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  1. Great movement so far in these offenses.
  2. Big difference we did not lose to byu at home. We beat them on the road.
  3. Team looking really sloppy. Losing its motivation.
  4. I didn't think it was linder. It was the coach from Australia. I can't remember his name.
  5. Horrible call on armus. That was a travel. Drag the pivot foot.
  6. CBS sports analysts at the half got it right. Armoooosh!!!
  7. My favorite broncos picture of all time. Needs to be resurrected at least once a season.
  8. Armus player of the game and interviewed on the local post game radio show. His number 1 goal is the team. Obviously his emphasis is rebounding. He had a few nice moves at the rim tonight as well.
  9. Unbelievable the undisciplined play when we get a lead.
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