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  1. They were dicks w/o any nuanced posts. I can see why you get along .
  2. Not sure about that last sentence, but yeh I played street ball a few decades, boxed and wrestled when young, and I get testing the new guy on the forum thing. Still doesn’t explain the slow wit guy takes.
  3. Indecisive and non-consistent I can get behind. See you soon, half.
  4. I’m going to need to see more than mundane, slow-witted banter from one of them to get into their sh!t here. Your friendship dedication admirable.
  5. You’re Pax Americana theory from the last Independence Day is highly complex and layered. Think about it vis a vis our PM this eve.
  6. I agree. Authoritarianism rules. It’s the best way to organize human societies.
  7. That you can post intelligent, complex stuff like this and that idiotic “teachers are lazy, evil” stuff earlier is a bit perplexing. I’ll go with the former for now. For now.
  8. The remnant of the Ottoman Empire that has democratic potential doesn’t have it post-2016. Glad to hear Syria is stable. Great news. Not news.
  9. I’ll send you that PM when I find the article that I’m thinking of.
  10. The Last Supper is oft referenced as the first communion, but the theology is deeper than the temporal sequence of events.
  11. That’s not my view in at all. My push back has always been on the absolutism of expressed views infected with post hoc fallacy.
  12. Now, I an expert theologian in addition to my foreign policy expertise? Ok, so as I understand Catholic theology of communion, it is the receiving of the presence of Christ resurrected. Resurrection is a new life. It is Christ perfected, and Christ is not limited to time. So, the sequence of Holy Week and the Passion of Christ do not limit the Last Supper to just a symbolic presence or just a template for future liturgy.
  13. I found some data, but not going to take the time to find. Expected range, but agree on your last sentence. That’s why relative deprivation may have some import (not declaring it does here). Sorry for losing you 30 mts. of prime time.
  14. You can find them for Libya if you dig a bit, but seriously I think I forgo that deep dive here. Maybe via PM? Metro guy and Joe cheers on teachers like Dixie clones. Lmfao.
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