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  1. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    UNLV recruiting

    Has not been reported that he has officially signed with one, but it is rumored that he is going to sign with one.
  2. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    I can't believe UNLVfan isn't crowing about this

    And we are still going to lose.
  3. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    UNLV recruiting

    Both Menzies and Padgett are part of the Pitino coaching tree. Nice connection. So, there is reason to believe that this could happen.
  4. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    UNLV recruiting

    He'll get fired before he does it. He won't change, he doesn't know the college game at all.
  5. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    UNLV recruiting

    And........Sanchez is our coach so that's another reason. Calling the conference mediocre, you act like we are good but we are run like a D3 program with a HC that doesn't know what he is doing, in way over his head and should have been fired already. We are one of the worst D1 football programs I have ever seen, with a well-below-average HC. Until we remove him we won't be any better. He doesn't even know how to recruit (look at recruiting ranking in MW) and runs the program like a HS and he also doesn't know how to effectively communicate and hype up a program, all he knows is how to bring in money, which is sad any decent COLLEGE coach can do that. We are TERRIBLE and won't get better until we #FireTonySanchez. To re-emphasize the point: we are run like a D3 program!
  6. UNLVBasketball#FireTonySanchez

    UNLV recruiting

    I can't recall any good season with Sanchez as HC