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  1. That’s the Democrat goal to make the entire US the same as coastal California. Gain control and then pass one dumbass law after another.
  2. 1) His foreign policy was atrocious 2) He screwed up the health care system 3) He created the immigration mess 4) Race relations deteriorated 5) He doubled our national debt Other than the above he did nothing which was a good thing since it kept him from screwing up more things.
  3. The Iran deal was similar to Obama’s trade for Bergdahl. Five high level terrorists for an American deserter. On top of the piss poor Iran deal he gives Iran billions in cash to fund more terrorist attacks. Yeah that Obama was a real deal maker. He was one our worst presidents ever in regard to foreign policy.
  4. It’s why you and Orange give a thumbs up to each other’s posts.
  5. So it would apply to all races of which there are many. Excluding old white men of course.
  6. With what? Do you know how many solar panels and wind spinners would be needed to replace fossil fuels? It would take hundreds of millions of them.
  7. Inclusive language guide? WTF
  8. It’s been hotter, but humans weren’t around to see it.
  9. Keep that handy. It can be used on all his pathetic posts.
  10. To leftists the poor are all victims and can’t possibly succeed without the governments help. Personal responsibility doesn’t exist in their world.
  11. They have been enriching uranium since the deal was consummated. You are just too naive to realize it has been happening. Why do you think there were areas that could not be inspected without their approval? Seizing ships in international waters is an act of war they are responsible for. So far Britain and the US have shown restraint which may not last if Iran continues to push the envelop.
  12. Great and funny story. You will never find a more diverse group of people in many different ways than you will find in Berkeley. It would make a great study thesis for an aspiring sociologist.