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  1. Nevada will be okay, I think they just got bored in MW play, I'm sure they'll be ready to go next week and will be deadly.
  2. True, and I hope he does well. If its a minnow conference, he'll probably put them on top. I wish him the best, but we're moving on to much bigger, much better things.
  3. Congrats Utah State, glad to see you guys take it. Good luck in the tourney!
  4. This was more of an opinion piece than a factual piece.
  5. Matta's name is the only name I'm hearing and I think by now most sensible people know that DRF wouldn't have pulled the trigger if she didn't already have a plan in place, she's NOT Tina. We may have to wait a couple days so they can pretend they actually "searched" for someone, but by next week sometime we will know.
  6. Muss isn't coming here, but he's about to get paid.
  7. Never gonna happen, but it would be fantastic to watch the Wolfpack fans have a meltdown of epis proportions.
  8. If it is indeed Thad Matta, will you still feel the same way?
  9. Nevada left the WAC in 11-12, they won the regular season title that year and were 2-0 vs NMSU. Fresno St. was terrible that year and SJSU was SJSU. Utah St. was decent, but as those teams started to leave, that's when NMSU started to dominate, they weren't dominating before. Boise's last year in the WAC was 10-11.
  10. How many of those NCAA tourney games did he win? How many top 25 wins did he have in all those great years at NMSU? Did he make it to the tourney year in and year out because his teams were really good, or because he was competing against the likes of Chicago St, UMKC, UT Rio Grande Valley, CSU Bakersfield, etc. Again, more spin to try and polish a turd. Marvin Menzies was overwhelmingly unwanted here, OVERWHELMINGLY! Therefore no one wants to give him any more time. I would love to get back to where Kruger had us, the only problem is, Kruger proved prior to UNLV that he could get amazing results no matter where he was, Menzies hasn't proven anything, except that he can dominate minnows.
  11. You sound like one of the Las Vegas media guys that are desperately trying to save Marv right now. +4 wins, BUT 0-7 vs the top 4 teams with the losses by an average of about 14 points. Just like Poster17 said, the MW is statistically the worst its ever been, sad but true. Just like the Vegas media, you just throw that out there without telling the whole story. Our 17 wins were against teams with an average rating of around 240, and we only had 1 decent win all year, ONE. Menzies schedules down to try and pad his win totals and STILL can't succeed. Plus, we've already seen what Menzies can do when given time. The vast majority of Rebel fans have higher expectations than that. After the last 2 coaches, most Rebel fans would be perfectly happy with a coach that could get us to where Kruger had us.
  12. Anyone who honestly thinks (or wants) Menzies will still be UNLV's coach on Sunday is going to be very disappointed. The writing is on the wall and has been for a while now, his ceiling is too low, his coaching career proves it. The thousands upon thousands of Rebel fans that were pissed off when he was hired ended up having good reason. UNLV is making the right decision. Menzies stays, the Rebels go into next year with ZERO excitement surrounding the team and crowds that would be bad for high schools teams. Menzies goes, and unless they screw up the new hire royally (no way the new admins make the same mistake as the last ones), a massive amount of pissed off Rebel fans will return and the excitement level will be way up.
  13. Highly, highly doubt he makes it to Sunday.