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  1. Jalex4141

    Nance signs extension

    Good for Larry. Used to enjoy watching his dad for the suns. I had a poster of his dad dunking and his eyes were darn near even with the rim.
  2. Jalex4141

    Nevada vs Boise State

    I wonder what the record is for most personal fouls in a game.
  3. Jalex4141

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Undisciplined ugly football.
  4. Jalex4141

    The Real Reason Boise Lost

    Is that real and not photoshopped?
  5. Jalex4141

    An OUTRAGE has been perpetrated !!

    JESSUP!!! Oh that's too much.
  6. Jalex4141

    Nba playoffs and LNJ

    Watched him beat bsu on a buzzer beater here in Boise but still cheer for him in the nba. Used to love watching his dad play when he was with the suns.
  7. Jalex4141

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    How are the pins and needles Pack fans?