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  1. Those aren’t crisis they’re challenges per the Bidet administration.
  2. Did you see the recent news article about 5 migrant girls seven and younger that were abandoned on some Texas guys ranch in the heat. One was a one year old. If the rancher hadn’t found them they would have died. Damn coyotes are worse scum than the cartel. In some cases they are probably one and the same. https://abc7.com/migrants-children-abandoned-border-crossings-girls-patrol/10611505/
  3. The Covid was bad enough, now we’re dealing with the aftermath.
  4. Covid has impacted just about everything. Hopefully with it winding down our lives and the economy will normalize.
  5. Red flag warning for sure. We’ve noticed a surge in grocery prices. Saw on the news there aren’t enough truckers to deliver goods to market. Seems weird since truckers for the most part work solo and shouldn’t have been affected by Covid. They mentioned a lot of trucking schools shut down because of Covid.
  6. https://www.dailywire.com/news/new-data-shows-bidens-border-crisis-worsened-during-april-disaster-doesnt-even-begin-to-describe-it On top of that Kamala made matters worse by walking out on a meeting with the Mexico president pissing him off. Forget any cooperation from our southern neighbors. Granted this article is slanted right. If you listen to our MSM who Biden controls everything is much better. As always the truth is somewhere in the middle. https://cnsnews.com/commentary/tim-graham/team-bidens-rigid-control-press
  7. The A’s are the last thing of any value in Oakland. They let them go and that town will turn into the biggest shit hole in America.
  8. Putting up with this crowd probably took years off your life. Seriously, Mugtang you did well and good luck in your future endeavors.
  9. You couldn’t have sold it to a better person, a Boise State Bronco fan
  10. Lol. From the guy that whines the most about Bob’s posts.
  11. Unfortunately we have another charlatan occupying the White House just like him except with worse policies.
  12. CSU needs another good 6’7” to 6’9” front line inside scorer/rebounder to complement Roddy. The two posts Moor and ? should improve, but neither is an impact player IMO. It’s the only thing missing from a potential top 25 team. It kind of reminds me of Smith failing to recruit a good PG at USU the last two years when everyone knew it was their weak point. Boise State is in the same place next season without a point guard with RJ Dennis gone. We’ll see if Rice can bring someone in.
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