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  1. UCLA is well coached and the Rebels frenetic style doesn’t bother them. Plus they have guys that can actually shoot unlike UNLV. In general, the MWC schools can recruit good athletes but they lack basketball skills. UNLV and Boise State are the prototypes. Or, they get guys that have basketball skills that aren’t good athletes. USU is the prototype. The P5 teams get good athletes with good basketball skills.
  2. Same with me. What I saw was a bunch of super talented kids all playing for themselves. Larry Brown just kept rolling his eyes and shaking his head the whole game
  3. There are some cute girls on the Boise State volleyball team. And they can play VB.
  4. Missed the Boise State game big time, expected USC to beat the Aztecs. Record is now 10-7.
  5. You think this team is bad just wait until next year
  6. Here is some info in a SLC newspaper: "Derrick Alston Jr., a 23-year-old combo forward from Boise State, has shot abysmally from the field to start the season. Through five outings, he's averaged 7.4 points and 4.8 rebounds, all while shooting 21.4% from the field and an almost comical 9.7% from three. He’s attempted 31 triples this season and only knocked down three of them. Alston Jr.’s efficiency differential stands at -55.4, only bested by B.J. Taylor’s eDiff of -90.8."
  7. What a horrible loss. We could only score 39 points against a really bad team. This has got to be the worst loss ever under Rice. No way to defend this loss. 32 of 58 shots were three pointers. Made 6. And it’s not like we were outsized underneath. Get the friggen ball inside!!!
  8. The only thing you run is your mouth.
  9. Over half the conference is under 100 in the Sagarin. If we could get Air Force and SJSU into the low 200s, high 100s it would really help. So far this preseason has been good for the MWC.
  10. I don’t know enough about either opponent to bet so will take Thanksgiving off. The Georgetown game should be a good barometer on how good SDSU is this year. I’m having my doubts. Perimeter shooting appears to be a weakness.
  11. Santa Clara was missing their leading scorer on the front line at 16ppg, not sure why but I’m sure it had an impact. Take any team and remove a guy like that and they won’t be the same. When we lost Kigab last year we weren’t the same team. In any regard good win for Fresno.
  12. Not going to happen this year. This is their best team by far.
  13. Understatement of the basketball season. They pounded both Texas and UCLA. Who’s going to give them a competitive game?
  14. Any good porn? Is that Aztec girl golfer on there?
  15. Switch Gonzaga with CSU and the Sagarin ratings for the MWC and the WCC would be nearly the same. Gonzaga skews the WCC ratings.
  16. His attorney was probably paid for by a gofundme account.
  17. I don’t like betting on Air Force. They don’t have the same talent as most teams, but they play disciplined ball. You never know which team is going to show up. Nevada-UW is a tough one. The Huskies have been playing better of late and is Nevada really turning the corner or was their last game an anomaly. No clear cut choice on this one. The one game I saw Santa Clara play they manhandled Nevada. They have some talented players and I’ll take them to cover over Fresno who hasn’t played anyone of note yet.
  18. I don’t think Gonzaga will lose this year. Too much talent and depth. Holmgren is going to get better every game and he’s already damn good.
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