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  1. Yeah but Susan Collins isn't a Trumpist. Does she enable him? Sure, but almost the entire party does. It just seems like they are targeting vulnerable senators. I guess they want a democrat controlled legislature.
  2. This makes no sense. Supposedly the Lincoln Project is republicans against trump, and now they are going after vulnerable senate republicans to try and give Democrats a majority in the senate? Doesn't sound like they have the republican parties best interests at heart.
  3. I just call him Rump. The T is silent. (t)Rump.
  4. In my opinion the primary reason that working class whites support Trump is because their way of life has seen gradual erosion over the last 30 years. They feel marginalized by society and left behind by post industrialization America. They have decreased earning power and lower social cache. It's obviously more nuanced than this, but I truly believe this is why he has broad support among working class whites.
  5. You are the devil. That stupid song is stuck in my head now, and it's going to be there all day.
  6. I think the Sun Bears would be more appropriate.
  7. 1) SOME money comes from the state, some from federal. Local is generally half, depending on state. Here is a link that will show you per student spending and how it correlates with poverty. 2) Yes, it is popular among people from a lower socioeconomic status. But does it work? https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/05/12/520111511/the-promise-and-peril-of-school-vouchers 3) Why do you think our education system is failing? My observations are Kids at disparate learning levels being in one classroom. Lack of engagement from students and parents Lack of resources (technological, class size, ect) Most of these require resources to fix. Kids are passed along regardless of educational level until they reach middle/high school. By then, the ones that are behind are too far behind they will never be able to catch up. You can't force parents to be engaged, but you can invest more money in after school programs, tutoring, ect. The argument is because social learning is more important than the material and holding them behind creates more problems than it solves. I would tend to agree that there needs to be more accountability within the system, and I would be open to any change that improves education for children. However we definitely need to invest more money, not less, in education.
  8. A lot to unpack here. 1) Majority of funding for education comes from local property taxes, so in many places there is not enough resources. 2) School vouchers as formulated are just a tax break for wealthier families who send their kids to private schools. 3) Our education system is broken, but to really fix it would require more money, smaller classes, specialized classes, increased tutoring, more familial support ect. Not less money and more accountability.
  9. Like I said previously, violence is a symptom of the real disease, poverty. We need to make extensive investments in these communities to improve a whole generations standard of living before there would be extensive change in violence. Although, ending the war on drugs should have a direct impact on lessening violence in these communities.
  10. The goal is to reduce violence by improving standard of living in the area. By reducing the amount of people in jail we improve socioeconomic conditions. This requires a change in how we police in general. Ïf you are specifically talking about violence, that still needs to be policed aggressively.
  11. Honestly it's an epidemic that requires a multi-pronged effort to combat. I'd start with some of the following: 1) Ending the war on drugs. 2) Increased funding and investment in education in these areas. Changing tax laws/funding laws for schools, increased emphasis on trade schools, ect. 3) Changing how these areas are policed We need to put less people in jail, emphasize family, emphasize education, and change police practices. Its a long haul that will require more money and effort than we as a society as a whole are willing to expend.
  12. Do you think any of that money will go to her slaves volunteers?