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  1. On 1/27/2023 at 9:17 AM, toonkee said:

    Reno minus 10

    Where are you seeing that. Most sports books have it as a pretty much pickem  game which is surprising. I’d give Reno about a 5 point edge. 

  2. Air Force would have taken this one if they had the strength inside to combat Udeze who fouled out both of their posts. If they could recruit a similar tough post they could win the MWC. The rest of their young team is solid. 

  3. These are all tough games to bet on as a few teams are on the streaky side:

    I think CSU will cover against Boise State, but the Broncos will win before another big Saturday crowd. Stevens will get his points, but Degenhart will counter. 

    Utah State has too much firepower for an offensively challenged Fresno team. They’ll win the three point battle handily and thus will cover. 

    SDSU has been flexing their muscles recently and are playing much better. They have too much depth for SJSU and if Dutcher is smart enough to give Trammel’s minutes to Seiko this game won’t be close. The Aztecs cover at home. 

    The Nevada schools are headed in opposite directions. I thought the Rebels would be better than the Pack this year, but the opposite has happened. Like USU against Fresno, Reno has too much firepower for the Rebels and will cover the 1.5 points which appears to be a very slight margin given how both teams have played to date. 


  4. Part of the problem in hiring good people is the job sucks. The people you deal with everyday are the dregs of society or someone immediately in a bad mood because you stopped them. Thus, most educated people want no part of it. It takes a really disciplined person that can keep their cool in difficult situations.

    How many people do you know like that? I know I couldn’t do it. How would you react if some derelict spit in your face? Most would beat the shit out of whomever did that. Yet we expect cops to turn the other cheek. 

    Regarding the Memphis situation if it’s as bad as it sounds those cops need to go to jail. 

  5. Nevada has had the Rebels number the last few years, however rivalry games are always hard to predict. The Pack has more guys that can score and that should give them the edge. Baker is also a tough matchup for the Rebels. 

  6. On 1/26/2023 at 7:43 AM, Swoll Cracker said:

    Nearly halfway through the conference portion of the schedule and the Aztecs are the top rated offense and 5th rated defense in conference games by Kenpom.com. Definitely not the Aztecs we are used to seeing.

    I attribute that to Bradley and Trammel who they need for ball handling and offense but neither are the best of defenders. However, if Dutcher pulls them they go stagnant on offense.

    Seiko is a good replacement for Trammel, but they don’t have a guy that can create his own shot as well as Bradley. Maybe Butler, but he’s already a fixture in the lineup. 

    With both those guys leaving next year I think we’ll see SDSU recruit replacements that are better defenders which has been their MO in the past. The guy that will be tough to replace will be Mensah. He keys their inside defense. If they don’t replace him with someone similar or better their defense is going to suffer. 

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  7. On 1/25/2023 at 11:26 PM, East Coast Aztec said:

    Good game.  A tale of two halves for the Aggies, but that very likely won't happen in Logan.  Seiko really showed out.  Bench is improving, but still some inconsistency from Bradley and Trammell, who are still supposed to be our key offensive weapons.  Trammell may still be feeling his way through, but Bradley is just having a yo-yo year.

    Seiko should be taking Trammel’s minutes. He’s a better shooter and defender. However, that leaves all the ball handling responsibilities to Butler and Dutcher may not want to do that. Bradley is an enigma. He’s not a good defender and when his shot is not going his value is greatly diminished.

    I’ve said this before but Dutcher is having a difficult time mixing and matching lineups for this team. SDSU hangs their hat on defense, but their best defenders aren’t the best on offense. Which is another reason Seiko should be getting more minutes. He’s good at both and he’s also a very unselfish player. 

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  8. Plenty of more games like last night left on the schedule. The team that toughs out the wins is going to be MWC champs. At this point I won’t even hazard to guess who that will be. The Aztecs have the most talent, but have shown to be vulnerable and haven’t gone on the road to an upper half venue yet.

    Interesting that Nevada stayed the same in the NET and New Mexico dropped only one spot. 

  9. Just another wild game in the MWC and we aren’t even half way through the conference season. 

    New Mexico has no one to blame but themselves for letting it even go to OT. Five point lead with the ball and one minute left. No way you should lose at that point. 

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