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  1. You can't fix stupid. When people refuse to believe something despite overwhelming evidence they aren't ignorant, they're morons.
  2. This is how disinformation is so successful. Kernels of truth that are twisted and contorted until reality and fantasy become indistinguishable like some Phillip K. Dick novel.
  3. I believe that Ohio's lottery system was the best idea of them all. Human beings overestimate their odds at infinitesimal chances. If offered a small reward over a really small chance at a big one, humans will select the chance at the big reward.
  4. Trying to argue with a troll... punch yourself in the balls already.
  5. Well, it's hard to carry water for the Republicans right now even if you are conservative.
  6. Leave Spaztecs alone, it's not his fault he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  7. Those altitude masks work for improving performance. They also suck to wear and you look like a moron. To each his own.
  8. Think Kauai. It's the most beautiful of the islands as well as super sleepy, and laid back. Perfect for honeymooning! The eggs benedict I ate at the Koa Kea is still the best I have ever eaten.
  9. I mean... neither party is. Both pander to the most low information voters possible.
  10. Somebody needs to punch themselves in the balls.
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