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  1. When the Democrats start coming up with some good ideas to help all of the American people instead of exclusive negative campaigns against the opposition, maybe people will start to listen. However, I’m confident they are too stupid to understand that. They are blinded by their hate and are more interested in dividing and tearing down the country.
  2. You are as clueless as the Democrats. Clinton lost because she had too much baggage and was unlikable. Now the Democrats have gone far left to appease people like you. I hope they do run a far left candidate. They will get demolished.
  3. His mouth is a problem. Most of his policies IMO are spot on. I will not be voting for him in the primaries just like last time. However, I can’t think of a Democrat I would vote for over him in the general election. Is there even a moderate Democrat out there? Harris, Warren, Sanders, Booker, etal are too far left for me. Biden is the only one I would even consider. The Democrats are too stupid to understand that if they ran a moderate candidate they would have a great chance of winning. They consistently overplay their hand to their own detriment.
  4. Ive had jury duty twice, but never selected to serve. I find the process interesting. The defendant is always dressed real nice even if the were charged with some scum bag crime. I got the feeling they had never worn a tie before in their life.
  5. Trump has already cemented his legacy by putting two conservative judges on the Supreme Court. The court is a safety net against the progressive socialist agenda.
  6. I’m not sure about Reno, but in Boise a lot of businesses have hiring signs out. The most I have ever seen.
  7. The Boise State Oline has been a major weakness the first four games. The Aztecs just exposed it like OSU and Wyoming did. I think a good high school Dline would expose our Oline. On top of that Rypien was really off today. OSU put the same pressure on Rypien but he was far more accurate than today. Going forward any team with a good Dline is going to give us problems. I felt bad for our defense who played really well except for one play. Anyway congrats to SDSU that outplayed us and deserved the win.
  8. It seems like the above is completely missing the point of our founders. The House was given proportionate membership to the states insuring the largest population states had the most representation. The Senate consisted of two members from each state to insure the small states had some say and were not completely shut out of decision making by the large states. The idea was to strike a fair balance between rural states and large population centers. Now the Democrats want to say to hell with the rural states, they want them governed and told what to do by the large population centers. If the rural states were currently mostly Democrat, they would want the opposite.
  9. What a sneaky bunch they were. The schools that were left out must have been really pissed.
  10. Improving the poor’s situation is better for us all in the long run and it starts with education.
  11. Well we ended up with a Kenyan plant.
  12. Eventually China and the US will come to some kind of compromise, it’s a matter of time. Right now, both sides are being stubborn.
  13. If it happened as she said, you would think at least one of her witnesses would have corroborated her story, particularly her best friend. There were so many inconsistencies in her account that it leaves doubt that it occurred. On top of that she is a political person that hates Trump. IMO it all points to a made up story. Then, after rape allegations couldn’t be proved, the Democrats changed their tactics to saying Kavanaugh lacked the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge. If I was wrongfully accused of rape and my character assassinated I would also be pissed off. To me it was a very normal reaction. The Democrats flat said they would do anything possible to prevent his confirmation and they did just that. The party has sunk to a new low in my eyes. John Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.
  14. Then you go and double down on stupid.
  15. Speaking of stupid, that is a stupid comment.
  16. I’ve heard rumors that Trump was born in Ireland and not the United States. And he came across the border with his parents illegally.
  17. Trump was the same way before he ran for president. There are a lot of politicians that think like Trump, but won’t say what they are thinking. He doesn’t have a filter. He tells you exactly what is on his mind. He is not a phony like many politicians that say one thing in public and something else in private.
  18. It’s more likely they will be camped out on him.
  19. Yeah Fords accusations have really ruined her life. Nothing in it for her. Already $1M in gofundme donations and $30,000-50,000 speaking fees looming. She has already cashed in.
  20. Well so far no former high school class mates have come forward and said they had sex with him.
  21. Not sure the Republicans demanded Ford testify. I believe they invited her and said they would listen if she did. If she didn’t testify, Kavanaugh would be the newest Supreme Court Justice right now. The pos is Feinstein who sat on the accusation until the last few days.
  22. Fresno is tearing Toledo a new asshole. Their speed at WR is killing Toledo.
  23. Wyoming’s offense is one of the most conservative in college football. There is very little variation in what they do. Run the ball and rollout passes to the TE pretty much summarizes it. I think it is a big part of Bohls philosophy. Take few risks and take care of the ball on offense and try and get turnovers with a strong defense.
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