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  1. And what highly quality teams have you played? Conference play should be dynamite this year.
  2. Got to hand it to the Aggies though. Made a game of it. Could have easily thrown in the towel.
  3. Can anyone say second half adjustments. What a flip at the half.
  4. They have the whole season to get better. Too much hero ball at the end of the games. The little point guard Trummel or something like that made some good plays and had some really good passes but forced too many tough shots at the end. But as soup said. They are going to pummel the mountain west.
  5. How does one watch. What is flohoops?
  6. My take is the offense stagnates when Bradley is in the game. He is too used to to having fo create all the team offense. It works when he is on but fails when he is not.
  7. In my opinion it is because wyomig continues to run that boring ass maldo back it down in the low post offense. Once teams figure it out and have a large athletic guard on him, the offense fizzles.
  8. Colorado has already beat 2 top 25 teams. Yeah they are no good.
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