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  1. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    Look at our history, you must not do your research. Do you even know how? I didn't say we had a formal interview we had a phone interview, look at the articles and facts I have used to back-up my claims. Well, at least you know that part of Dennis Fran would've been nice to have him, but as you know we can never pick the right football coach we have our minds set before a better candidate comes along wanting the job. I wish that we would've gotten him, but this last time I would've liked to have had Coach O! I know we could've gotten him.
  2. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    Yes recruiting has changed but still ESPN and every other source still lists the rankings the same. Well now they do, but with Coach O we could've gotten that, because his players love him. Plus if you actually read those articles correctly, Coach O expressed interest, we didn't gauge his interest, he, himself, inquired. We had a phone interview with him as well as Houston Nutt, but sadly they were already sold on Sanchez and couldn't change. Plus he would've come here because he wanted to be a head coach so bad, I remember those times he was mad he wasn't hired at USC and thus he wanted another job so bad to prove that he could be a head coach as he failed at Ole Miss and wanted another chance, because he felt he had earned that with the outstanding job he did as interim HC at USC once Kiffin was dismissed. I'd do more research on his situation if I were you. To rebut your first statement, who cares that he doubled Hauck's record in his first three years he went 12-24, are you accepting how bad our program is? Because we simply can't afford to waste money on a dumpster fire of a coach (Sanchez). I hope he only gets 4, at least I can say we won a few games, and then hopefully he is gone. I am glad it is only until '21, and I hope he will be gone long before then so we don't waste anymore precious time, when we could be hyping up our program for our new stadium! I am not saying that I am cheering on other teams, or Prairie View, but I think we will lose to Prairie View I could be wrong but Sanchez seems to win games that we should win. I hate to admit it, but the UNR program looks to be one that is on the rise, because I believe Norvell is a good coach and one that is on the rise. If I were them (our athletics department), not being biased, I would hire an assistant from Ohio State because they always seem to be good one they leave, or even 'Bama because they are winning staffs and if we can grab an assistant from there as a head coach that would pay dividends to our program. I am not saying that Tim Beck or Schiano from Ohio State would come......don't doubt that one would come here, because Clemson's former OC went to SMU and won and got a job in the SEC at Arkansas.
  3. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    But still about a decade ago we were getting like one four star a year. We are in a bad situation now, with a coach that shouldn't even be here. Plus the others coaches inquired about being here, we didn't have to go far and they actually were interested, but we showed little if any motivation to actually look into them further. We didn't do our homework. Tell me I didn't do my homework....well TKM was much worse in this she was so swayed by the donors, even though she won't admit it, to hire Sanchez that she wouldn't even look into other candidates once she had her eyes set on a HS coach that the donors wanted. Not to complain about the donors, but they shouldn't be the deciding factor in what coach we should hire, not based upon facts, but just things I have a feeling that occurred. Plus with Coach O among the others they were so much better, having coached in a Power 5 conference, and Coach O actually won. He is known as a great interim coach, but he did a remarkable job turning the season around at LSU last season, and I don't see why he couldn't have done the same here. TKM did a TERRIBLE job, if not one of the worst jobs I have ever seen in hiring a new coach, even the Browns (in the NFL) can do better. Wyoming can also do better, which is very sad, they can get a great FCS coach, not that we haven't in the past, but he can actually coach up his players and they play well. I know they lost to us, but it was an upset win for us in the past. Plus Bohl, as I said, actually knows how to coach a college team and had a TON of D1 training and exp. at Nebraska, Duke and Wisconsin just to name a few. ACC and BIG10 are both Power 5 schools and to have experience like that is crucial especially when you are going to coach in D1, I wouldn't mind having just FCS experience, but Sanchez had no experience in the coaching ranks there. He only had one year as a student assistant, which doesn't really count and the rest is in HS, you can't jump straight from HS to D1, it has been proven time and time again. Look at the history of it. He won't succeed and won't last past five seasons. If he does, then I'd be surprised. At least with DRF, I know she knows how to find a coach, at VT when they were looking for a new football coach to succeed the great Frank Beamer, they got one in Justin Fuente, and he has worked out wonderfully. So, I trust her to make the right decision, but she already has one misstep (not firing Sanchez by now). Overall, though I trust her and think she is just waiting one more season, so she can analyze him over two seasons to see if she sees any growth in the team at all. Hopefully there will be NONE. Well, in my argument with the AD I would research and actually prepare something.
  4. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    I do, but got messed up somehow. That was a dumb mistake on my part, but still Sanchez doesn't deserve to stick around. We still need to recruit and coach better. I'd like to say that in more than half of the games we lost, we lost in the second half, and we were winning in the first. Sanchez must have some terrible second half adjustments or just not doing something right at halftime, since we come out terrible. He isn't the right head coach for us moving forward esp. with a brand new NFL stadium coming to town, that we have the honor to play in. We should be looking for someone better who can build more hope and trust in UNLV football so we can build up the hype for the stadium otherwise it just will be a bad image.
  5. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    He set us back from REAL progress, and it is not mythical. Multiple sources: https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/orgeron-nutt-inquire-about-unlv-football-job/ http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/05/high-school-coach-has-unlvs-coaching-search-in-holding-pattern/ https://www.clarionledger.com/story/olemisssports/2014/12/05/unlv-houston-nutt-ed-oregon-coach/19980831/ Plus, no interest in two former power-5 conference coaches, makes no sense. Somebody, other than our AD, had tpo be pulling the strings because you would not just turn them down right away, if you were smart enough and maybe TKM wasn't. Plus they both showed interest.....they probably would have come. I am hoping for a four win season or less so we can finally rid ourselves of this disaster of a coach. I am also a THE Ohio State University fan (family ties and home state) and a Browns fan so I sort of have a little expertise in this field of knowing whether a coach is good, or not. I know for a fact that Tony Sanchez is not, it is a nice payday he gets, though. Wish I could earn that much if it was so easy, you just have to know someone. Plus football is my favorite sport, so that probably plays a part in liking football. He is a WELL BELOW AVERAGE recruiter! Hardly any three stars, that is terrible! He will probably coach a long time, because of some outside forces aka donors, but I just hope that he isn't. We will be in a better position if he is gone.
