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  1. She’s one lucky girl, I hope she understands that.
  2. Yep, it happens every year, but not enough to rise to the top half of the pack. Boise State only gets to beat Air Force once this year.
  3. Didn’t he lead the majors in saves with the Braves?
  4. Should be a good game depending on which CU team shows up. They’ve had some good wins and some stinkers. Need CSU to pull this one out for the MWC.
  5. When I was 11 or 12 my friends and I were walking by a small holy roller church. They dared me to go in. I took them up on it and it scared the living shit out of me.
  6. I recently got a sales pitch from a dude in Boise claiming they would install it for free? Sounded like a scam to me. I also asked what happens when you have to replace your roof. He said they would remove it and reinstall it for free. WTF About a year ago a different guy penciled it out at a 15 year payback which sounds more logical. Told the dude I’ll most likely be dead in 15 years
  7. It’s hard to understand how MLB franchises can pay the salaries they do and still make money. Cubs are offering Cody Bellinger $17.5M on a one year deal gambling that he can recover his MVP form. Dodgers gave him last year to get better and it didn’t happen. I doubt the Cubs will have any more success. He can’t hit a high fastball with that uppercut swing.
  8. The MWC is solidly the seventh ranked conference behind the Big 6
  9. Time to ship Hutson back to SDSU? Good defensive coach, but he doesn’t seem to recognize offense is the other half of the game.
  10. After firing Arroyo you’d think the AD would have someone in line with cache. Some day UNLV is going to hit on a good hire, however based on their past record Odom is going to be the latest in a long list of failures.
  11. Yes, for the entertainment value alone. The Denver media market has got to be ecstatic. He’s going to be the Mike Leach of the Rocky Mountains.
  12. Aztecs squeak by Troy. Need some work on their out of bounds plays. Lol
  13. Sagarin has Boise State‘s SOS to date at 112 with UNLV at 281
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