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  1. Best burger I ever ate and probably will ever eat was some (unknown to me) combination of bear and elk hamburger that came from game my cousin hunted.
  2. Before the pandemic their burgers were a competitive price for the quality of meat and service that they offered. Now that it has gone up 50-60 % while many fast food restaurants haven't raised prices much at all there isn't much reason to go their unless you're a fanboy. I'd rather get a Wendy's 5 dollar big bag all day and twice on Sunday.
  3. They load non live real bullets into the gun for movie shots of them loading the weapon. The weapon is then unloaded and loaded with blanks. In Brandon Lee's case a piece of the tip of the bullet broke off and got lodged in the chamber. When fired with the blank even a piece of the bullet is dangerous.
  4. Haven't watched the 2nd season yet. I have heard that it is not as good though. The 1st season is worth it to watch as it is. It's short, just 12 episodes or so I believe. The people hyping it aren't wrong (imo), it is great - especially if you can appreciate how it skewers the genre.
  5. I really enjoyed season 1 of One Punch Man. Satirical, funny, great animation and a very unique, cool style to boot.
  6. He was clueless too. He said "is there a Hung Ding Ling here?" I would have died if he went full Moe and said I need a Hung Ding Ling or check the mens room for a Hung Ding Ling.
  7. Some of the charm of this board is that we can start a conversation about covid and somehow end up on sexy hedgehogs.
  8. I keep hearing 5 guys is good but I have never had a good experience there. From crazy waits to lost and incomplete orders, rude staff and mediocre food. Maybe the ones in SD just suck?
  9. Had jury duty today, one of the names of the roll call was Hung Ding Ling. I busted out laughing and not even the icy glares of the bailiff could stop it. ETA Well I am sure his name was Ding Ling Hung, but when called last name first it was Hung Ding Ling
  10. He is probably so triggered by Biden that he can't concentrate, hence the seat spray. Honestly it makes more sense than blaming Biden for the gas prices.
  11. Probably my favorite one that I ever saw was a sports car that had the license plate IOU1IRS.
  12. Should we tell @TheSanDiegan that both Vegas and Tahoe are further west than SD?
  13. That would be correct. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-021-01139-z/figures/1 "The descriptive results suggest that stay-at-home restrictions are associated with declines in all types of crime, with the exception of homicide. In Barcelona, for example, police-recorded thefts declined from an average of 385.2 to 38.1 per day (Supplementary Table 15). However, there still appears to be substantial variation across crime categories and cities in the size and direction of crime trends following the implementation of restrictions. Over time, the mean trend begins to r
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