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  1. I find it hard to have sympathy for someone who has such disregard for others that he would so selfishly risk their lives.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/sports/tiger-woods-dui-arrest-golfer-had-five-drugs-system-toxicology-n792856 A Tiger doesn't change it's stripes?
  3. Can't do UBI and greatly increase immigration and naturalization. Would bankrupt us.
  4. I didn't misinterpret. You misspoke. I'm not saying you're sexist, I'm saying you made an offhand sexist comment which you later qualified. Then you went off on me because ??? reasons??? Then you attribute the butthurt and the "going apeshit" to me, when it was you assigning positions to me I didn't make and making a pretty illogical argument. If I'm dumb then you're a Rhesus monkey. Just flinging shit everywhere and hoping it sticks.
  5. You got caught making a sexist comment, not the end of the world. Just own it, or can you not? I know you fashion yourself a moral crusader on the subject.
  6. Lol you're funny. "went apeshit"? I mean... what world. You're the one who flew off the handle for being called out my friend. You're personifying, assigning things of me that you very obviously feel. That's fine, maybe next time you can take the floaties off and we will have some fun in the deep end. Until then continue learning how to tread water.
  7. Let me see... during this argument you have: 1) Changed the timeline of responses to suit your narrative 2) Reframed my arguments to suit your narrative 3) Reframed your arguments after the fact. Face it, we should just rename you little Rush.
  8. I didn't say that women didn't do more household work than men, particularly during this pandemic. I bolded the comment that I responded to as well. Now you're being deliberately dense.
  9. There is a timeline problem for your argument. I first pointed out the inherent sexism of your comment before you qualified it, which I'm sure why you did. Changing your argument mid stream and then accusing me of not arguing in good faith? You sound more Rush-like than I.
  10. Men do not have an inability to perform the emotional aspect of child rearing. In some there may be a reluctance due to the sexism rooted in assigned gender roles. Suggesting that men are incapable is and of itself an extension of the sexism associated with perceived gender roles.
  11. The thing is women aren't really taught how to be mothers. It's learned through experience and shared knowledge through a support network. Men are completely capable of fulfilling that role if there wasn't a perceived negative bias and stereotype associated with men fulfilling that role, which in and of itself is an extension of said sexism.
  12. This is both lazy and sexist. Men are perfectly capable of child rearing, and as women have become more integrated in the workplace it has become more commonplace. The reason men aren't as involved in care isn't so much a question of ability or capability as much as a societal construct.
  13. Maybe because Kamala Harris was a ho? She was 29, had a relationship with a powerful 60 year old married man to jump start her career. I mean, it obviously worked out for her, but don't pretend that thinking she is a ho is an indefensible position. *edited for clarification
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