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  1. That blows my mind right there. Packing heat on a road trip to play basketball??? What’s even weirder is he actually ended up needing it. Almost like he anticipated a confrontation. Does this mean all New Mexico State players are now going to be frisked before getting on the team bus?
  2. Yeah, we had this game in the bag all the way we played so well. If you’re happy with that effort against a team without a QB, good for you.
  3. Doubt it. They’re playing the middle weights right now. Wait until they run into the heavy weights.
  4. Oh, he’s aware, he’s just pulling your chain.
  5. Wyoming kicked our arse on the ground. If they had any semblance of a passing game they would have won going away. Of course that’s been an issue as long as Bohl has been there.
  6. Lol. Dude couldn’t cover his mother all year and then makes three clutch plays in a row.
  7. UNLV was highly motivated against a ranked Dayton team and were flying around on defense like crazy men. However, can they maintain that type of intensity from game to game the rest of the season? I doubt it and I don’t see them as talented enough to carry them through games where they are flat. I can see them finishing 3-5 in the MWC but doubt they crack the top two.
  8. I think what HMHB is referring to is we won’t win it but we can make life miserable for those on the bubble. Oops sorry, quoted the wrong post.
  9. The key will be getting Nga squared, Sylla, and Young going. If those guys become a factor we will become a much better team.
  10. We have no chance going to the Dance as an at large. Therefore, begin playing the guys that give you the best chance to be competitive in conference and in the future. The current starting five is a dead end street going nowhere.
  11. The Rams played a clone of themselves except Charleston executed and shot better.
  12. If they didn’t get Hillary, they won’t get Trump.
  13. They didn’t get the message in Moscow, Idaho.
  14. Coaches son is a lightning rod subject on BroncoCountry. He’s had some good games and a lot of bad ones.
  15. I’ve never signed up for it. Damn I didn’t realize all the tea Im missing.
  16. Just assess him a huge library fine for overdue books.
  17. Rice has a dilemma. Continue with an experienced starting lineup that lacks athleticism or play better athletes that aren’t ready yet? Not really a dilemma to me. Play the more talented athletes looking toward the future. The above is a good reason not to bet on Boise State for several weeks until they iron out the direction they decide to take.
  18. Still sore about Boise beating your Aztec ass three times last year?
  19. That dude was on fire. He reminded me of some of Hamilton’s games for UNLV last year. It was a very entertaining game except for the Toreros homer announcer. I had to mute that guy he was so obnoxious.
  20. UNLV fans are amusing. I won’t dispute that. The performance by Boise State tonight was an affront to the game of basketball.
  21. What’s so funny Spaztex? Every MWC team losing lowers the SDSU SOS. I root for all MWC teams in OOC whether I like them or not.
  22. Our starting five is about as unathletic group as we’ve had in awhile. We’ve got talented guys on the bench, but they need to play to develop. Id agree we had a similar group two years ago and it took a year of them playing together to gel and become a championship team. We’ve recruited two more talented kids coming in next year. If we can add a a solid point guard we could be really good next year. An NIT bid would be a very good season for the current crew.
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