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  1. Thank you, you're usually a pretty good sport about things. Im super shocked there is not a line of predictions. Actually i'm not.
  2. Why are people couching every statement and trying to look like they predicted everything they didnt? Where are the predictions for next season, projections looking forward? Im dying to read where everyone has UNLV in the top25, what at-large seed and whether TJ will be mwCOY or runner up. Love to try to find faults, but not seeing anyone sticking their necks out to predict a great season. Why is that?
  3. Reading every word I see. I must have cut you deep! I dont even read your posts most of the time. But call me by name salty bear. And thanks for the compliment! I was actually only talking about the speculation that hes going to Kentucky. Nice try, though, Salty.
  4. Paging Dr. San Diegan! Dumbshit is so smart he has all day to post on mw forum from granny's basement. Youd think with all the free time youd be out helping patients. People are dying in the streets, man. Come on doc. Get off mw forum and get into surgery, stat. What a limp dick.
  5. 20 wins with this schedule is meaningful and should land UNLV on the bubble at minimum.
  6. Be careful, man. The people who are stupid, do not know that they are. If your mind can even drift to violence over something like this, it's pretty obvious where your intelligence level lies. I can admit that there are inconsiderate people and people who lack knowledge of how germs work, who spread their germs and affect others. I can likewise admit that education and getting awareness out there is good, but an all out panic and shut down is bad. The fact that this has devolved into factions of infighters and suggestions of violence is absurd. Some stupid person is going to do some version of that.
  7. Actually a well thought out challenge of basically evenly matched programs. Also may have recruiting implications.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, The Peanut Gallery!! There are 1 or 2 others, but when these morons like your post, you KNOW you said sone dumb shite!
  9. This person is basically echoing everything ive said all year. Why no idiot button?
  10. Can you let me know what I said that was inaccurate? Just defending myself from liars and know nothings. I 100% guarantee you will not reply with something exact. Thats why you had to use a vague term like, "play the martyr". Because I am defending myself from fallacious attacks from people who I have already destroyed with FACTS & INFORMATION. Not bs l, "play the martyr"... Claims to be a lurker but has almost 3,000 posts.... yeah, okay! You guys just lie & lie & lie....
  11. This is also why I really need to see how guys like Moses and Jenkins pan out. Also guys like Yap, Lindsey, Reece even Martinez. I want to see what Totz ceiling is with his guys. I could easily see TJO ending up with Blake or Reece at center and playing Jhaylon only spot minutes until he transfers. I hope not, but just based on the league and TJs style of coaching, I just wouldnt be shocked. Recruiting and roster construction are a big part of the equation in college basketball. TJ has done a lot of recruiting in just one calendar year. Does it equate to an immediate big time program, 35ish level program, rankings, mw championships, what exactly? This upcoming season will tell us a lot.
  12. Funny thing was I said that Totz seemed to be recruiting to S Dak while here with guys like Shibel and Antonio. There was also some terrible player he was looking at out of some midwest program. I forget the guys name, but he was a stiff. I guess when I say things like that its perceived as hating on Totz, but im not. Its just true. No doubt those are really good players in the summit. The mw is nationally competitive at the top, summit like at the bottom.