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  1. soupslam1

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    Just think about all the pub the MWC would get. And imagine Pitino against the Muss.
  2. soupslam1

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    Pitino would be perfect for UNLV and Vegas would be perfect for Pitino.
  3. I hope she runs. The Dem primaries would be fun to watch with Warren, Clinton, Biden, Harris, Booker, etal cutting each other up.
  4. The kid is a freak athlete who averaged 30ppg playing high school basketball.
  5. I think Ocasio would fit your style.
  6. Polls indicate he is the leading Dem candidate if he runs. If Clinton runs there will be some pop corn eating infighting among the Democrats. She still has a lot of pull and more money than anyone else. Maybe she could make Michelle Obama her running mate.
  7. Hiliary and Warren, the perfect combination.
  8. That’s already been established hasn’t it?
  9. Big game for Leighton with 13 tackles and a pick.
  10. soupslam1

    Huge Wildfires In California

    Most of Wyoming has no trees. They were blown over long ago.
  11. soupslam1

    Top Teams in the American.

    Most people in the east don’t even see western football as they are going to bed as we kickoff.
  12. soupslam1

    Sessions Resigns

    It’s rumored you applied for his old job.
  13. soupslam1

    What an embarrassment

    TDR on full throttle over this thread. Lol
  14. Uh the savior was convicted for the same thing and it didn’t seem to bother his base. And please tell me how paying off a couple of prostitutes is a campaign finance violation. Lol
  15. soupslam1

    1-bid league

    Normally I would agree with you, but it has been a long time since we have lost to two bad Big Sky teams and LMU to start the season. ISU lost to Gonzaga by 40 points before they played us. Boise State was picked fourth in the MWC and they looked like a bottom dweller against ISU. The talent level is average to below average. Our number twelve player off the bench that played about ten minutes total last year is starting. I’ve seen Wyoming and they aren’t much better. I predict the lowest league power ranking in a very long time.