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  1. He also described and underestimated ISIS as “junior varsity terrorists” until they rampaged through Iraq and Syria killing thousands. Bush wanted to maintain a holding force in an unstable Iraq and Obama pulled them out. That force would have been able to stop the “junior varsity” in its tracks. Even when it became apparent they were a huge problem he did little to stop them. His nuke agreement with Iran was a joke as certain specified Iran military bases were off limits for inspection. But go ahead and keep defending him. His policies were a disaster in the Middle East.
  2. No matter what changes you make to your body, it’s still inherently biologically male or female the way you were born. It may be gods cruel hoax that many feel and believe otherwise, but you can’t change that fact. A trans male to female will never give birth to a child. IMO you are better off learning to accept and deal with your unique situation with a psychiatrist than undergoing hormone treatment and mutilating your genitalia. I’ll also add society as a whole needs to be more tolerant and accepting of trans people and not consider them as some kind of outcast.
  3. So we gave money to our enemy to help blow up our soldiers. Like I said an Obama gaffe.
  4. Tough to hide that I would think, although she looks the part until taking a shower.
  5. According to the following $400M was paid to Iran for military equipment we never delivered in 1979. That and $1.3B in interest. So yeah, it was a debt and we never should have paid it. The frozen money you commented on was for an entirely different matter “On Jan. 17, 2016, the day after four American detainees, including The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian, were released, a jumbo jet carrying $400 million in euros, Swiss francs and other currencies landed in Tehran. That money purportedly was partial payment of an outstanding claim by Iran for U.S. military equipment that was never delivered. Soon after, $1.3 billion in cash followed.“
  6. Molly Bloom, good movie on Netflix. Second time I watched it.
  7. The $1.7 billion Obama sent them in 2016. I don’t care if we owed it to them or not, they were/are our enemies. Some of that money was given to terrorists that produced IEDs used to kill US soldiers.
  8. Seems like a lot of these guys are leaving schools for more playing time elsewhere. And that’s not going to happen for many of them. Instead they may not even get picked up by anyone.
  9. Agree on your first point. Regarding the second the ACC is headed for the same demise as the PAC. If anything the Big 12 will rescue some of the ACC teams like they did with the PAC teams.
  10. Great words from whomever wrote it. Too bad Biden doesn’t pay attention to them.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Walberg will be much better than Hutson.
  12. With Anderson returning, Cardenas coming in, and Lockett off redshirt Whiting saw the writing on the wall regarding playing time. Great kid and steady player for Boise State, but lacks height and quickness. Good three point shooter if left alone. I suspect he was wanted by Kruger to give Thomas a blow for 5-10 minutes per game.
  13. Another one of Obama’s gaffes. His Middle East foreign policy was a disaster.
  14. The hype is used to sell season tickets. Boise State has the same hype vibe every spring. I’ve learned to cast a jaundiced eye. Last year was typical and then we got steam rolled by UW in the first game. This year the same hype with Oregon as our second game. With NIL the Ducks are pretty much a semipro team. Tough to compete with the big boys anymore.
  15. Second best coach in the MWC IMO. He’d be above Dutcher if he recruited better. He’s had some very good players, namely Roddy and Stevens, but not enough on one team to win the MWC.
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