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  1. Should be fun. Didn't UC Irvine have a huge kid a few years ago. 7` 4" or something like that.
  2. Have to run the ball to keep the defense from blitzing every play. That was the difference on that series. Keep them honest.
  3. Its Portland state for Pete's sake. Good luck next week.
  4. Luckily hank is tough and somewhat mobile. Rypien would have been out after Florida state.
  5. I know what they will be working on with hank in the off season. Quicker releases.
  6. I was thinking the same exact thing. Leads to hits like that.
  7. Come on BSU don't play around and let these guys stay in the game. Starting to look like last year's bball team.
  8. illegal blind side block on the defense? Not sure I've seen that.