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  1. Oh yeah!!! What a win Arizona. That was crazy.
  2. Seems like Velasquez has been there forever. Maybe it just feels that way.
  3. Game was getting boring anyway. Good job Aggies.
  4. As a cards fan that was a great game although not overly exciting. Dallas did give up after that 2nd Zeke fumble. I haven't gotten to watch az much this year. Man that team has some quickness and speed.
  5. The Orlando invitational is not occurring. We are now participating in a 4 team tourney with Kansas, UCLA, and seton hall still in Orlando. Still good teams but that Orlando tourney was packed.
  6. Glad they got the win. Loved the block that sprung the game winning TD.
  7. Quickness, jumping ability, ability to defend, ability to create your own shot, player that can both shoot from the outside and take it to the rim.
  8. This is going to be the year of reckoning for leon no question. He has done more with less raw athleticism them any coach in the conference with the exception of Craig Smith at usu although Queta is a huge game changer. If he can't make it happen with this years talent , he never will.
  9. Yes please go to lucky peak with all the other annoying play boats. Less wakes and loud music for us fisherman to have to deal with.
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