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  1. I haven’t kept track of CSU the last few years, but they still suck, do they not? CSU’s best team in a couple decades was completely humiliated by a subpar Utah football team in the Vegas Bowl last time I noticed them several years ago. CSU’s coach then went on to be photographed having sex with a dead shark. CSU dumped a bunch of money into a new stadium and has nothing to show for it. BIG 12 laughed at their hopes of gaining admittance, that happens when your best coach in decades has sex with dead sharks.
  2. formerly moose

    2010 MWC Board Troll Championship!!

    Those were the days. I just don't have the energy anymore. Low T.
  3. I don't know what you mean by that. The answer is most likely no. I trolled this board several years ago, maybe nobody remembers.
  4. formerly moose

    Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Did you get the memo that BYU and Utah are not in the MW? Also, did you get the memo that New Mexico sucks? Stew's teams would have been on top of this conference, no question. USU fans are justified in expecting Mr. Diarrhea to be fired.
  5. Just wanted to let you guys know that my suspension from the board has ended, but I've started a new account out of respect for the deceased, WAC basketball legend Moose Stubing. I will now be using this account, known as 'formerly moose'. I've lost a lot of energy, probably due to low testosterone, so I'd expect my posts to be brief and non-consequential now. Back in the day I really knew how to stir the pot. Does El Jefe of cougarboard.com still own this board? Am I getting the story right? BYU leaves the MWC, the MWC becomes simply MW, loses pretty much all respectability, and then to top it off, a BYU fan comes in and buys the board. That is something.
  6. formerly moose

    RIP Moose

    Moose Stubing was a legend. He didn't let the home crowd get to him, we had stones the size of basketballs.