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  1. Covid was bad, but it is merely speeding up a process that was begun decades ago. Robotics is coming, soon - manufacturing jobs will continue to dry up at a breakneck pace. Retail will continue to shrink. Truckers are going to be out of a job. Telemarketers, phone operators, ect will all be out of a job. AI will hit other areas of the economy we can't comprehend right now. These economic conditions will continue to drive social change, create unease, angst, and anger. Our enemies don't even have to use this against us, we will do it to ourselves.
  2. I'll bite. There is plenty of waste in government. Here is a non exhaustive list that does not include any specific department or program: Employee (over)compensation - both wage and pension. Budgeting - government agencies budgets increase annually 1%. If money is not spent then their budget does not increase. This incentivizes wasteful spending. Purchasing - Government regulations on purchasing preclude getting anything close to the best price for any service. You would think that the government, with their purchasing power, could leverage that into better purchasing agr
  3. Modifying this bill at requires 7/8 vote, thus solidifying this bill in perpetuity.
  4. California ballot initiatives are a joke. Take Prop 22 for example. A few companies think they can spend 200 million dollars to get this passed so they can circumnavigate state labor laws. Ridiculous.
  5. "Let it go, let it goCan't hold it back anymore"Let it snow, let it snowTurn away and slam the score.
  6. Why, all of a sudden, are you channeling the language of Trump with virtually every post?
  7. What I am saying is that WHEN Trump loses the vote after mail in votes are counted, he's going to contest the election and it's going to be a mess. Get out of here with "dems stuff the ballot box" nonsense. I'm not going to discuss that here with you, because it's not worth discussing. Go back to your Rush, Levin, Hannity, or whoever else you soak up these inane talking points from.
  8. I'll take your wager. My charity is Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank. One Caveat: This is the vote total after absentee and mail in ballots are counted, but before any legal challenges are filed.
  9. I used to code when I was a kid just for fun, but just C++ and Java, and even then nothing more than the basics. It's not really in my career path, but if I did go the infomatics route after I got too old to do my real job knowing some of this would probably help. Which languages should I concentrate on if I was looking to maybe use these skills in 10-15 years?
  10. There are real problems in the United States. Wealth is increasingly being concentrated at the top, and the tax revenue that was generated from working professionals and the middle class will continue to decrease. Demographic shifts will put pressure on tax revenues as well as raise expenses. The only way that our system as currently constructed will sustain is with increased taxes. Collecting these taxes will be an issue however, because even if we have a government willing to enact them, technocrats will hide increasing amounts of wealth in digital token currencies. Who really knows how this
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