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  1. Nice win for the Broncos. Handled the press really well and shot 80% from the FT line. We are playing good ball right now.
  2. Another 30 minutes and I won’t have to watch soccer again for another four years. I’ve got to say American soccer looks much better since the Dempsey days. We need another four Pulisics to come up through the ranks.
  3. USCs lack of defense all year is finally biting them in the ass.
  4. It didn’t turn out so well when Chris Petersen left Boise State. We had players pissing off hotel balconies and getting thumped by Oregon State.
  5. His other half Sherfield seems to be having success at OU averaging 16 ppg for a 6-1 team. It turns out it’s been a win-win for Nevada and their former players.
  6. USU racks up another win for the MWC over Utah Tech, formerly Dixie State
  7. I think the Aztecs go 15-3 to win the MWC.
  8. Seems like this topic has been beaten to death (no pun intended) in numerous prior threads. Now Starbucks that’s a new one. My anecdote. Does Starbucks employ an inordinate number of gay people?
  9. Great day for gay marriage. Does it open the door for polygamy? Not that Im interested. One woman can be tough enough to deal with at times.
  10. With the Ram and Lobo wins over WCC opponents the MWC is now solidly ranked as the seventh best conference in the Sagarin ratings.
  11. Congrats, good for you. Now go for 4.0!
  12. The conference season is going to be a dogfight. SDSU is still the front runner, but they’ll be tested on the road.
  13. Very impressed on how the Lobos kept their composure in a tight game on the road against a quality opponent. That bodes well for their future. The Pit is going to be one chaotic place to play this season.
  14. Good to see UNM and UNLV boosting the conference status up again.
  15. Impressive win by the Lobos. Kept their poise the entire second half. The Lobos have the best set of guards in the MWC with Mashburn, House, and Dent. Those three are tough to defend.
  16. Lobos hanging in there. The Gael announcers are big homers.
  17. Go Lobos. It would be a big win for the MWC.
  18. How so? With twelve teams it’s going to be a bonanza for college football.
  19. Dammit Pokes, we’ve got to win the head to head games against the WCC. CSU and UNM need to come through tonight.
  20. Gonzaga bloats the WCC position moreso than SDSU for the MWC.
  21. I wouldn’t call your front line of Mensah, Johnson, Ledee, and Arop small. Maybe compared to Arizona but SDSU is likely the biggest and strongest team in the MWC by far. The only slight weaknesses I can see are inconsistent perimeter shooting and ball handling. The defense although good also doesn’t appear to be up to previous Aztec standards. Regarding the above I’m talking about a Top 25 national scale. There’s no doubt in my mind the Aztecs has the best talent and depth in the MWC and will win the regular season title easily.
  22. Well we made the Sweet Sixteen, a lot better than MWC teams for some time.
  23. Their wooden shoes are kind of cool.
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