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  1. It’s official. Spartan fans care more about women’s basketball than men’s.
  2. I’ve been to and through Laramie quite a number of times, but never had the chance to explore the area. All I’ve seen is the high prairie and wind. It looks like I missed a lot. The company I was working for asked if I was interested in transferring to the Laramie office from Boise when they needed help, but the winters are too brutal for me. Wyoming is an interesting and wide open state. I’ve worked on projects in Rawlins and Gillette and neither were appealing. I’ve also worked in Cody which is beautiful. Great people to work with. Definitely a lot different than working in the SF Bay Area where I started.
  3. Putting things in perspective if that is possible, Hair is looking out for the best deal for the whole league and not just Boise State. And IMO he did that. His mistake was not trying to work things out with Boise State in private instead of making it public.
  4. This whole thread discussion is about the financial side of things. No one is diminishing what SDSU has accomplished on the field.
  5. Every league needs a villain. We can handle it.
  6. I’m sure Arresco is watching this closely. If he grabbed off Boise State and two other MWC teams, he could destroy the G5 competition. However, unlike Thompson he wouldn’t tip his cards until the hay is in the barn.
  7. Lots of chaos on this thread that likely isn’t necessary. Tromp and Hair will makeup and Boise State will continue to get their $1.8 M and all will be happy in MWC land until Hair puts his foot in mouth again.
  8. Worked out well for Boise State as Kustra hustled Thompson. SDSU not so much.
  9. Rebels shooting woes are really being exposed tonight.
  10. There aren’t nearly the number of basketball fights there used to be. We had some good ones at the Pavilion in Boise. Usually involving Idaho or Idaho State when we were in the Big Sky.
  11. The old Vegas run by the mafia with entertainment by the Rat Pack and Don Rickles had a lot more charm. Once the corporate types took over they turned it into an adult Disneyland theme park.
  12. Preach it Rocket. The thing you’re missing here is calling everyone a muuuuthaaa fuuuukkaaaa.
  13. It’s hard to compare populated states versus rural states because rural areas in rural states get less funding and it’s tough to get teachers that want to live in a small town. Population centers like Boise have very good schools. Small rural towns not so much.
  14. Further north, but Buffalo/Sheridan? Beautiful area and not touristy if that’s a word.
  15. For us old folks on Mtn time, couldn’t you schedule the game a little earlier?