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  1. The IRS reviews Trumps returns. If they had a problem they would take it up with his accountants. What business is it for Pelosi and Congress to demand his returns. This is just another revenge smear tactic.
  2. It’s hard to gain a perspective on how a person becomes so callous of human life they can behead another human. I would say they’re mentally ill, but that doesn’t really apply to the cartels or terrorists. In any event people that are that far gone to behead another human if caught should immediately be given a lethal injection.
  3. Dammit we need a delete function to erase duplicate posts.
  4. Most lay people have no understanding of the complexity of the epidemiology field. IMO it’s unwise to discount research that may lead to a vaccine that is better than the ones currently being used. I’ll leave it up to the peer reviewing experts to sort things out and determine validity.
  5. Yesterday I tried convincing my daughter and husband to get vaccinated. She worries about the possible long term effect. I told her nothing is risk free, but the potential of a serious illness or death from Covid is far greater than the vaccination. She said her and her husband will get the vaccination but I’ll believe it when I see it.
  6. Correct me if Im wrong, but it’s my understanding Bob has had the virus and therefore has some degree of immunity, so why continue to browbeat him?
  7. Watching the all around it seems the athletes get ten feet in the air. It often makes me wonder why they don’t use the all around technique to high jump.
  8. Aresco blew his chance at a coast to coast league. He won’t get another one. No MWC team will join the leftovers from the AAC. However, the MWC may take a couple of those leftovers depending on who they are.
  9. China is currently kicking our ass in politics and athletics. They brought us to our knees with Covid.
  10. BYU is likely at the top of the list. No one else matches their national fan support and stadium size/attendance. Dealing with them is a whole different issue.
  11. If the top four AAC teams do go to the Big 12 I can see Aresco wanting to combine the remaining teams in the AAC with the MWC in an east west division. If he proposes that Craig Thompson better respond with a big FU.
  12. True. BYU has a lot to weigh if they get an invite. Every MWC team would jump at the chance, but IMO it’s not an automatic yes for BYU. I do think they will get an offer based on national fan support and stadium size/attendance. Not sure if they will take it. They look at things a lot different than most schools.
  13. Trying to look at BYU objectively which is hard. Lol. They’ve actually got it pretty good right now with football independence and other teams in the WCC. Is a watered down Big 12 really a step up for them? As an independent their football schedules get better every year. If the new playoff scenario happens they could get in as a wild card in a good year. Even a watered down Big 12 is a helluva basketball conference, way better than the WCC. Football on Sundays is not an issue, but other sports would be. If BYU goes I think it’s for football only.
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