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  1. Tough year, but we’ll be back. Losses by 5, 1, 10, and 7 points.
  2. What a masterpiece. Good night all.
  3. Really dumb to waste those two timeouts. The kid misses and you have a chance to put your All American kicker in FG range.
  4. This is like watching a car wreck.
  5. Kids lousy kicks still go 49 yards.
  6. Deese is going to play on Sundays
  7. Please don’t let this go to OT
  8. Can’t believe that guy is still alive. He looked like that 50 years ago.
  9. Off mike I’ll bet the announcers are saying what did we do to deserve to get stuck in purgatory doing this game. They’ll hit the first bar minutes after the game.
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