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  1. Iirc, cotton was grown In Arizona’s Salt River Project area, too. Like growing coffee in the UP of Michigan.
  2. California never should have been a cotton producer.
  3. Anyone who spends any time watching Rogan is wasting their precious time.
  4. YoY GDP stats from 2020 expected. I wonder what the MEW figures might look like assuming there are any out there?
  5. DeSantis is a typical new era R-populist. He’s sh!t. Sorry. Find someone else to back, seriously. The data is overwhelmingly clear on the efficacy of vaccinations vs. Omicron for hospitalizations, ICUs, and mortalities. I’ve never seen anything like the questioning of the Covid vaccines. It’s insane.
  6. He slept with thousands of women, too. That’s for halfman:).
  7. And, one of Johnny Cash’s big hits, A Boy Named Sue. Shel also wrote an album or so for Bobby Bare, iirc, and hung out w/Kristofferson. Some other of his others songs on top of those Playboy cartoons. https://theboot.com/country-songs-written-by-shel-silverstein/
  8. Is it true that mild hypoxia resulting from masking increases sexual sensitivity? Asking for a friend.
  9. Ironically, maybe this probably helps DeSantis in his quest for ‘24? @scounty this is the type of stuff that leaves me SMH on the states vs. federal battles. It’s beyond stupid. On top of that governor’s anti-vax virtue signaling and his steal the steal posturing, I hope you find a better guy to back.
  10. Nothing wrong with that. Great long term chart.
  11. If it’s a small part of disposable spending that one will never miss, I don’t see that strategy as having much risk (technically, it does). I look at it like a savings account with a lot of volatility. Look up in 5 years and maybe a nice gain? Of course, one can do that in equities buying fractional shares w/less risk.
  12. I don’t have any of Cathy’s funds at present. I do have a little of two of her individual bio holdings. Both are down below my cost basis, but combined only 1+% of holdings. I’m in a more conservative mode since last fall. I think it’s a little too early for the flagship fund (ARKK) turnaround. But, if someone isn’t a stock picker and wants a risk/reward profile farther up and to the right and has a longer horizon, it’s a fair choice based on past records. BTC to $1m has been a cry out there for awhile. I read, listen, and watch a lot of stuff, but not enough to really think critic
  13. Read closer on the 21 years thing. There’s another part to it (see post above). If Norway’s homicide rate wasn’t a small percentage of the USA’s, or if they had mass shootings at a few % of ours instead of one catastrophe every generation, they’d probably have a little stiffer sentencing.
  14. Think of all the poor minorities here who would be shot dead by bad people if they didn’t have guns to protect themselves. Tragic how that happens in other countries.
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