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  1. I quit my gym when Covid hit in March ‘20 and for a year and one-half just hiked, did fast walks, and one or sometimes two slow runs each week. I bought a new Concept2 BikeErg in September right at $1000 assembled. I had a spin bike for about a dozen years, but I really like this fan bike. I’m doing more indoor bike workouts than outside ones now probably because it’s new. Might get a SkiErg for by winter. I like the rower, but I think the ski workout (mimics Nordic double-pole motion) would be fun.
  2. I’ll do the same as will the family. I assume Little is running despite the absence of an announcement. Butch and Co. will work the back scenes. I don’t see Tommy running again. He did quit his tweeting last spring (last one below from late April), but he is out there as probably the most critical prominent figure (of the wingnuts). Labradoodle silent since 2020. I still think the crazies get shut out in ‘22. Going to be interesting to watch.
  3. Register as an R if not already and vote against in the primary. Likeminded folks across the state. There are plenty of wingnuts. Ignorant, incredibly prideful (you, know a really bad sin), and many vote although the primary is always different. I think Little will retain the nomination. A lot of big money behind the scenes against the wingnuts.
  4. Janice still going rogue when going rouge would be better look.
  5. She became pretty big a few years back. Her 2018 album, Golden Hour, won the Grammy for Album of the Year (all albums), plus a ton of other awards Grammys, CMAs, etc., and lots of critical acclaim. I'm kind of old for some of her stuff :), but I enjoy her when I do listen. I actually haven't listened to much of Golden Hour. I understand it's country pop w/eclectic tinges. Her "Burn One With John Prine" from before she was really that well known is what got me to her. Amateur video in a guitar pull format:
  6. Amazing how lyrical music can so affect. In the mid-90s, John Prine was big on of one Boise radio stations. I went to two concerts w/students and parents at the Morrison Center. He came out after Spanish Pipedream on the first one joking they were the ”Beatles of Boise”.
  7. I’m not a fan boy, but I think she reps Country and Americana well. She has an authenticity and just enough quirkiness. When she did her John Prine song…sort of sealed it. Collaborations w/John and folks like Brandi Carlisle…good stuff. Hipsters dig her. Btw, you are the Todd Snider fan? He’s in Boise this week, but I’m too busy and not into indoor concerts yet.
  8. There’s a reason some guys need Viagra before Bob Dole.
  9. She had me a few years back when she wrote and sang, “Burn One With John Prine”.
  10. Rape victim doxxing White Bird Rep. silent so far. That would be good for eternity.
  11. The back story is more conservative wing nutstuff, but this is good news:
  12. Find a good Baltic Porter. It’s like that oId saying, “once you have black…”
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