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  1. Who was the BYU guy with the mustache that came out in the warm ups with the wife beater under shirt on? I was laughing my ass off. We dodged a bullet by not offering Kolby Lee a scholarship . The guy is as slow as Jorch. Pretty simple plan to beat BYU. Defend their perimeter shooters. They have no inside game and aren’t quick enough to get to the basket. BYU should be embarrassed losing to this Boise State team.
  2. Lol. For the umpteenth time we’ve got him now. He can’t possibly get out of this one.
  3. I understand where you are coming from. However, there are a lot of men and women in the military that serve our country and in some cases given their lives that believe in the freedoms we have so that people like Kap can express his opinions. I would hope we always respect those that serve and those lives that were lost which is why I will always stand for the national anthem even though I may disagree with the many of the wars our government has gotten us into.
  4. Wearing the pig socks and Fidel Castro shirt didn’t exactly help his cause either. Given his public stature he could have very easily called a news conference and expressed his views in a public forum. Instead, all he did was piss off a lot of people and I doubt things are any different in black communities than they were pre Kap kneeling.
  5. My wife is disabled and doesn’t get around very well. I do all the shopping and take her to doctors appointments. So yeah, she watches TV during the day.
  6. I can’t see the need of putting troops on the border. So far cartel violence hasn’t spilled across the border like what occurs in Mexico. Its not like cartel armies are invading the border. Sure cartel related violence happens on US soil but not to the degree it occurs in Mexico. If large scale cartel violence spilled into US border towns I’m sure we would react with whatever force to squelch it and the cartels are aware of that.
  7. I specifically mentioned the engineering field because it’s a stereotype that engineers sit in a cubicle designing projects with little public interaction. That may be the case in some instances, however, I found I probably spent half my time communicating with clients, contractors, and the public. Either in the form of writing letters, reports, and specifications or public speaking. I found my school training had not prepared me very well in the area of communication skills. My writing skills were poor and my supervisor sent me to several seminar/workshops to improve in that area. I joined Toastmasters and attended once a week for two years to improve my public speaking skills. Both helped immensely. I agree with you that communication skills are extremely important in whatever endeavor you choose.
  8. Writing and communication skills are both very important in the engineering field. They should receive a lot more attention than they do in the engineering curriculum. I don’t remember technical report writing and public speaking even being offered as electives at the university I attended. Both skills came into play on the job far more than I realized while in school.
  9. The op votech training should begin in high school for kids that don’t have the aptitude nor the desire to go to college.
  10. You need to think beyond the end of your nose. What about the consequences? 1) Bringing in doctors without the higher degree of training that American doctors receive is going to lower quality of care. 2) Leaving the foreign countries that have similar shortages with even less doctors.
  11. Lol. If you find this fascinating you need to get a new life. I have about 99 other things I would rather do than watch this diatribe. Even my wife who hates Trump with a passion is complaining about this charade interrupting regularly scheduled programming.
  12. I always appreciate hearing the opinions of people who are actually involved in the field of the issues discussed. If you had a say in the process, what would you recommend to reduce costs and maintain quality health care for all. Or, are those goals incompatible?
  13. Was that picture taken in Rock Springs or Gillette?
  14. Sitake showed his coaching acumen when he decided to fake punt inside his own ten yard line several years ago against Boise State.