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  1. Nice to have him stay. Have to think that he would have moved if he thought he would be stuck in the MWC.
  2. Well, because I have never had polio of smallpox. Can't speak to the other popular childhood diseases because I had the measles, mumps and chickenpox. and have natural immunity. Had Covid too. Symptoms were like a typical head cold those fatigue more like the flu. I now have natural immunity which is much better that the Covid "clot shots." On another board, I get this. Just note, the second quote is from a MD who, because he refused to get the Covid shot, lost his admitting privileges at Stanford. Gee, a "vaccine "that makes it more likely to cause reinfection is an outstanding business model for those that make the "vaccine."
  3. Unfortunately, I don't trust the government to tell the truth. In fact, it has been shown that they have worked to censor those questioning the safety of these shots.
  4. Both the Polio and Smallpox vaccines are very effective providing immunity and both diseases have, essentially, been eradicated. The other common childhood disease vaccines are very effective at providing immunity as well. The Covid shots are ineffective in that regard.
  5. That and recruiting. Utah's FB coach mentioned recruiting specifically. Players like to play a couple of games in front of friends and family and they also want their F&F to be able to see them on TV. Finally, if the PAC doesn't take SDSU the B12 surely will. I can't see the PAC allowing that to happen in their own backyard.
  6. Via USC/UCLA, the San Diego market is included in their DMA. The PAC loses that when they leave.
  7. I still use the "old" definition of a vaccine being something that conveys immunity. To me the Covid shots are, at best, a therapeutic, they do not convey immunity. The CDC changed this definition after the Covid shots hit the market.
  8. CBS actually moved to the Wyoming game with SDSU before their previous game (which no one in San Diego of Wyoming gave a crap about) it was over. Why that doesn't happen more, I don't know.
  9. We've been lucky to have our last two games aired on CBS.
  10. University Presidents vote on conference affiliation, not Athletic Directors. Some conferences value academics higher than others. SDSU wants to join the PAC over the B12 for this reason. San Diego needs a second research university in this county of 3.3M people. Sports? That is secondary, but welcomed.
  11. For some conferences it is, both the PAC and B10 look at academic strength as part of the big picture.
  12. No, the clause if for a guaranteed share by ESPN. It doesn't not preclude the B12 from adding more G5 programs, just that ESPN won't give them a full share.
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