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  1. Most teams have stacked the line, clogged the middle of the field, and blitzed against us with Bachmeier. I envision a lot more option type plays with Holani and Green. They’ll have to spread out more with Green who is dangerous when he gets outside in an open field. It should help open up the inside running lanes for Holani. I think we’ll also see a lot of roll out type passing plays with Green. If no one is open tuck it and run, or throw it out of bounds. Green provides another run dimension that we didn’t have with Bachmeier and given Bachmeiers poor accuracy Greens passing can’t be any worse. The key with Green is to not force things and turn the ball over like Bachmeier tended to do.
  2. I can see how this conversation played out. Dude: I need to use your bathroom Store Clerk: It’s not available for public use Dude: I have to take a shit really bad. Would you rather I shit on the floor in your wine aisle? Store Clerk: I don’t believe you Dude: Proceeds to wine aisle and shits on floor. Store clerk: Oh phuck
  3. This war is sounding more like our Vietnam war every day. Except Putins ego is too big to negotiate an end to it.
  4. Yep, Dirk is the guy that got the two decade run started for Boise State. Hopefully he can reignite the flame. He’s got a huge challenge in front of him and it’s not going to happen overnight. I just want to see some progress with our offense over the rest of the season. I also think this is a one time temporary thing for him and we’ll be looking for another OC next year.
  5. Is he shitting in the wine aisle? C’mon dude the store has a bathroom. I can hear the checkout clerk. “Cleanup required on aisle 5”.
  6. The offense still has a lot of warts, however, I think Koetter will get the best out of what he has, something Plough couldn’t do. I’m also confident he’ll call a better game than Plough who was horrible in that aspect. Green is also going to get professional level coaching that should help his development.
  7. As a Bronco fan it’s sad to see how far the Boise State program has fallen.
  8. If you’re married it’s almost a sure thing you have it.
  9. When did this board turn into the National Enquirer?
  10. I never though anyone would break Gehrig’s record, but Ripken did. I suspect someone will eventually break DiMaggio’s record. I think the longevity record would be hardest to break. Is any active player even close?
  11. Harsin has $15M left on his contract after this year. Not a bad severance package. Lol.
  12. Yeah, Thursday night football used to be on Fox. This year they switched to Amazon Prime. Since my wife shops on AP a lot we get the game for “free”.
  13. If he gets to 62 I consider him the single season home run champ of all time. Everyone that has hit more than that was juiced.
  14. DeSantis got it wrong. He should have sent 50 MS-13 dudes to Martha’s Vineyard
  15. Does this mean I can now throw away my vaccination card?
  16. Hate to say it but the Pokes are going to get hammered by BYWho
  17. Going to be fun when the Broncos and Aztecs meet. The offense that scores ten points wins.
  18. Discuss this with a doctor(s). I’m sure they can help you. One thing I’ve learned from a doctor is when something is really bothering you try to think of something pleasant. It works well for me especially at bed time. I’m sure it’s very frustrating, good luck to both you and your girl friend with her Covid.
  19. Ouch. That didn’t look good at all. Also, looked like he had possession when he was down. The Dogs are getting homered.
  20. I wouldn’t be too hard on them. They’re going up against one of the better offenses in the country. USCs QB and skill athletes are as good as it gets.
  21. It appears there are legit questions on whether this girl was raped, or it was a extension of her previous nefarious activities. Hopefully investigations will get to the bottom of it and justice served through conviction or dropping of charges although that appears doubtful at this point.
  22. Tip of the iceberg on what happens in DC every day.
  23. It looks like DeSantis stunt is finally getting some action out of Brandon https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/white-house-says-it-s-surging-resources-to-texas-to-address-migrant-influx-but-offers-no-details/ar-AA11UTEa?cvid=f23457848c8d47a7933629a172d566c3 Tell me which is worse, sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard or allowing them to live in overcrowded inhumane conditions in border towns which Brandon bears responsibility for by encouraging migrants to come during his campaign speeches? Brandon created this mess and has ignored it. He has the responsibility to take care of it.
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