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  1. soupslam1

    Tiger Woods

    I really doubted he would ever play on the PGA Tour again. To come back after the latest back surgery and win again is amazing.
  2. soupslam1

    Parenting Advice

    Our daughters years from 13-16 were the worst years of my life. It started with having a bad friend as described above. She was constantly doing things behind our back and when we disciplined her she threatened to run away and she was dead serious. At that point we put her in one of those wilderness programs in Utah in the middle of nowhere. She spent about nine months in the program which was very structured and highly disciplined. We were in constant touch with her counselors and visited her about once every month or two. We checked it out pretty thoroughly before committing her to it. When we brought her home, she had a few minor setbacks but had turned the corner. By her senior year she was a different kid and now is married and a great mother. She now thanks us for doing what we did. I often wonder if we had kept her at home what would have happened. I think we would have still gotten through it, but it would have been hell. Im not sure what advice I can give you as some kids at that age are almost impossible to communicate with. Their friends become more important to them than you are. I do know that you need to maintain reasonable discipline or it will only get worse. Try to keep her active in things she likes to do with kids that are a good influence. A counselor with or without her can likely give you some good advice.
  3. soupslam1

    Tiger Woods

    His problems in the past have been keeping the ball in the fairway off the tee. For the most part he did a great job of that in this tournament on a lot of tight fairways. If he can continue that, he will be tough to beat.
  4. soupslam1

    Tiger Woods

    A year ago it looked like he would never play golf again. After successful back surgery he has made it all the way back culminating in his win today. The way he played in this tournament, he looks primed to win a few more before he is through. Despite what you may think of his personal life, you see very few truly great sports figures in a lifetime. He is definitely one of those.
  5. I hope to hell you never serve on a jury. You are making a lot of assumptions without any evidence unless you have some personal knowledge the media or judiciary committee doesn’t seem to have. Maybe you should share it with them.
  6. I can see anyone that possibly was involved in this party denying they were there or knowing anything about it, to avoid being a part of this national shitshow.
  7. soupslam1

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Can you imagine some of the questions both Ford and Kavanaugh are going to be asked in the public hearing if it comes off? Many are going to be very personal none of us would want to answer. Especially in a public forum.
  8. soupslam1

    Guilty until proven innocent

    I hope your memory is better than Ms Ford’s.
  9. soupslam1

    Guilty until proven innocent

    Second amendment? Oops.
  10. soupslam1

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Can you imagine what a zoo this public hearing will be if it comes off? The media thrives on situations like this.
  11. So Ford said her friend was at the party, but her friend says she wasn’t. What a cluster phuck.
  12. soupslam1

    Guilty until proven innocent

    Studies? Hahahahaha. You don’t know women very well do you?
  13. soupslam1

    Guilty until proven innocent

    No, it’s because idiots like you would whine forever about the old white men being so mean to a woman. Not only that, but a woman is a lot better than a man knowing when another woman is lying.
  14. soupslam1

    Why was Shawn Bradley so tall?

    Imagine the havoc they would have created if they were 7’6”
  15. soupslam1

    Nevada at Toledo

    What a wild game. Both teams may score sixty.