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  1. I like this signing a lot.
  2. Busy recruiting week for UNLV with visits from Nick Blake, Jhaylon Martinez https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2019/jun/14/busy-recruiting-week-for-unlv-with-visits-from-nic/ I think if Totz lands Blake and Martinez, that will already amount to better recruiting than previous. UNLV will be set up to do good things in the 2020-2021 season.
  3. Noticed quite a few people did not vote.
  4. Nick Blake, star guard from Las Vegas, commits to UNLV https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/nick-blake-star-guard-from-las-vegas-commits-to-unlv-1687414/amp/ I like this signing a lot.
  5. More than likely he ends up as a pro scout or in the g league.
  6. http://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/jun/05/unlv-announces-improved-basketball-schedule-for-20/
  7. Its looking like 14 to 16 wins. Fewer than that definitely seems possible. If Totz can get 18 wins he's a maestro. Even with Wood and Jenkins 18 wins would be tough.
  8. MM didnt play his most talented guys. He also failed to instill confidence in key young guys. He let them languish on the bench waiting on a next year that would never come. He played worse players because of feel good stories. He let Baxter and Anthony Smith walk and passed on Bassey to try to develop jtt. He missed on every pg recruit Moore, Williams, Dosunmo, Akinjo, Goldwire, etc. He never fielded a backcourt that could defend and physically impose its will. Highly disappointing recruiting. He even missed on Braxton Huggins who was way better than Clyburn and played for him at nmsu.
  9. I see your points. All valid. I did hear an interview from Tim Buckley who said they will tweek their system in order to fit the personnel. The best coaches can adapt their approach and their team. The team has good parts and if the roles are defined, and everyone plays within themselves; I think this team can maximize its potential. Whatever that means.
  10. I interact with a lot of people on these boards while disagreeing, but it stays respectful. I even admit and apologize when im wrong. But theres a handful of you guys who are just trolls and if you clap at me, I will clap back. Dont start none. Wont be none.
  11. So you didnt just call me a dick? I never attacked you. You got caught being a jerk and I called you out. Now youre trying to play the victim. #weak
  12. Well, says a lot about you if you expect him to say, 'yeah, im wink adams!'.. on a site where everyone is anon. The question was just so goddam dumb that I assumed you were trolling. But you were actually serious. Carry on.
  13. 👀👀👀 https://mobile.twitter.com/VerbalCommits/status/1133049021541388289
  14. You think so? Well, ill tell you what. The only guys I liked were Baxter, Zion and JoJo from that 1st class. The rest of them played hard, but just werent UNLV caliber players. MM also hurt himself by losing Baxter, Anthony Smith and making the decision to not sign Charles Bassey as a 1 and done. He signed JTT instead thinking hed have time to develop him. Very naive decision that cost him his job. Give me Bassey, Smith and Baxter and I could win the mwc.
  15. Uche Ufegbu or whatever? Talk about a warm body!!? Marv should have started JOJO from day one over Poysner.