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  1. Name: Jeff Hometown: Tucson AZ. Now live in Boise 11 years. University and degree: Northern Arizona University. BS engineering. Occupation: Civil Engineer Teams: College BSU, Arizona. Pro Chicago bears Arizona cardinals (glutton for punishment) Interests: fishing and the outdoors. Dislikes: Traffic, shopping, people in my fishing spot. Favorite activities: love watching college basketball. Playlist: classic rock and classic country. Married/kids/pets: yes, twin daughters, cat Miscellaneous: Taught my twin daughters to fly fish and bass fish. They out fish me bass fishing but I still got them fly fishing though I am sure that will soon change. Both just graduated from college and both got first real jobs. (Proud Papa)
  2. You know you're team is the envy of the league when threads like this are started. Exactly the way I feel about UNR and SDSU on the hard court.
  3. Jalex4141

    NBA Draft

    Were there multiple picks from MW last year or just Hutch?
  4. IMHO Nevada was overhyped in the off-season and all season long. They had an incredibly lucky sweet 16 run by pulling off monumental comebacks that were just hard to fathom only to lose to a bigger cinderella in Loyola Chicago. Hence the joy of march madness.
  5. Up above they are saying NBA potential. If that is the case it is completely opposite of bsu big man signees.
  6. I don't mind it. Thankful it's not Wise Pies arena.
  7. I was so thankful he stopped getting fouls called on the opposing team because of the leg kick.
  8. Probably have guaranteed contracts so no need to go to the combine. I see Zion Williamsons name on the list. Would be surprised if he goes. He has nothing to prove.
  9. Did wyomings long haired secondary player get drafted?
  10. Saw a post that proposed change is not going to happen.
  11. Cam was quite the player. Unfortunately bsu lost its Australian connection.
  12. I think a lot of young players from prior years fit in this category.
  13. Thanks for the info. I was not aware of the change. Watching him play at the end of the season I believe he has great talent but needs a lot of work on his game. Also needs to get stronger. Whether that is in college, the g league or over seas remains to be seen. See a lot of good college players pass into oblivion leaving too early.