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  1. I believe that started in the Hillary Clinton camp when she ran against Obama.
  2. During the draft you would have eliminated half our military.
  3. We don’t have a rival which is fine with me. I’m not sure BYU was ever a true rival. There was respect from both sides for the most part. There wasn’t any hate except for a few fans.
  4. And that’s the crux isn’t it? It’s not extreme until it becomes extreme. Conservative parents aren’t going to let that happen. Progressives would teach it if they could. It won’t happen because conservative parents won’t let it.
  5. Children are very pliable. There’s the opposite extreme of biased progressive indoctrination within the public school system that conservative parents are concerned with.
  6. Of course, however, there is a happy medium between the way I grew up and helicopter parenting. I’ve been pretty permissive with our kids and my wife is the opposite. I’ve come to realize we’re both right depending on the circumstances.
  7. That’s pretty much how my brother and I grew up because my mother didn’t want to be a mother and split when we were toddlers. My dad had to work so we pretty much grew up on our own. It had its good points and bad points. It taught us to be independent and take care of ourselves. OTOH we didn’t get much supervision or guidance so we got into a lot more trouble than we should have. It was growing up by trial and error if you will. I don’t carry any resentment, we actually had a lot more freedom than most kids. The independence has served me well through life.
  8. In general I don’t believe that to be true, but there are enough anecdotal cases (granted that have been over publicized) that has raised the concerns and backlash of conservative parents. You fail to understand the dynamics at play here.
  9. I’d say that’s an overreaction, but you apparently believe conservatives are basically racists and don’t even want the mention of slavery being taught in public schools.
  10. Most conservatives didn’t really pay much attention to the education process until the last few years when kids starting coming home and questioning if they were a boy or girl, or why they should feel guilty because white people had slaves 400 years ago, sexually explicit material in children’s books, and radical activism being taught. So yeah, there’s been a conservative backlash and in many cases overreaction against the education system.
  11. Think about how much higher players averages would be if they bunted against the shifts so frequently used now. If nothing else it would force defenses to play them more honest which would in turn open up the field for more hits.
  12. Biden needs to nominate his future justice, the GOP needs to approve unless they’re a total loon, and get on with it. We don’t need another Kavanaugh shit show.
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