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  1. Will Whiting still be going on a mission with covid 19 or will he now stay around and take a scholarship spot?
  2. Should be a good test to how healthy those knees really are. I would guess any NBA interest went south with the knees. Will be good for the league if he is actually healthy. As far as the Sam Merrill qualifies for another year comment. No way that is happening.
  3. We were the only western team on the list. I would have been surprised he traveled that far from home. Was a nice thought if only for a few hours.
  4. Where is Flynn in the mock drafts.
  5. Please no!!! Boise state finally has the team we have been waiting for. Although if this is true bball will be the least of our worries.
  6. So glad boise state added baseball. Wouldn't want to see any "extra" money wasted on the basketball program.
  7. That was really wild. Chandeliers in our house was swaying. Right in an area we camp and fish during the summer.
  8. Oh my goodness. That just cracks me up.
  9. Won't happen and shouldn't happen. Would cause too much turmoil with team makeup, schollies, etc.
  10. Now this is real. We have all been personally affected. And I already had the winning bracket all filled out.
  11. Jalex4141


    Not sure it matters. I don't see any way nit is played.
  12. Oh god only if I have too. Will root for sdsu but not sure I can bring myself to root for Utah state.
  13. You didn't listen and got the loss.