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  1. Why is it necessary to keep growing? Why not improve the quality of life for a decreasing population? Not sure how, but we are going to have to ration the number of people going into different professions with the public’s need for that profession. The other dilemma is how to deal with over or under abundance of unskilled labor. It will be a tough balancing act for sure.
  2. I’ll definitely get a vaccine after it’s been out a month or two. I’m tired of being limited in where I can go and what I can do.
  3. You may not care whether there is a drop in attendance and viewing eyes, but the bean counters and management for the TV networks and teams closely follow the ratings from week to week and they definitely care.
  4. Here is a good article on vaccine status: https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/coronavirus-vaccine-covid-19-top-candidates-progress-moderna-oxford-astrazeneca-russia-china-india-serum-institute-quixplained-explained-6605750/ It looks like phase three clinical trial data should be available by Pfizer in about a month. If the trial data is positive, it will be distributed immediately. Fingers crossed the vaccine will be found to be effective with minor side effects.
  5. Not a big Raider or NFL fan, but had to tune in to take a look at the new stadium. Fantastic. The Raiders move to Las Vegas has got to be one of the smartest decisions ever made by a pro franchise. That and the Rams move back to Los Angeles.
  6. No surprise. Cross country travel during the virus- no bueno.
  7. Geez lady, act like a normal person, take your speeding ticket and be on your way.
  8. BD can lose it as fast as he improved. Look at Jordan Spieth these days. Golf is a really weird sport and is very difficult to play consistently great. It looks like Injuries and age have finally caught up to Tiger Woods. He’s also lost his legendary mental toughness.
  9. We need to dress our Supreme Court like these guys.
  10. He may get some point guard time, but Dennis and Shavers will get the most.
  11. I would hope the MWC is planning to return on their own volition and isn’t listening to the PAC-12. Who knows though with Thompson in charge. He’s a reactive follower instead of a proactive doer.
  12. Are they going to allow any fans in for the first game? It’ll be a shame if they don’t.
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