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  1. Go back and look at all your posts? Damn, you’re more cruel than I thought . You got plenty of others to argue w/here, but quit following Fauci or Biden or the CDC. The latter isn’t bad at retrospection and data collection, but it’s not great at proscription. Plenty of solid policy and science voices recognized realities and have been opposed to general vaccine mandates and passports. If Omicron really blows past convalescent immunity there will need to be an adjustment there.
  2. I watched the 1976 VP debate at a friend’s house. They were Dems. His dad was a retired Air Force Colonel. The “democrats’ wars” line…smh, still. Yeh, I’d take a basketful of old time pols who served in a different era like Bob Dole in the 3rd person.
  3. First, never reference Fauci. As of yesterday, only one nation is at 98% vaxxed w/some partial (UAE), and no U.S. state even close. The data on deaths and hospitalizations comparing vaccinated vs. unvaxxed is just straightforward across the board. Maybe Omicron brings in the milder epidemic phase, but Delta is still rolling through the US pop. First link is deaths in USA. It has an interactive feature by age groups. I’ve posted the all ages graphs here before. The second link is the state of Washington on hospitalizations. The multiples of protection of vaccinations for
  4. I think I saw the 70-30 opposite voters were like a 3x, but yeh the small, fractional mortality % rates are a factor to consider. (Remember they are annualized) We are all collectively not very likely to die of Covid even if unvaxxed. We are also not likely to die in a car wreck, overdose, or suicide. All of those other things we implement social policy to prevent have been multiples less than Covid mortalities. So, I think it matters a little.
  5. Looks like closer to 100 for the higher Trump voter counties, but yes, that’s significant (50 or 100). Prior to Covid the national suicide rate was around 14. Idaho is now around 20 and Wyoming approaching 30 in what you could call in lay terms an epidemic. High Trump voter counties deaths at 5 times Idaho’s elevated suicide rate for example. Opiod overdose deaths are lower by a few or more multiples depending on the state. So, there are probably counties where it’s close to ten-fold greater Covid deaths than the epidemic we were hearing about for a few years before Covid.
  6. This old student of mine Mary Jane, who loved her Mary Jane, used to call this other student (a friend), a “chink”. He was a Filipino. I told her to get her ethnic slurs right, but she just kept calling her friend a chink. Lol. Probably still in their mid-40s. Like the first example I mentioned, I think there is a lot of emotional undercurrent to the politicalization on Covid and the vaccines. This time it’s personal.
  7. I liked With Chamberlain’s answer to the question, “what sign were you born under?” The dollar sign.
  8. You know, the three dudes from the Orient that went to pay homage to baby Jesus were probably Zoroastrian priests who really did the Astrology thing. Maybe the right lady will find you, too.
  9. I was mostly responding to the article which I read once and quickly possibly missing some deeper points. I know a lot of non-vaxxers for Covid. They are an eclectic group. A couple, limited examples: One young woman in her mid-20s is a married mom. She has a good business, but is not highly educated. HS diploma from an alternative HS. Got pregnant as a teen using meth which made her horny and promiscuous, but she was a young victim of sexual abuse well before. She’s enamored with the Q promotions of Save the Children. I think the anti-vaccine conspiracies ring something true to
  10. It's a strange brew that I can't quite get a handle on. Suicide rates in the USA are up well from 6 decades back when virtually everyone got the polio vax. Durkheim's anomie, I don't think explains much, but maybe on the margin? It's probably just the root sin of pride for most.
  11. I don’t think you would ever have liked his style. You two are about as different as two posters could be. You are a deep social thinker prone to manifesto level posts w/originality. Let’s just say Spy doesn’t do that. Note: @thespywhozaggedme and I are old message board “friends” from the Blue Turf Board.
  12. What’s better; Russian ass or Vietnamese penis? Only @halfmanhalfbronco and probably a couple dozen others humans know.
  13. Vaccines do work well, Mr. Bob. Not interested in the mask debate . Here’s a repeat graphic. This is data that sadly mirrors the many dead I now know of now after the Delta wave hit SW Idaho. Guys in their 40s and 50s. Older folks, but not elderly. Relatives of relatives, spouses of friends, siblings of friends, relatives of former students, etc. It was a brutal late summer and fall here for the unvaxxed.
  14. Justin the Plumber didn’t follow the rules of the Prosperity Gospel.
  15. Good chance you’ll continue to notice a narrow range.
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