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  1. Including sending their people to the gulag that disagree with with the leadership.
  2. Quote from elsewhere and very true. “Something tells me if Trump loses the election there will be a miracle cure found 10 minutes after Biden fumbles through his victory speech and forgets what he's at.”
  3. The P5 schools are going to feel the hurt as much or more than the G5 schools. They are used to the big budgets fueled by TV revenue. Many of them are also still paying off the bonds on huge athletic complexes. What happens to the athletes? Is there enough money to fund scholarships or do many go home and wait for next year. What happens with recruiting if seniors are allowed by the NCAA to return next year as most certainly will happen. Will bigger squads be allowed next year? The people I feel least sorry for are the head coaches who make exorbitant salaries. Most will probably welcome the year off unless they’ve bought into an extravagant life style. The low rung assistant coaches are another matter. Some may need to take a different job for a year.
  4. Tell that to the families that have zero bank account and have to go to work to feed their families and pay their bills.
  5. Just don’t use the excuse you are a sovereign citizen.
  6. Idaho’s graph is similar after 3,000 attended the George Floyd vigil. The open bars contributed, but 3,000 people shoulder to shoulder had to be a factor unless protesters are exempt.
  7. I was referring to your post that commented the percent of people that wear masks outside the home. Maybe the poll should have said in a public place.
  8. You’re kidding right? How do you contact trace in a mob of hundreds most of whom don’t know each other?
  9. How many of you wear a mask when you step out your front door?
  10. He collides with Ukrainians and even admits it.
  11. When the economy goes to hell and you lose your job don’t be crying about it. Even if you manage to keep it, plan on paying a lot more of your earnings to the government to prop up all the new Democrat programs. You don’t seem the type to own a gun, so you won’t have to pay the $200 to register it. I take it back on your job, I peg you working for the government so you’ll likely get a big raise.
  12. The players aren’t doing much better than the public. Going from 4 to 20 positive cases two weeks after arriving on campus tells me they aren’t being home bodies. Once fall practice starts watch the positive cases balloon resulting in the season being called off.
  13. It’ll be the continuation of the TV series. He and Ginsberg will be the Walking Dead.
  14. That’s essentially what you’re going to get with Biden whose VP will do what the DNC tells her to do.
  15. It’s the same with minorities. They are being used as a means to gain power. The comment by Biden tells it like it is. You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.