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  1. Gotta love Ruth. The ending pretty much sets things up for another season.
  2. Looks like a new high for deaths in a day today. It really spiked today. The good news is the number of positive cases will decline today. The number of those infected and deaths are really starting to ramp up now in most states. Looks like the grim reaper count prediction for this week is going to be true.
  3. Kind of like NFL coaches. You know you are eventually going to be fired, and eventually get rehired by another team.
  4. I could see this becoming commonplace when when people return to work. It’s the only way to minimize a second Cvirus surge.
  5. Rice is like Stanford, both great academically, but Stanford gets all the great and smart football players.
  6. There doesn’t seem to be any letup in New York. The number of positive tests and deaths is ongoing and pretty consistent from day to day.
  7. New York has become little Italy with this virus. Almost half the total deaths and a significant number of positive detections in the US are in New York. Take New York out of the equation and the US hasn’t been hit that hard. Density of population and international travel likely play a big part.
  8. Revised models are reporting significantly less deaths and hospitalizations than previously projected. On the drug front there is also encouraging news. They are finding hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc has been successful treating severe cases of the virus and it’s being used more often. Boston Medical Center is going to start clinical trials using nitrous oxide which has been used on babies to assist in breathing. They seem pretty excited it will help in early treatment for the Cvirus. Good news all around. Now we need a vaccine developed as early as possible.
  9. Interesting. Aren’t many of these government loans? This sounds like the housing crisis all over again. Provide easy to get loans to people that cant afford to pay them back.
  10. That’s Misfit and Retro. Trump is the red bag.
  11. Which governor do you think will have the balls to be the first one to lift the stay at home ban and return to work? They are all going to look at each other like they did when the ban went into effect.
  12. In some cases it has helped people. Trump has no influence. Doctors will do what their trained to do
  13. What a cluster phuck. The Pentagon are probably the only ones that know what actually happened.
  14. Can you pull the stove away from the wall to access the stove plug? Not sure what else to tell you other than go buy some ice for perishables. Will a neighbor or friend help with storing freezer compartment items? Or, put them in an ice chest and cover them with ice.