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  1. We need another goal to clinch the game.
  2. Why do the players continually kick the ball high over the posts when they have a shot on goal?
  3. This ones essentially over. Nice win for Nevada against a good Sam Houston team that had some good wins coming into this game. Nevada doesn’t look as talented this year, but they play much better together.
  4. Bobby Hauck will be available soon.
  5. Better be a big name hire or AD Harper is going to look like a fool.
  6. Lol. Soccer and politics, gotta love it. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of yellow cards tomorrow, hopefully not a red from the USA side.
  7. Stanford’s a different animal than most college programs. From a recruiting standpoint they have a niche in recruiting intelligent football players for the most part that stay out of trouble and you don’t need to hold their hand to go to class. That eliminates a lot of problems from the get go. Petersen is a cerebral coach that would mesh well with cerebral athletes. Stanford is also a school where student athlete actually has meaning. It’s not USC or the SEC. The pressure to win is secondary. Although Petersen would win there just like he did at Boise State and UW. This is his job if he wants it. I’m betting he gives it consideration. If not I doubt he ever returns to coaching.
  8. From the outside it sure looked like he recruited better and went from also ran to competitive in three years. I’d call that progress.
  9. Same ol UNLV, some things never change.
  10. BYU shouldn’t feel like the lone ranger. The Stanford band has a long history of controversial halftime performances.
  11. Stanford really doesn’t need NIL. The education will earn recruits far more than they’ll ever get from NIL. Most of their recruits are smart enough to realize that.
  12. Watching France, they have players that put our guys to shame other than Pulisic. Their forwards are fast and can really attack. Ive always felt if our best athletes grew up playing futbol instead of football, basketball, and baseball we’d kick the worlds ass in futbol. Imagine MJ, Iverson, or Kobe on a soccer field.
  13. We just moved ahead of the WCC and AAC by a sliver in the latest Sagarin poll. SJSU and AF both winning today will give us a further boost. If we can maintain seventh place in the conference standings that bodes well for selection Sunday.
  14. Chris Petersen would fit the Stanford job to a tee. Not much pressure, intelligent kids to work with, nice area to live, etc. etc. It might be the one job that would draw him out of retirement. He’s 58 so still has a good ten years left in him to coach. If I’m Stanford I go hard after Petersen.
  15. That cannon is one of the cooler rival trophies in college football. It beats an oil or milk can by a mile.
  16. First year coach with a bare cupboard. No way to make a rational judgment one way or another.
  17. The Aggies have been the also rains of college football. To take down a Liberty team that was ranked as high as 19 on their home field is a helluva win. No less by a huge margin.
  18. Air Force leading Aztecs 13-3
  19. A blah atmosphere and effort for a game that didn’t matter. Boise State fell asleep for the third and most of the fourth quarter. Then Green ran for 91 yards and the game was over. Oladipo put the final nail in the coffin.
  20. As this stemmed back to a fight at a football game, you would think the NMSU kid would be wary about leaving the hotel to meet someone on campus at 3:00 AM. Apparently that never entered his mind. And apparently the dumb asses that lured him there never thought he might have a gun. Stupidity on the part of both parties.
  21. I’m not sure Ive ever seen a single player make two back to back bone headed plays like Butler did at the end of last nights game. Both were totally unnecessary.
  22. The loss did little to their national standing. However, the way they’ve been losing big games the last two years is a problem. They’ll still plow through the MWC because they’re bigger and much more talented than everyone else. The question will be will they fold in the Dance.
  23. That’s a really tough loss, but in the overall scheme of things it didn’t mean much losing to the #10 team.
  24. That and losing the ball a few seconds later. Even then he should have called timeout when he was double teamed with no outlet. The kid went brain dead.
  25. The Aztecs let this one get away from them. Did Mensah foul out? If not why wasn’t he in the game the last few possessions in regulation for defense and rebounding?
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