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  1. True. Some teams let their bigs initiate by rebounding and breaking out, or have point forwards. But screening, etc is not initiating. Either way I have a hard time picturing Mbacke doing any of this stuff, initiating, making 3s, etc. Ill be very happy if he can successfully catch and finish while moving and maybe not throw the ball to the other team. That would be fantastic.
  2. I left that out because it doesnt apply. Those things are not initiating the offense and not what the term means. Initiating offense is for ball-handlers and play callers. It means enter the team into an offensive set or action.
  3. "Otzelberger sees Diong as a big who can initiate the offense at the top of the key" Nope! Not unless its a dribble hand off....
  4. Good, bad, mediocre or whatever. I don't even care. Im seriously just ready for Runnin' Rebel Basketball!!!
  5. qwelish

    It's open!

    I could see the logic in Mora before the stadium and fertitta were built, but now that they are here, it seems like a more high powered name and coach could be acquired. UCLA got worse under him.
  6. Not sure we will know much even then. Starting fast and fizzling out in the mwc we've seen before. Not getting starched by KSU would be a good sign, but early isn't a good barometer of how the team and TJ will compete down the stretch vs mw competition. ucla and Cal have been cellar dwellers for years. Cal finished dead last in 18-19. Name brands in hoops, but how good are these teams in 19-20? Its smart scheduling to slot big names in down years. So I get it.
  7. Great points. There are three seniors and Tillman. There are what, 5 signings for 2020? There is a glut at the moment, but should not be too hard to fix for TJ.