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  1. First, no one knows if T.J. will even be hired. The biggest red flag to me are the defense ratings he had at SDSU. Boise State has a coach like that who stresses offense but whose defenses have been suspect over the years. This season was the first I thought we really made an effort to play defense because of lack of scoring. Regardless, you never know how a coach is going to turn out until the games are played. Note that SDSU didn’t duck high profile opponents in his time there and even came out with some wins. He was an assistant under Hoiberg who was very successful at Iowa State. He recruited some good players there. He will be able to get a lot better players at UNLV than he got at SDSU. He isn’t the big name guy most Rebel fans wanted, but give the guy a chance and see what he’s got.
  2. The biggest concern with TJ would be Mike Daum fell into his lap for four years inflating what would have been an otherwise mediocre coaching career. Actually reading up on him, he sounds like a good choice.
  3. Wonderful. That should add another half an hour to games that go too long already. I hope the TV networks allow four hours per game so they don’t overlap with other programming. Nah, they aren’t that smart.
  4. If he had any evidence he had two years to share it with Mueller. What’s he waiting for? Maybe he just wants to unveil it prior to the next election, you think? Damn, you’re no dummy.
  5. Pat Dembly just announced he is leaving. That is a good addition by subtraction.
  6. I could see penalizing blind side blocks below the waist or shots to the head, but the typical blind side block is usually a decleater from the waist to the neck, and doesn’t usually do any damage.
  7. Reading the Cougarboard from time to time, I know there are a lot of Cougar fans that wanted him out. I’m guessing they will be pretty happy. I think the guy belongs in the basketball hall of fame with that record and inability to recruit black kids from the inner cities, that lets face it dominate the sport.
  8. I believe his hate for Trump has clouded his objectivity, but he will never admit it, even to himself.
  9. The thing is I can call out Trump as the asshole he is. I can even understand how some hate him. He is a brash arrogant prick that I would not want to work for. I voted against Hillary, not for him. But, since he is our elected president, I try to separate his dumb shittiness from his policies which I mostly agree with. I did the same with Obama, an intelligent mostly personable guy, who had dumb ass policies. I worry more about policy decisions than persona although it would be great if good character and good policies were both in alignment.
  10. There are some on here with no clue. You hoped like hell that this Russian collusion bull shit would get Trump impeached because you hated the guy so much. You turned a blind eye to the corrupt FBI who concocted the Russian collusion story which obviously proved to be utterly false because it was made up to begin with, to spy on the Trump campaign. You ignored the abuse of the FISA process to gain access to the Trump campaign. Then there were people in the FBI stating they had an insurance policy if Trump got elected. You had guys like Rosenstein and McCabe discussing wearing a wire tap in discussions with the president to bring him down, in other words an attempt at a peaceful coup to oust a duly elected president. Then you have the highly biased media that reinforced the whole collusion propaganda daily to do their part. The above banana republic type bull shit should concern the American people regardless who is president. But the hate is so strong it is ignored by some otherwise intelligent people people on this board and in our country. And that doesn’t even touch on the Hillary fiasco who was protected by a corrupt FBI and DOJ.
  11. I used to think he was, but look at the mess Alford left at UCLA. I have never seen such a fundamentally unsound bunch of me first players in 35 years of watching college basketball. Making it worse, there actually was a lot of talent on that team.
  12. The hunt I’d still like to see is one on the real witch, Hillary Clinton. And all her enablers at the FBI and DOJ that let her off the hook.
  13. Most of the trash has been removed. The FBI just needs a strong leader with integrity that won’t sell out to the politicians like Comey did.