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  1. If Trump and Biden are nominated again in 2024 after what we’ve seen the last six years, the American people deserve what they get.
  2. Ive seen very few black widows in Boise. They were pretty common in Cali. Usually in wood or junk piles that have been sitting around a long time. Like you I’d probably have freaked out as I’ve always thought they were highly poisonous. Hopefully you only have short term effects that go away in a few days.
  3. Death Valley is a pretty cool place. There are lots of old mines everywhere. A couple of friends and I camped there for a week exploring different places on our dirt bikes. We explored one old mine that went into a hillside pretty far. Kind of an eerie feeling knowing how old the timbers were and it might collapse at any time. I believe the highest US temperature was recorded there over 130 degrees. Just looked it up it was 134 degrees highest temperature ever recorded in the world.
  4. Looks like Tatis won’t be playing anytime soon. Pretty stupid to be using banned drugs.
  5. The boys in blue are rolling. Resign Trea Turner now!!!
  6. The Dems are doing everything they can to get something on Trump to keep him from running again. They are scared to death of him. Unwittingly they have made him into a martyr and put him into the limelight to do just what they are trying to prevent. Stupid is as stupid does.
  7. C’mon Dems let’s do this right. The FBI needs to start confiscating guns tomorrow.
  8. This is almost comical. First the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade. The Dems counter by invading a former presidents home. It would have been better if they had waited until he was at home and cuffed and hauled him off to jail with the cameras clicking. Very dangerous precedent. They better have the goods on him because the gloves will come off when the Republicans eventually assume control of Congress.
  9. Never cared for Machado when he was with the Dodgers. It seemed like all his hits and home runs came with no one on base. He wasn’t much of a clutch hitter with the game on the line.
  10. The playoffs are always a crap shoot. Whichever team gets hot at the right time can win, ie the Giants who won it three times as a wild card. It helps to have at least two dominant pitchers also and most teams are lucky to have even one. The Dodgers really have none that I would classify as dominant this year. The Padres have Musgrove who has been consistently tough.
  11. Pretty obvious Dodger pitching is much better than the Padres. Padre starters in first two games have sucked and their middle relievers are even worse. Pitching is even more important in the playoffs.
  12. Ownership refused to give him a big lifetime contract. They were going to lose him eventually to free agency so tried to get as much as they could while they could. The Padres opened up their bank account something they weren’t willing to do previously. With Machado, Tatis, and Soto they have the best hitting threesome on one team in baseball. Plus all those guys are young so will be around for awhile. Still, once you get to the playoffs you need three very good pitchers to carry you and Im not sure they have that. I doubt they’ll be able to close the gap on the Dodgers which is now 13.5 games with sixty or so to go.
  13. I’ve seen little leaguers that throw harder than the guy pitching to Anderson.
  14. Pitching is still the name of the game and the Dodgers have better pitching despite losing Kershaw.
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