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  1. Pragmatic? There’s a Mandy Patinkin quote response there somewhere. Lol. Voting for Trump pragmatically is the very definition of an oxymoron.
  2. Well, this is a perfect thread to insert Rock Springs to Cheyenne. Written by a guy I started listening to c.1979 in Boise. Chis LeDoux’s legacy band’s version:
  3. I think the cosmological arguments for an existential existence (God) are every bit as solid as those for agnosticism and more solid than those which outright reject. But, I think there are better arguments in love, the transcendent good, true, and beautiful. There’s more, but I need to delve into those three on a personal level now.
  4. Before fall ‘24 inflation will be near enough to the Fed’s target that QT (bond selling part) will probably be halted or slowed enough. There is some ME refining capacity coming on board soon, iirc. Whatever recession we go through will be over and we’ll be in a recovery likely with low unemployment. Infrastructure spending will be in place. The CHIPs and the initial stuff from the ‘21 Innovation Act will boost domestic tech expansion. Might just have a ‘rockin’ economy come the ‘24 election cycle. Dark Brandon rides again.
  5. I’m more worried about the northern border. Idaho is getting invaded. If Wyoming bordered Canada, Liz might have a shot.
  6. I'm waiting, too. I can read serious analysis and draw my own conclusions and even speculate a little, but I'm still waiting and watching. I've posted that a few times before. I need more than we know now. That's true even though my distaste for Donald Trump began in 1988 some three and one-half decades back. Here's the thing, Jack. I edited in bold two concurrent phrases of yours. They don't match up unless by "I am simply waiting" means you are waiting for it to be proven this was one of those ubiquitous witch hunts. If you mean you are really waiting (objectively) for time, more information, and how this all plays out then you can't make the statement "the search was a political act" because in this context it implies it was an overt political act w/o any basis in fact. It does appear there are facts, but why don't we just wait before pronouncing a definitive statement (albeit a short one). It's okay to have a bias, but you can still be open to what comes down.
  7. No reporting here. You can read the warrant and the two receipts (p5 and p6/7) here. Attachment B on p4 has the three U.S. Code violations in question. Of course, it’s just a warrant, but doesn’t look very cheery to me: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/22131379-220805-trump-warrant
  8. China (economy and financial systems) is fascinating to observe although I really have not spent much time on it for some time. They have so far muted some seemingly inevitable crashes and financial contagions. I think growth and strategic command policies have kept things under wraps for the most part. The former appears to be in a long term waning. The long issues of shadow banking, supposedly constrained in recent years, is still an internal risk. It may rise with slowing growth and needs for financing outside the formal, regulated banks. That and the property surplus could foretell some big problems down the road. The shrinking workforce is also a likely limitation on command policies. China is asshole.
  9. The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abp8715 @halfmanhalfbronco I’ll read this later after my afternoon nap. Fer yer and others who like to read.
  10. The OP is a stand up, serious guy. He calls 'em as he sees 'em. To be fair, there is some really big, historical level news about Trump going on. Not sure if you have caught it.
  11. Doubling down on body shaming. Smh. Apologize for that wrinkly as$ recent comment. I’ve got improvements to do myself.
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