I included some population numbers in my post........
  6. If you look at a map, you'd see that about 55% of Kansas City is in MO and 45% is in KS. The largest city by population in the KC Metro area is Kansas City, MO The next 3 largest cities in the area are all in KS: Kansas City, KS, Overland Park, and Olathe. The Chiefs and Royals play in MO, but Sporting KC of MLS plays in KS. The two most populated counties in the KC Metro area are: Jackson County, MO - 700,000 (est.) and Johnson County, KS - 600,000 (est.)
  7. That tourney game where we were missing one of our best players? EML was arguably our best all-around player at the end of the season. We have him in that game and we beat BSU, then take out SDSU...again, and who knows what happens against USU.
  8. Yeah, Jenkins should blow away Hardy's production. Jenkins is a TJO system guy, Hardy most definitely was not. Jenkins and Hamilton will be a force and will likely average 40 points combined.
  9. Waddilove has claimed we were getting just about every recruit in the country, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  10. I wasn't too thrilled with the Arroyo hire, but so far its looking pretty good off the field, he's got some impressive recruits showing interest in UNLV. Now lets hope he can coach. Bell had offers from almost every other MW team as well as Arizona St. and Washington St.
  11. Not saying I want him to stay, I just don't see them firing him, they'll probably use the Armani was hurt excuse.
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