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  1. Hartmann is all around great. The guys will get top flight instruction.
  2. I believe there were two commits. But they announced KyeRon.
  3. Staff on some good guards. Wesley Yates to visit UNLV, if he doesn't commit to Louisville first. Some of the staff were on the west coast to see Jared McCain, Mylan Boswell, Chuck Bailey III, Tru Washington, Blue Cain and some others early this month. McCain not ranked high right now, but he will be. Boswell 5 star. Last month Jalen Reed, Syr Malonka, Kyeron Lindsay, Chris Bunch, KJ Lewis, Cameron Barnes and some others in the Midwest. But looks like they are not shying away from the top recruits, while recruiting throughout the top 150. Only a few guys not widely ranked.
  4. The SEC and ACC have sent a few guys to the nba from JC. I think Beard from Texas has signed a few and CKK also picked up a JC. I thought Anthony Smith could have been a good player but MM ran him off.
  5. JC players are a thing again. Seemingly moreso than prep. Not really sure if it actually ever went anywhere, honestly.
  6. High school recruiting not looking so hot. Hopefully CKK stays hot with portal recruiting.
  7. UNLV has gotten the 'tag' of always having great athletes. Even when it's not really true. This roster appears to be an attempted return to form. I'm all for it too. But 'fit' is just as important as athletic. That's the part we have to wait to see. Do all these parts fit together into their roles? Can all these guys stay healthy and available? I called Rice's recruiting overrated because his guys were soft and his rosters rarely fit together. Khem & Roscoe, why? No. Anywho. Can't wait for the season. Go Rebels!
  8. We will see if you are or not. If so, reno should end with a stacked record and get a look to dance or make a run in the nit to set up the next season.
  9. Scheduling for wins and to build confidence within a young roster is exactly the way to set your program up for continued success. Step the schedule up with the experience level of your young core. You can't do it every year, or most years, but you're crazy if you're a mwc type conference/school and you never do it. Fans will be upset at first, but you have a much better chance to make a postseason and play more meaningful basketball. It doesn't matter if you schedule up, but get blown out and have a bunch of losses. Overscheduling can kill confidence and ruin recruiting and cu
  10. San Francisco and North Dakota State is solid scheduling for the expected level of this roster. 18-20 wins would be a solid first season for CKK.
  11. Isn't McCabe slated to come back soon? If he's not back already?
  12. Team looks like a d1 squad with some hoopers. Not like a mormon church league. No offense, just saying.
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