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  1. Rank them Sunday

    My prediction 1. Nevada 2. Boise State 3. Fresno State 4. SDSU 5. UNLV 6. Wyoming 7. Utah State 8. New Mexico 9. Air Force 10. Colorado State 11. San Jose State.
  2. Nevada @ the Baggies

    I cant believe I am going to say this. Let's go aggies.
  3. UNLV at SDSU

    Looks like lots of empty seats. Unusual for SDSU.
  4. Nevada @ Boise State

    I was wondering if bsu would not be able to host an NIT game because of the tourney. Is that definately what would happen?
  5. Nevada @ Boise State

    I just hope those with tickets show up. I get real tired of seeing prime seats in the orange that go consistently unfilled. I asked the ticket office about it when I tried to upgrade my season tickets and have been told they are held by businesses.
  6. Nevada @ Boise State

    Hope the Broncos can regroup and make it a game. The have struggled the last two which were on the road.
  7. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    We should at least be a high NIT bid. Not sure we will have a home game though since we are hosting NCAA tourney. Does any one know how that would work?
  8. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Good news is I can stop checking bracketology.
  9. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    I think we are already done. We weren' getting much respect before that loss. That was a bad one.
  10. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Too one dimensional for bsu in the second half. Not how you win games. Hats off to USU. They made the shots when it counts. Three breakaway layups at the end shows we have not enough practice on the press.
  11. SDSU vs Nevada

    Caleb Martin in the game. More Mussleman mind games. "The sky is falling the sky is falling" Hope they aren't jeapordizing his future.