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  1. Jalex4141

    Boise gets JC Forward commit

    Does he still have 2 years of elegibility?
  2. Jalex4141

    Bronco hoops loses good coach

    Can we lose Bereal or is he committed to Boise State?
  3. Jalex4141

    MW Definitely Looking into Streaming Only

    Tv preferred over streaming. Don' like Facebook only streaming as I have refused up to this point to get a Facebook account.
  4. I always wonder if James Webb's injury at the end of his junior year played in to his decision to declare and hire an agent.
  5. And the waiting on pins and needles begins.
  6. Jalex4141

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    The new wcc tourney format is laughable. Number 1 and 2 seeds only need to win 2 games to win the tourney. The lowest seeded teams would have to win 5.
  7. Jalex4141


    Gonzaga has it made in the WCC. Get ranked early in the season and keep it the remainder of the year. Not like you are going to be challenged by other teams in the conference. Cake walk to the tourney.
  8. It was a nice run. The big German kid wagner from Michigan was just too much for the ramblers.
  9. Yeah it does. He is a good player.
  10. Jalex4141

    Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Unfortunately our program didn't change.
  11. Jalex4141

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    That's the game that still stings for me.
  12. Jalex4141

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Great season pack!!! You made the mountain West proud!!!
  13. Jalex4141

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    What is that 2 for the season?
  14. Jalex4141

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Basketball momentum never ceases to amaze me.
  15. Jalex4141

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Loyola slowing it down I believe will play in the packs favor.