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  1. @#1Stunner, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. Not a giant fan of Fresh Air, but that was a good listen. Thanks!
  3. I think there was a pilot out for CSI: San Diego at one point, but it wasn't picked up because the entire episode was just them riding on beach cruisers and destroying burritos.
  4. You don't have to be an anti masker to want to see your family on Thanksgiving. Tons of people (1/3 the US population) think it's worth the risk. They're just not issuing recommendations/mandates about it. I disagree that politicians are mere reflections of the people. Maybe they have good intentions at first (highly doubtful in most cases) but after being warped by the system they are mere shadows of people.
  5. Epic first half SDSU running game for 28 minutes of the 2nd half Nevada play calling trying to ice the game SDSU seemingly cruising to a victory against all odds Throwing 3 times at the goal line
  6. Defenestration of D.C. Lets make it happen boys!
  7. Not sure what it is about ibuprofen specifically, but it is the best thing for tooth pain. Similar NSAIDs such naproxen and aspirin don't work nearly as well. When I was young and didn't have insurance, one of my wisdom teeth basically rotted in my mouth. It broke in half eating a PBJ sandwich. 800mg ibuprofen and it's like it didn't even happen. That being said, ibuprofen isn't quite as good for muscular/joint/bone pain and naproxen works better. @Joe from WYconsult your doc before you begin a NSAID regime. In the past doctors had avoided prescribing NSAIDs for pain relief with fractures
  8. I've never wanted to throat punch anyone harder in my life.
  9. Nevada fans, your team has been skull f*cking us all half. I don't like our chances.
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