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  1. Rebs are definitely a live wire for the mwc tournament this conference is so bad. But it was pretty easy to see that it would be worse even last year. TJ and staff are doing well beating the bad mw teams. Its going to be interesting to see if they do a lot more with more next season.
  2. He should have played over several guys last year.
  3. Only way the fanbase came back this year was winning big out of conference. Noone is itching to watch sjsu or really any of the mw teams the Rebs have beaten so far. All conference wins are big wins, but this fanbase has seen the Rebs start hot against bad teams and then fizzle down the stretch. I think this team finishes above its projected placing, but i dont think many thought the mw would be this bad top to bottom. Most here could only focus on how bad the conference was last year, but not a peep this year when its worse. The casual fans know, though.
  4. Way to put away a bad team. I cant believe how bad the conference is this year. Definitely worse than last year. Either way proud the team and staff are handling business, but even happier how the Totz basically blasted the teams defense and effort after a win. A single tear dropped from my eye.
  5. You always just predict victories, though. Just saying.
  6. Be nice to see Totz dominate the conference. He's doing pretty well right now even though ol Leon did a number on him. No reason UNLV shouldnt dominate / compete at the top of the mtn worst. No reason 18 year old basketball players wouldnt want to be involved in the Las Vegas basketball scene. No reason UNLV shouldnt have one top notch player at each position. Boggles the mind how UNLV is ever far from a top 50-75 program.
  7. You hit the idiot button ph, but how many times has he been wrong? What is his pedigree in basketball? Where did he play? Who did he play against? Has he coached? Or does he sort of just know a few people on the outside and have a twitter page following? Why is it assumed he knows more than people posting here?
  8. Definitely not going to get too far ahead of myself. Good win. Very bad team. There are still 14 games left at minimum. Rebs have started fast and then finished with duds many times in the past. Rebs have not played a mw team above 5th ranked usu, without Queta. So things could still get choppy. When does EML come back? Is he out for the season?
  9. Guy knows very little about whats going on and far less about basketball.
  10. Man just really fun to watch that late game and OT. Conference is a new season. Good thing Rebs have guys who have been through it a few times.
  11. Someone post the box score pls.
  12. Jonah J back from the dead.
  13. Nick definitely tripped him.