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  1. I think I mentioned, somewhere, the growth in lower-wage employment and slight gains in wages (?) that accompanied last week’s jobs report. $300 supplemental doesn’t seem like much, but it probably matters more in Payette, Idaho than NYC. When you also have those long secular labor force participation trends maybe it is a bit of a factor in places?
  2. It’s going to be interesting to watch. I do think the view that part of this is transitory (buzzword of subject), and will subside to some degree 9-12 months down the road. But, I always listen the Jeremy Siegel. He’s not always right, but often gets the macro right. He’s looking at 6 to 7% inflation for 3-4 years: https://www.ai-cio.com/news/is-higher-inflation-coming-yeah-a-whopping-20-says-jeremy-siegel/
  3. God willing, the 2020 election season is going to be great reality TV.
  4. Batting down b.s. is fine especially wild, outlandish stuff, but empathy is a good default and starting position.
  5. He’s a weird guy. Actually, pretty accomplished earlier in his career life. Marketing VP for one of the really big magazines in their heyday. I think a sad career decline followed. Not sure? Ironically, he attended my parish as a kid just a few years younger, and we have many common memories, but I have none of him or his family. I admire @halfmanhalfbronco’s affection for Blues. It’s kind of like mine on the BTB for the other guy.
  6. If there is anything about myself I can brag about shamelessly...
  7. He was different. I remember one thread where he kept getting BSU losses to Fresno wrong (he started at one). I led him on from there. I do understand his charm. Brett Rypien is still in the NFL at last check so he missed that one.
  8. Blues showed up on Hicks short-lived and sold forum. He was a character. Got a lot of stuff wrong, repeatedly, but those 6TDs he scored in a HS game > Al Bundy.
  9. Of course, there's no one single labor market. I've seen a lot of classic underemployment over the years (the episodes of Micron and HP downsizing chiefly among them here). Electrical engineers waiting tables. I'm not up on the labor market for recent MBA grads.
  10. Construction, light manufacturing, entry trade jobs, cooking, customer service, etc. --- none requiring even a BA. HS diploma not really mattering at this point. Moar Mexicans.
  11. Work ethic is a good thing. The thing about the labor market now in this weird time is, I'm afraid, it is laying bare the work culture of a segment of Gens M and Z. The secular shift in workplace (declining) participation has long been discussed. We're now seeing real wage inflation in many places here (entry-level and trade skills level). Mountain towns, lower Snake River Valley -- it's not just Boise Metro. The idea that ongoing lower labor participation rates for people, men especially, in their younger primes were heavily influenced by low wages is getting tested.
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