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  1. Lol. It didn’t seem to deter Obama from buying an ocean front estate.
  2. Lol. There were some on this board wanting him to run for president.
  3. Wow, that’s a busy weekend for our girls. First, CPSLO isn’t easy to get to from Boise. Second, two games in SLO then bus down to LA that night, get up and play two more games on Saturday. Good thing these girls are young. I guess it’s no worse than partying all weekend.
  4. Thompson is a dipshit. When has he ever considered protecting top MWC members when it comes to football or basketball?
  5. Boise State is currently allowing limited fans for men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball. Not sure about other spring sports.
  6. The Aztecs are a 6 point favorite in early betting. The matchups: Mensah-Armus Mitchell-Kigab Alston-Schakel Shaver-Gomez Dennis-Pulliam/Butler The benches are comparable.
  7. Were they chill floating along on their backs and enjoying life?
  8. I wouldn’t vote for Trump again even though I supported most of his policies. He exposed the mass media, Democrats, Rinos, and the deep state for what they are and it was great entertainment watching the Democrat supporters and representatives throw a tantrum for four years, but it was even a little too divisive and chaotic for my taste. I’ll have to see who the Republicans run next time. If it’s Romney or some other mealy mouthed wimpy milquetoast, I’ll vote Libertarian, or not all.
  9. The amount of oil in the ground has always amazed me. We have consumed and continue to consume trillions of gallons of oil and it never seems to run out. Imagine if there had been no oil or coal in the ground. The industrial revolution would have been set back decades. OTOH man is a resourceful creature and Im sure we would currently be extensively on renewables and nuclear energy. Either that or there would be no more forests and a permanent black cloud enveloping the earth.
  10. True, it definitely had a big impact.
  11. Yeah, but it was sure nice to fill the tank for $30.
  12. It surely can’t help. Neither can carbon taxes and the Democrat desire to inflate fossil fuel prices to drive us toward renewable energy. I can’t see the price of gas at the pump ever being as low again as it was last summer. From a selfish stand point I’m retired and don’t drive much anymore so there’s that. For the low income commuter it sucks. Last, Mideast oil has us over a barrel again, no pun intended.
  13. I watched a little of the last Air Force-UNM game. The Lobos were kicking butt inside and there’s nothing the Falcons could do about it. I can’t see that changing. New Mexico covers. The Dog- Rebel game is an interesting one in that the teams are very similar. Both play hard and play tough defense. The Rebels shoot better and are at home. They also have Diong to defend Robinson. They have been improving, not sure you can say the same about the Dogs. I think the Rebels cover. The over unders are tough to bet this late in the season because the oddsmakers have a whole season of averag
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