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  1. Nevada's two away games the week, colorado,state and boise state will be very telling for the tier 2 log jam. Seems like all these tier 2 teams win at home and are beatable on the road.
  2. Because of this, all the realignment talks scare me. Hell they would make basketball division 3 if it helped the football program.
  3. The jayhawk player that grabbed the chair and was looking to hit someone might also be in bigger trouble. Luckily 2 coaches and a camera man got it away before he hit anybody with it.
  4. That's what makes college basketball so great and keeps us all watching!!! More good things to come from true freshman Ray Jay Dennis.
  5. What a turn of events. Horrible for 36 minutes. Then queta fouls out. Ray Jay takes the game over. It was so much fun being there. Let this light a fire under this team. Hopefully this gives the coaches confidence in allowing their point guard position to make plays. Never understood the way bsu doesn't use the point guard. Saw the same thing with Paris Austin. Lightning quick. Seemed like every time Paris would miss a shot coaches would yank him. I fully understand whe he transferred.
  6. Agree with this. I think we lose to Fresno state as well. They played sdsu tough for 30 minutes and have good athletes. Their record is deceiving as they just got a number of players back.
  7. Good game air force. Too consistent for us to come back. Seems like air force usually plays solid ball at home. Looks like Broncos will have a losing conference record this year.
  8. Air force is clutch. Gotta get stops Broncos.
  9. Game is telling. Probably only 1 or 2 road wins for bsu at best. Our d on the road has not been good.
  10. Just can't get over the hump.
  11. Let's go Broncos. Anyone able to watch on at&t on DirecTV? Must not be in my package.
  12. Can't see the game just listening. 11 to 2 on foul calls. Is it legit?