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  1. 6'2 G Amauri Hardy 6'3 G Marvin Coleman ■ 6'4 G Trey Woodbury 6'4 G Bryce Hamilton 6'5 G Jonah Antonio 6'5 F Nick Blair 6'6 F Jay Green ● 6'7 F Ben Coupet ● 6'7 F Tervell Beck 6'10 C Luis Bangai ●■ 6'10 C Djordjie Slovancanin 6'11 C Cheickna Dembele 6'11 C M'backe Diong Unless I left someone out, thats 11 scholarship players and 2 walk-ons. That leaves 2 scholarships to be filled. Its going to be interesting to see who Totz decides to lean on. My sleepers for heavy minutes are Tervell Beck and Jay Green coming off the redshirt. Unless theres another signing, the success of the season is going to come down to how fast Bryce and Trey acclimate and start to impact the games. Totz will be perfect for both guys development because he instills confidence and thats what they both need most.
  2. Some of them are moving on. Totz will get to bring in 3 or 4 guys. Ntambwe, Jtt, Juis all probably gone. No Ethan or JPL and Kris and Noah. Thats six rides. Beck, Blair, Dembele, Diong, Bangai is more than enough frontcourt depth.
  3. Its crazy how much talent USC stockpiles to still stink.
  4. From a basketball perspective I like the fact that Totz teams put a ton of points on the board and will blow you out. Great fit for Vegas. Im concerned a bit about getting stops. Im also curious to see if Totz and his staff are versatile enough to adjust their style to win right now with this group. Or will it be like when Kruger took over and he had to stack talent for a couple years then make a run.
  5. I believe head to head MM owns Thunder Dan. Not really fair considering nmsu is a long established basketball school. Gcu was a start up. If you look at their accomplishments, MM wins by a landslide. But if TKM hires Majerle instead of Menzies, I think Marjerle crushes it in Las Vegas.
  6. I think it was all the way possible that MM wins the mwc regular season, does not win the tournament and ends up in the NIT as mwc champs because of weak sos and no standout wins.Totally not good enough. But Totz actually did exactly that this season. Its just true. I can mention that and say I think the ceiling has probably been raised. But there is zero track record of rankings, ncaa wins or runs, beating ranked teams.
  7. Im not refuting that a lot of the rise was the mwc being worse. But theres nothing MM can do about other teams. McCoy, Jordy, Mooring Rebels were better than this years, but team still finished better in mwc play. Its just true however anybody feels about it. UNLV was bringing back the most continuity and adding some serious athletes. So me saying MM and even Totz should win the conference this year, to me, is not a huge deal for exactly that reason. The mw should be tougher in the middle and much weaker at the top. UNLV is a strong middle team already with the roster as is. Depending on additions could be better. I think Totz will get UNLV scoring. Will he add something? Is he such a difference maker that he doesnt need it? I really hope so. Most of a top half team is coming back. I dont get how what im saying is outrageous at all.
  8. Ludacris when he finished 4th this year and all the teams ahead of UNLV graduated or lost most of their best players? Sure because you say so and youre the expert here. Funny how posts like yours arent considered "talking down". But whaaaatever. Im pretty sure Totz will get his entire 5 years unless he bombs. I started the year off saying MM would probably be fired this year.
  9. Meh. Consensus of people in the business is that the firing was premature. It was, but its still hard to go to bat for MM. I agree the results were not good enough. Im just not piling on and belittling the man. Also, perfectly reasonable to expect much better results since UNLV has a great coach now.
  10. I am right. A lot. I am also wrong a lot and I readily admit it. I say unpopular things, but sometimes I know things. Other times im just observing. I started the season saying 18-20 wins. Some people here were saying .500 or 14-16 wins. I said MM could win the mw next year, if, if.. never this year. A lot of those ifs have happened. Its not even unreasonable. UNLV improved 3 spots each year under MM, 10th to 7th to 4th. I think Bangai is really good and the guards would have been top level in the mwc just maybe not right away. I said that I thought Beck was going to be really good this year and I was dead wrong about that. But was that just Menzies? I think were about to find out. A lot of the stuff youre saying I didnt even say so I dont even know what to tell you. Youre obviously upset about something, but to just regurgitate all of your thoughts in one post about months of discussions is tough to make work.
  11. Hey man or ma'am. Lets hug it out! I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. Its also very kind of you to defend everyone else. Thanks for being so kind!