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  1. It’s looking like the start of the football season there will be issues in hotspots. South is probably going to be through the peak and heading down well before 36 days (from listening to Gottlieb, Topol, etc.). I sort of fear for our home matchup vs. OKST. @youyanggu posted new data from Los Angeles County indicating 80-85 vaccine protection against the D-variant (w/very low hospitalizations noted). So, I feel pretty safe and will get a fall booster if/when timely. I did just scan the Misc. B. I’ve got some on ignore, but saw your post question. I’ll bet we’ll get a picture sometim
  2. The surges have been in the unvaxxed cases and hospitalizations. But, yeh the D-variant looks like it’s going to burn through the pop. rapidly. Mississippi similar to Louisiana below.
  3. That’s a problem when people don’t know what they don’t know.
  4. I missed that “I and others” part. The BC OT board is a steaming pile. A few good exchanges still, but much could be described by Norm McDonald’s very politically incorrect two word term.
  5. I’ve noticed. I think I miss halfmanhalfasshole
  6. I think you are being kind. Not always your forte.
  7. Florida maybe a hint of what will come to parts of the West soon? Hospitalized appear younger than earlier waves and (almost) all unvaccinated (2 to 3%?).
  8. Confusion between his old tighty whities and masks. It happens.
  9. Sure if needed. Probably soon, but have not done so yet. I’m hearing the D-variant is probably going to burn through much of the population w/in a few weeks. Gottlieb from this morning:
  10. I’m not big on criticizing individual athletes for most reasons outside of a few like cheating, selfishness, and obvious mailing it in situations. Withdrawal or losing? No. Bad performance? No. ln this situation, it’s also the specific sport that is a crux. You can play basketball or tennis or football at 80% if you are highly talented or can fill a team role. You can’t do what Biles does unless you are close to right. You have pointed out the danger in some of Biles’ routines. That we’ve seen gymnasts perform with fractures is moot for me.
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