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  1. Fresno lost their only difference maker to the NBA in Robinson.
  2. She immediately needs to declare MWC a P6 conference.
  3. I think most would agree with you. There’s always a fringe extreme element that takes things too far. My personal rant is take some responsibility and don’t put yourself or others in a position where an abortion is the easy go to answer to your screwup, no pun intended.
  4. Did you have a moment of self reflection when you realized your op turned into a discussion about hor dogs, bratz, and lutefisk?
  5. Agreed there are extraordinary circumstances where abortion has its place. Convenience which is by far the biggest reason for abortion is not one of them.
  6. It was definitely a big issue. America leans toward snuffing out unborn life by a significant margin. It’s nothing to gloat about.
  7. I dont and wouldn’t own one but I’ll bet Brandon drools on his.
  8. The albatross in the room is the cost of higher education. Partially paying off an education debt does little to reduce the cost of a college education. In fact, it encourages those in the business of education to increase it.
  9. SDSU is a quality team. They would do well in the MWC. Very well coached and they can really shoot it. I believe they’ve beaten some other good MWC teams in the past. Agbo is a far better player than he showed. He’s going to be fine. For the Broncos to make noise in the MWC they’re going to need Nganda and other bench players to have an impact. To do that they need a lot more minutes than they got tonight.
  10. They moved our voting place from a church to a elementary school which I thought was weird given the mass shootings at schools. No problem with access to any part of the school either from the voting location.
  11. Lol. They ran out of voting machine paper in Pennsylvania so polls will stay open longer. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pennsylvania-judge-orders-county-keep-polls-open-until-10-running-out-ballot-machine-paper
  12. Andy’s an introvert at least in public. I’m sure he’s churning inside during the games. Koetter was highly complimentary about him. He more or less said he wished all the players parents could see how Andy treats his players. As far as being a head coach, I think the jury’s still out. Harsin left the cupboard bare and he came in late so has had essentially one year to recruit. He’s definitely in training as far as being a head coach. The next couple of years will be indicative of how good a coach he will be.
  13. I wish I was as optimistic as you HMHB. Who knows how good our freshman are. If Our freshman stars were that good they would be playing more. As you indicated we have a lot of holes to fill throughout most position groups except for Green and Jeanty who will be future stars. Biggest needs are better CBs, a deep threat WR ala Wilson and Hightower, and a edge that can get to the QB.
  14. I hope we burn the black uniforms. We either lose or play crappy in them.
  15. I thought BYU moved their LBs and DBs closer to the LOS to limit the run than they had in their last four losses. We countered in the second half by throwing the ball more which was effective. The whole game boiled down to our defense not being able to stop BYUs passing game and subsequent big edge in TOP. I hate to see the series end. Lots of great close games except for a couple.
  16. Aah I see says the blind man.
  17. I was playing chess on the net simultaneously but that’s the first time I think I’ve ever got the teams mixed up. I can still laugh at myself for that dumb mistake.
  18. I haven’t voted yet, but there are definitely some Republicans I won’t vote for in the Idaho State election. I freely admit there are some dumb shit Republicans I could never vote for in which case I would abstain because the Democrat ideology isn’t for me. And I’ll admit I voted for Trump twice because even though he was an asshole I agreed with most of his policies. Not sure I can do it a third time though if it comes down to him and Brandon.
  19. Scary that I’m approaching Brandon’s status in my old age.
  20. How do you cheat at chess? Move a piece when your opponents not looking? That doesn’t seem plausible as most good players know exactly their opponents position.
  21. it’s rigged, it’s rigged I tell you. Sour grapes. Lol
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