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  1. I agree we were better without him. We just needed another player with his skill that could mesh with the team. By the end of the season akot and shaver were spent and there was no good option for additional depth.
  2. When we lost Doutrieve, our bench got too thin and we paid down the stretch. Ran our horses into the dirt.
  3. We have a knack for getting RJs and Ray Jay's. So maybe our odds are better then we think.
  4. We lost a lot from last years team in Kigab, Armus, and Akot. That last one still irks me. While we tried to reload, I dont think we matched what we lost. Unless we have great growth from within, I dont see us repeating.
  5. You did good. I am 3rd and only 2 points behind. Not bad from 11th in the rotation. Will be interesting watching this play out.
  6. Texas state Georgia Tech @Posturedoc
  7. Mine would be basketball. BSU Ending SDSUs insane home winning streak of winnng the game after being ahead at the 5 minute mark. Took a hell of a come back by a team with much less talent. Like the lobos above, aspiring to beat the team that has set the standard but in hoops.
  8. Cal goldy bears Kent state. @Posturedoc is up @MetropolitanCowboy on deck.
  9. Let's be honest. This is why Linder gets recruits to Laramie. It's all about connections.
  10. Thank you Tspoke for the update!
  11. Going full sun belt. Georgia State South Alabama @Posturedoc Headed back to you.
  12. Utah State already taken. Pick again. @Posturedoc
  13. Northern Illinois. San Jose state. @Posturedocback up
  14. Penn state UCLA @Posturedoc back to you.
  15. If I understand this correctly, I get 2 and then back up to posturedoc. Homer pick. Boise state then Cincinnati. @Posturedoc
  16. All kidding aside, how long do we have to pick?
  17. Easy decision, hockey game. Now if it was hockey or a basketball game, it would be a much tougher choice.
  18. I have watched the past couple years. Sign me up.
  19. Really not sure what we are doing here. Maybe a diamond in the rough.
  20. From top of the team to lost in the mix. Wish akot the best of luck.
  21. Akot officially gone to Memphis. We now have 2 gaping holes to fill for next season. If we do not pick up a few out of the portal Leon's 20 game season is in serious jeopardy.
  22. I really hope they have the talent to play a different style. While it was effective most of the year, I really didn't enjoy watching wyomings games.
  23. Come on Eman let's do this!! Defend your titles!
  24. Suns mavs has been a strange series. Such lopsided domination by the home team in every game. Good thing suns are the overall number 1 seed as they are going to need all those home games.
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