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  1. Not at all. Just figuring out how to MWCboard. The Kim and Preston references have me confused, but it’s early.
  2. Why? New to this place. Seems Sports is for MWC Sports, but good to know if it’s for all the world of sports. Maybe @mugtangcan clarify to us newcomers.
  3. While 1974 was past the more violent protests of the latter '60s/early '70s, it was still part of that tumultuous era. People who had lived their most lives in the Jim Crow era were still in their primes or older. A box full of death threats. It's kind of hard to imagine that now, but a Black man breaking the hallowed Babe Ruth's once untouchable record brought out a lot of ugliness.
  4. A cut from a longer interview earlier today. There was also discussion towards combating new variants like the South African one. I think we have time, but it’s going to be something to watch and of concern.
  5. Missed one. Jairus’ daughter. Really one of the great biblical stories. You, among many, would appreciate as Jesus breaks a bunch of Levitacal rules and social conventions .
  6. Crazier than our Idaho Lt. Gov. Crazier still how many folks, many unwittingly, follow Q information. Hopefully, some air came out of the balloon w/the failed resurrection.
  7. I always heard that Mays would have had about 10 more homers/year in his Candlestick prime. Hank was no slouch on the bases, but Mays led the league multiple times in stolen bases and was the bigger threat to get an extra base here and there.
  8. Mays also had the base-stealing/running aspect of the game.
  9. Willie Mays was my first sports hero. I used to clip the newspaper box scores and kept them in a shoe box as he was heading to and past 600. Once it was clear Willie’s time was up, I followed Hank. 715 was a seminal American event.
  10. You do remember what the country was like in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s?
  11. Posted in the OT forum, but I remember where I was and how it felt when Hank hit 715. I still can't think of an American sports record that had the import of that crack of the bat and rounding of the bases.
  12. I remember exactly where I was when 715 came down. Inside Meridian Lanes with a small, black and white (iirc) tv elevated above the main counter. Everyone gathered around to watch and I think more gathered for the replays. I can’t think of an American sports record that comes even close to the import of that one.
  13. Nice to see harmony in Broncoland.
  14. Boys in the Boat is on my reading to do list.
  15. Also: https://twitter.com/RedditCFB/status/1352409879269449728?s=20
  16. https://twitter.com/thetimes/status/1352365900004024321?s=20
  17. Good news on the mAB therapeutic front. Hearing they can be re-tooled for new variants although not addressed in this link.
  18. covid19-projections.com have Idaho at a mid-range of 30% infected w/a lower range of 20% and an upper end at 45% (rounded to nearest whole % as of Jan. 6 — two week back retrospective data). Ada and Canyon Counties both east. 30+%.
  19. Pulling the Wickard card? I'm guilty on occasion, too. But, for ignoring the Constitution, I'd say Plessy v. Ferguson deflected the 14th as Reynolds did not. Other examples? It's still early for me.
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