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  1. So what do you disagree with? Killing an unborn child is the worse thing you can do to a child. And child abuse usually results in the government stepping in and taking the child to protect the child. You can rationalize abortion a thousand different ways, but it’s still taking a life. If you’re good with that be honest and own it.
  2. I’m always happy to see the justices decide on the constitutional merits of each case instead of deciding along ideological lines. Which is why I thought Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were good candidates.
  3. Or, at least tried to mostly do what he campaigned on.
  4. Interesting article. My take is people in cities rely more on government to take care of them than people in rural areas who are more self reliant. Plus it takes more government to control the masses.
  5. Most formulas that describe physical actions are derived from calculus.
  6. You forgot Democrats also voted for that war. Won’t happen again if Trump supports it.
  7. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse which we don’t otherwise tolerate in our society.
  8. I just got some cheap outdoor chairs at Home Depot recently. For once they didn’t say made in China or Mexico. They were actually made in the USA.
  9. This is all posturing just like we did with No. Korea. As said before Congress would have to declare war and that will not happen. Even if Trump wanted to declare war the Democrats won’t vote for anything Trump wants.
  10. There will be no war. First, Congress would need to declare war and short of Iran launching a nuke on us, that’s not going to happen. Second, Trump is not a hawk. Ships in the area are just for posing and keeping shipping lanes open. Third, We don’t have the money for it. Fourth, by now I’ve hope we’ve learned a lesson.
  11. I understand, but the Celtics won 11 championships in 13 years. No other pro team has even come close to that.
  12. We all know politicians can’t think beyond the end of their nose.
  13. Abortion is an issue that will never be agreed on between two large factions. The abortionists want complete freedom to abort up to the last day before birth, and there are some that even feel a late term aborted baby born alive should not be taken care of and be allowed to die. The pro life crowd feel life begins at conception and abortion at any time beyond conception is murder. Is there really any point in even debating the issue as strong feelings are held by both sides. There appears to be no compromise other than for some what term abortion can take place.
  14. Weren’t we all supposed to be converted to the metric system by now? Seems like thirty or forty years ago that was the goal. It sounds like Americans just don’t know their numbers.