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  1. Oh my goodness. That just cracks me up.
  2. Won't happen and shouldn't happen. Would cause too much turmoil with team makeup, schollies, etc.
  3. Now this is real. We have all been personally affected. And I already had the winning bracket all filled out.
  4. Jalex4141


    Not sure it matters. I don't see any way nit is played.
  5. Oh god only if I have too. Will root for sdsu but not sure I can bring myself to root for Utah state.
  6. You didn't listen and got the loss.
  7. That was a bs call. Merrill pushes off and they call a foul on SDSu.
  8. What is it with Utah state players on the key trying to distract the free throw shooter. Brito was bobbing up and down like a chicken. I noticed in other games they were allowed to extend their hands into the key and wave them in the shooters vision. Seems that shouldn't be allowed.
  9. 100 percent correct. You always hate the other teams best players.
  10. Sdsu should have saved some threes from yesterday.
  11. Guard Merrill close. Limit his 3s this afternoon
  12. Agree. They did however take down 2 really good teams in ooc without Queta.
  13. Key to next season is going to be this kind of intensity from all players. Look at new Mexico this year. Great athletes but inconsistant effort and could not play together. Flip side would be usu. Not the best athletes but give it their all for their team and play together.
  14. Not sure I feel that strong but will be glad to see him go.