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  1. soupslam1

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Communism bucks human nature. We all would like to think we are these benevolent sharing people when in reality greed and material success seems to motivate and consume most people.
  2. soupslam1

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Get ready for all the sky is falling articles sure to come from the MSM in the next few days, plus the TDS posts from the usual people on this board.
  3. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    He played too much golf 😀
  4. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Anyone think Snowden is involved in their cyber attacks? He certainly knows a lot about our cyber systems.
  5. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    At least Trump was willing to take action against Syria despite the Russians presence. All Obama did is talk about a red line. So, tell me who was more afraid of Russia?
  6. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    What the hell are you even talking about?
  7. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    I can separate Trump the man from his policies. Like Thomas says you need to look at what he does versus what he says. Most would obviously prefer he not be so abrasive. I’m in agreement with most of his policies. It doesn’t bother me that he calls out the Euros on their NATO obligations. Why should we bear the biggest share of defense? Why should they put bigger tariffs on our imports versus ours on theirs? What’s wrong with looking out for America’s interests. No one else is looking out for ours. We do so much for the world and others spit on us. Look at how much money we give to foreign governments. I’m glad for once in a long time we have a president that puts America first.
  8. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Foe can have a range of meanings. It can mean your opponent in a tennis match. It doesn’t have to be an enemy.
  9. soupslam1

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Trumps quote was true. More ado about nothing. TDS as usual.
  10. soupslam1

    Check this out...

    Took an Alaskan cruise about seven years ago and it was really cool seeing all the ice floating in Glacier Bay. Kind of an eerie sight.
  11. soupslam1

    Democratic Socialists of America

    That sign makes for a great Republican campaign poster.
  12. soupslam1

    The Orange Buffoon

    Believe me, the public is fully aware of the media silliness which is why their ratings are so low.
  13. soupslam1

    The Orange Buffoon

    In other words, a big to do about nothing like usual.
  14. soupslam1


    Yep. Congress has oversight on the DOJ who has failed to release files Congress has requested for months. And the classified excuse is bs. There are those on the congressional committee that have adequate security clearances to see classified material. The FBI and DOJ were embarrassed by the IG report and are hiding further embarrassing and possibly incriminating material. If Rosenstein is in contempt of Congress for failure to turn over the material he deserves to be impeached, or outright fired. If the DOJ doesn’t answer to congress who do they answer to?
  15. soupslam1

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    I doubt you and I and several more generations will ever have to worry about that. And considering how well people get along and all the problems in the world maybe that would be a good thing. The Armageddon’s may have been right all along. Their timing was just way off.