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  1. Unfortunately, we need OOC wins bad especially with the short schedule. A loss by supposedly one of our better teams to a BIg Sky team makes the whole conference look bad.
  2. All the teams have been the same, walk off and wave to each other. It does seem dumb given they’ve been in close contact for 40 minutes.
  3. WTF. Keep your dumbassery on the OT board.
  4. Wow, all we heard all summer and fall was how much better UNLV was going to be this year, then the Rebels go out and lay a giant egg losing to a Big Sky team at home embarrassing the MWC.
  5. The Aggies really missed Merrill in this game. When VCU made their run Merrill was the guy that could get a basket or two to break the run. The Aggies will be fine, it’s going to take some time for their young players to get acclimated. Their perimeter defense needs to get better also. Wooster impressed me. Good athlete that is going to be a fine player. Bairstow isn’t bad either. Not impressed with Anderson the UVA xfer. Miller was Miller, made some threes but missed a lot also. He can’t create his own shot and is a poor defender. I still think the Aggies are a top three team in the MWC
  6. The Aztecs just showed why they are the team to beat in the MWC. They’re underrated and UCLA is overrated. The Bruins don’t have the athletes they used to have. Other than Smith they struggle to create their own shots. Still a very impressive win by the Aztecs who may end up top ten again. They have every thing you need. Great defense and shooting and Mensah adds a defensive presence inside they didn’t have when he went out last year. He’s not bad on offense either.
  7. SDSU just got Randy McCalled. A good basket that was out of the Aztec players hand before the shot clock was waived off by McCall.
  8. Aztecs now up 40-28. They are out defending the Bruins who can’t make anything.
  9. Two good defensive teams. Aztecs have upper hand so far 28-24. SDSU is pretty much a veteran team and it shows.
  10. Nice win for the Pack and first for the MWC.
  11. Nevada looking much better than I thought they would losing three key players from last year. Playing good team defense and posts look decent. Up by ten 24-14. Weird game with no announcers or fans.
  12. The anyone, anywhere, anytime motto implies you will go out of your way to play a game with anyone. BYU just demonstrated that’s not true. Scrap the motto, it makes you look bad. It’s all bravado in any regard.
  13. I thought this was already investigated and resolved?
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