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  1. Wow, Wyoming has nine lives. You guys stole this one.
  2. Why fair catch a ball on the five yard line? Let it bounce, good chance it goes into the end zone.
  3. We’ll see as he’s still a sophomore. He’s got to get a lot better reading defenses, decision making, and accuracy and I think he will. He’s showing progress this season. Letting Strachan play and recruiting a couple of more good WRs would be a big help. That and the secondary should be priorities in the portal for next year.
  4. He would have never come to Boise if we didn’t recruit him as a QB. No one else would. He would be a star anywhere at WR and that is his ticket to the NFL. In the meantime they continue to try and develop him as a QB. He’s only a sophomore so he will likely improve. The Boise State WR corps doesn’t help the cause. We have only one legit WR in McCalister. The others either cant get open or drop the ball. It would be in Greens best interest to play WR but he has to agree to that. He could make big NIL money transferring as a WR. We’ll see what happens in the future.
  5. He’s been an improvement over the previous coach. At least the Spartans are competitive in most games and won a MWC championship. Most MWC coaches would have trouble consistently winning in San Jose with the lack of money and facilities.
  6. That’s our normal defense this year. We made your QB look like Mahomes.
  7. Both teams played hard if not well. The two turnovers cost the Aztecs the game. Neither team will be in the MWCCG.
  8. Mayden should be throwing on every down with how bad the Boise State secondary is. We make him look like Mahomes.
  9. Neither team has played to their potential for a whole game. Both have had times when they played well but were unable to sustain it. We’ll see which team has more ups than downs tonight. I picked SDSU to win 24-20 on Bronco Country. I can see Boise losing the turnover battle and SDSU slowing down the Bronco run game. I have little faith they will complete more than 50% of passes against a solid Aztec secondary with a couple of those to Aztec defenders.
  10. WSU and OSU are likely going to want bigger shares which could become a sticking point. Uneven revenue sharing is divisive and I’m for equal shares even if Boise State loses the extra cash. If there is unequal sharing it should be tied to performance and TV demand, and adjusted every year.
  11. UCF WRs bobbled two passes into Boise State hands in the end zone essentially giving up 14 points. Neither team has shown much this year other than weaknesses in multiple position groups. Both QBs are good runners that lack accuracy throwing the ball. Avalos is already sitting on a warm seat that’s going to get hot if Boise State loses this game making them 1-3 and Avalos 18-13. There’s no Dirk Koetter to bail him out this year.
  12. Has the AD addressed the lack of attendance at all?
  13. I can’t remember a Bronco team in many years with a worse defense. And the offense is not much better. We’ll see Friday night. Being a 7 point favorite on the road we should not lose this game. If we do it’ll cement my comment.
  14. Hope so, but this may be the worst Bronco team in a decade.
  15. Both teams aren’t playing like they have in the past. Neither defense has looked very good so far. I suspect the Boise State offense will be run heavy and SDSU defense will counter by packing the line and making Green throw which is a good strategy. Green does not read defenses well and is inaccurate with his throws. He’s thrown several picks already and it easily could have been several more. Boise States pass defense has been horrendous. However, SDSUs pass offense has not been good. SDSU could have success running the ball as North Dakota ran well at times. Hard to get a handle on this one. It hinges on which team overcomes it’s weak points the best. That and who has the edge in turnovers.
  16. Although he had nothing in common, Trump was more sympathetic to the evangelicals cause than most democrats. It was one of those niche voting blocks that politicians tend to go after.
  17. Kent State isn’t very good. Fresno should roll.
  18. The annual meet with the Russians used to draw huge crowds in Los Angeles. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/342578-usa-vs-ussr-1962-the-greatest-track-meet-of-all-time The mile run record is amazing. Don’t some high school kids currently run a four minute mile.
  19. Isn’t that what both parties want. They don’t give a shit about being informed. Just vote for my party. When you look at it closely, how many people do you think are well informed? I’d put it at less than 10%. Most vote straight party or whomever is the the most popular.
  20. Boise State is right there with you. The team with the least turnovers will win.
  21. Can’t believe Boise is an 8 point pick over the Aztecs.
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