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  1. Do I need to make a new profile or will this login work?
  2. They probably meant help in practice. He will probably play wing, power or small bench forward. DJ is a bad example for him to follow, based on the circumstance. Hicks barely played. He will probably play as much as Keyshawn Hall or less based on depth at his position. Hopefully he doesn't transfer out after one season.
  3. Not overlooking the rebounding at all. Size, athleticism, depth, iq, rebounding all improved in the backcourt. We just don't know if Cherry/Bedford are improvements in that dept over Keylan and Kalib.
  4. I see it. Keylan was a good player, but mostly a defensive big sort of game. His game didn’t really fit what KK runs because he plays a lot on the post. So it was tough spacing offense when Keylan, Kalib and Whaley were on the floor. Keylan also put up #s in a small conference, so his stats were watered down a bit. Hedley is more face up slash and shoot. He put up his #s in a bigger league. Maybe a wash, but a better fit for KKs stuff. Boone-Cherry may be a wash. Hoping to get more on the defensive end from Cherry. So again maybe not a better player, but a better fit. LouRod was great defensively, but his offense was brutal. Hedley is sort of a blend of Keylan and LouRod but better on the perimeter. Jailen is just way more perimeter oriented and a better fit. Evans may not play much this year, but he's also more dynamic offensively and a better fit. Defense may fall off a little bit, but the offense should take a big jump. Mid 60s bball isn't fun to watch and it's hard to win close games at the end.
  5. 1st, tied for 1st or 2nd. At large. Mworst tournament for seeding.
  6. Some internal improvements: DTJ, Bannarbie, Whaley, Hicks. Some addition by subtraction: Jweb, LouRod, JJ3. And just all around better fits with more face up, perimeter oriented, shot creating players. KK coaches from a guards perspective. Outside - In offense and pesky pressure switching defense. This past team was KKs best roster. He topped it with this roster.
  7. This is the year. I'm expecting this team to not only dance, but to make a run.
  8. I'm pretty happy with the roster KK has brought in. The mix and fit of players are perfect for what KK likes to run on both ends. Plenty of experience, size and shooting. This should be the year we see a significant jump in SOS.
  9. "Very low I'm told." With uofa and ku on the list. Ok, dude.
  10. Its never automatic that someone is the same, after an injury that sidelines them for so long.
  11. I'm trying to envision scenarios where Hill doesn't start and play all the minutes he can handle. I can only see two. 1) Hill isn't ready to start the season, and someone solidifies themselves at his position before he's back. Or 2) Hill comes back to start the season, but is a shell of himself and losses the spot eventually. If he's ready to start the season, he starts probably at the 3, maybe the 4.
  12. I agree with that. I've made the cellar dwelling team statement many times. I'm just looking at a head to head comparison to Jweb, who also came from a bad program. He's got better stats and his tape is way more dynamic. That said, point taken. This still needs to be a tournament team.
  13. Jailen was a junior college transfer before oral roberts. These are the types of players UNLV should be plucking directly from jc.
  14. I think this video shows off Jailens explosiveness and shot creating a bit better.
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