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  1. I’m jealous of people that can eat anything they want and never gain a pound. I have a good friend like that, but he is a bit on the hyper side. Lol. I’ve never had a big weight problem, I’m 6’1” and 190 pounds and fluctuate plus or minus 5 pounds from year to year. However, I do have to be careful what I eat and get some exercise 3-4 times a week. However, I understand that many people really struggle with weight gain and I’m positive weight shaming doesn’t help. I also understand obesity is a national concern and whatever we can do to reduce the problem is good for everyone.
  2. I disagree. It’s like telling an alcoholic to quit drinking. Like alcoholics, many overweight people eat because of stress in their lives, or they are overweight because they have poor metabolism. However, I do agree some people simply like food and like to to eat and could lose weight if they wanted to.
  3. I like the idea of moving it up a week. It gives the conference champion and at large selections a chance to rest before the NCAA tournament.
  4. The thing is it probably wouldn’t do any good. Fat people know they are fat and shaming them may make things worse. Overeating is essentially an addiction and some overweight people are the victim of poor genetics. We need to return to mandatory PE in junior and senior high school.
  5. It’s weird how the climate fear mongers turn their backs on nuclear power.
  6. Biden is likely favored by the more moderate and silent Democrat base while Warren appeals to the more radical outspoken group. My guess is the majority of Democrats although mostly silent prefer Biden. I could live with Biden, Warren’s personality grates on me for some reason. I see her personality similar to Hillary’s.
  7. So can anyone guess with any certainty which one of these candidates will run against Trump? Warren seems to be building momentum.
  8. Trump has the good cop bad cop syndrome except he wants to be both.
  9. I’ve been there once. It’s way off the grid. It reminded me of the movie Deliverance
  10. The law will spread across the land and abuses will be rampant. This will further marginalize the competitive balance between P5 and G5 schools. As a Boise State fan I’m not in favor for that reason. As an Aztec fan you should also be concerned.
  11. Any bets on how this will turn out? I doubt California backs down. After all they think they are at the forefront of progressive thought. My guess is the NCAA will back down and the law will go nation wide. The big problem will be the NCAA regulating paying for likenesses which will surely be abused. It will take a small army of administrators to regulate it. I can also see how it will mess with team chemistry. How are the guys not getting paid going to feel about those that are. I’m guessing the have nots will want to be paid a stipend by the schools and that’s where it’s going to get messy. The cash cow schools will be all for it and a stipend won’t be a problem. The G5 schools won’t have the financial resources and will competitively fall further behind the P5 schools essentially relegating them to a separate division just a notch above FCS. Some may just say screw it and drop football which will impact funding for all other sports on campus. In any event I think we are going to see some bigtime changes to the future of college football.
  12. Very good points. If the NFL starts a minor league, the stars will get paid. The less talented kids and lower level coaches will get screwed. And the fan base for the minor leagues will be much smaller than what the colleges draw now. Most people that go to college games either attended or have some affinity for the school. There will be no such allegiance to minor league teams.
  13. The Giants game is just one game. We will see how the other teams game plan to stop Kellens offense. My gut tells me Kellen will still be one step ahead of whatever defense they throw at the Cowboys. The other thing is the offense is so varied it’s tough to key on everything that is thrown at you. All the shifts and motion may be window dressing but it phucks with the defensive players heads.
  14. Interesting proposal that will never see the light of day. Fun to discuss though.
  15. I doubt the resource limited black schools would pay the same for star black players under the table as the elite P5 schools. They would run into the same disadvantage as the resource limited G5 schools.