  6. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    Plus he has only beat Reno once, and that was when they had a worse coach than they do now.
  7. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    I am not crazy, I am being perfectly reasonable, because I don't want a part of the Sanchez era at UNLV sadly I am a part of it and football is my favorite. So I hate to see a team do so bad, and have to deal with a stupid HS coach who is in way over his head. We need him gone! #FireTonySanchez. We even lost to Howard?!?! That loss alone warrants a firing him, but he has done more than lose to them. He has set us back a few years, because he is so inept at coaching a D1 team. Please may he be gone.
  8. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    He better not be here after this season. Coach O would have come because he was so desperate for a job. He definitely would have come. He was so mad at USC that he did not get the job, so he was trying to get another one.......sadly we didn't hire him. I can voice my opinion, but it probably won't get him fired. I can let administration and others know, though.
  9. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    Well he better not be here past this season, should have never even made it to this season in the first place. He should have never gotten an extension that was unwarranted. I mean c'mon we could've hired Coach Ed Orgeron ( a great recruiter, one of the best in the nation and we interviewed him) I'm sure he would have brought a lot of money and more winning. I want to say that we could have hired Lane Kiffin (nobody wanted him at that time) and I am sure that he could have built a lot of relationships and brought money. Both of them would have brought national attention, and/or better recruits and money. I am sure that they would have brought 21st century innovations (college level innovations) to our football team. Some coaches think that they can win, and some jsut want to be a head coach so bad that they would go anywhere, at the time it was Coach O. Then later on it was Lane Kiffin, rebuilding his image and moving away from Saban. But you are correct in saying that he has already established big contacts within the community.
  10. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    One more win each season sounds like someone is telling him to do that so that he can keep his job, because they know what his height is, or he is just doing that to keep his job. In three seasons he should at least have 7 wins and should have gone to a bowl game, but no!?!? Instead, we are the ones falling behind. Getting that building that could've come with any other coach, and the other coaches would have been smarter. I will be so ecstatic once we get rid of this dumpster fire of a coach. Plus the other coaches might have added some other special touches, which would have dramatically improved our recruiting! Sanchez is just a simple coach, who has no idea how recruiting works and how to get the better players, he settles for worse talent, because he knows he can hardly recruit! At best, he is an FCS level coach definitely not D1. I feel better about hoops, b/c more urgent and with our history we have to win sometime, plus we can actually recruit and we have a great staff!
  11. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    Bret Bielema actually coached and won in two different Power 5 conferences (Big10 and SEC). He actually has coached up multiple NFL players, like Hunter Henry, and has won in both conferences albeit a bit more successful in the BIG10. He has a 68-24 record with Wisconsin and a 37-19 record in the BIG10, while going to a bowl game every year. He had a 29-34 overall record, while at Arkansas and in conference play he had a 11-29 record, but he still went to three bowl games in his five years. Tony Sanchez is actually 12-24 overall and a 9-15 conference record! He is WELL BELOW .500. He brings in a staff from one coaching tree, very smart.......not. He would be more successful in FCS, how he has lasted this long is beyond me, must be because someone wants him to stay (other than the athletic officials on campus) aka donors. You said the corn dog master debacle, well this is the High school coach debacle. We won't contend we have been in this dumpster fire for three season, most likely going on a fourth and I don't know how anyone can last this long. Being a fan of one of the worst pro football teams I know when change is necessary and the team that I am a fan of does as well, but apparently not here. We need a coach who actually knows d1, we can only get a few 3 stars while everyone else is beating us on the recruiting trail. How long can this last!?!? Apparently another wasted season. Who cares about the money, other coaches could have done the same i.e. Bielema or another coach like him who has proven success at the highest levels. He was also supposed to recruit a lot locally, he has been somewhat successful, but he has not brought in the right talent and even better players. We can't afford to fall behind. Then how do you explain getting a contract extension after your second season, and after only winning four games that season!?!? There is no defending that. We have never beat UNR and then we lose to Howard last season, c'mon we can't afford to keep doing this year in and year out. All stats are according to sports-reference
  12. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    I said SMU had him, showing that we can get a successful coach, like they did I didn't say to hire him.
  13. UNLV can't Recruit and Coach Football

    UNLV should #firetonysanchez and actually hire a real college head coach. An FCS school just hired a co-offensive coordinator who coached two first round qbs and won a national championship! He also coached a Heisman trophy winning quarterback, while UNLV can't even hire a proven coach!?!?! We need a proven coach who can recruit and actually coach (that is a proven winner) once we do this we can win. Less than a decade ago, we were bringing in four stars, now we are lucky if we get a three star. If we actually knew how to recruit we could get better talent in football and win (make a bowl game) and I bet we could do that with Bret Bielema, who coached in two of the best conferences and won and recruited well. We actually interviewed the current LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron (when he was the interim coach at USC), but didn't hire him, and instead hired a high school coach instead. We need a proven coach or at least one that has some big time experience, even SMU got a coach before us. They got the former Clemson OC and he brought his team to a bowl game, but we haven't been to one in so long. Any other coach like the one listed above (Bret Bielema, or someone like Chad Morris) would be a great choice! https://www.change.org/p/desiree-reed-francois-fire-unlv-head-football-coach-tony-sanchez