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  1. At least 5 or 6 between the two major revenue sports.
  2. Boom. Its too obvious of a misstep with the current climate of things. Personally I dont care one way or the other. People should be allowed to openly dicriminate. We all do anyway. But govt panders to and gives teeth to pc culture. Not saying its right, just saying its true. Doesnt matter how much you all laugh, disagree and soapbox.
  3. I believe at least some of this took place with the last coach.
  4. That still means football has never. But having had one in 30 years, when most of the players are black is an issue, period. So they can play, but they cant lead your program? Got it.
  5. Surgery is one thing, and to answer your question directly, no race would not matter. But this is basketball and football. Where somewhere between 60-70% of players at the d1 level are black. Are you claiming that in the entire history of csu football and basketball that only one single black person has been among the most qualified? If so, how can that be, exactly. Please explain it to me. I call nonsense. This historic mistep should be righted by an institution that draws federal funding.. Do you see the difference in the argument im making and the argument youre pretending im making? Of course you do.
  6. Alums and their families bussed over with college kids. Sounds like more great ideas coming from the think tank that is UNLV administration. Maybe they should leave the next coaches wife at the airport alone or wait a week or two before approving his contract. Seems to have worked wonders for the bball program.
  7. This stupid attitude is why your sorry state is still the way it is and your programs have gotten progressively worse and wont get better. "Hey, cletus. We hired us another chic, she can hire us a coach and make us a sandwich. At least we didnt end up with one a dem damn darkies!" "all them miiiiinoritaayys is the damn same anyway...."
  8. Dave Rice never put together a class as good as Penny has in his first year. Also, Pennys staff is much better, and Penny played PG.
  9. With that much talent, they all fit together.
  10. They should be investigated and possibly have some of their federal funds threatened. In this day and age, that is unacceptable. Especially the amount of black players they tend to have in both major scholarship sports. If this gets any traction I guarantee they hire a black coach as soon as a spot opens up.
  11. He was on my list I put together after the Bucknell game. Then I removed him later in the season because I think they lost a few and they didnt make the dance. S Dak was in the top 5 in the nation in scoring offense all season. So that was a huge factor on why I had him on my list, and they had a really good record early in the season too. Ive been saying how I didnt see good defense, just slowed down offense. The kstate, cincy, cal, smu, fresneck games they gave up a ton of WIDE open shots. Just those teams could not throw it in the ocean except all the dunks and layups UNLV gave them. UCLA, TX St, and BYU can all shoot it. Blow out waiting to happen. Even bad shooting teams, eventually a guy or two gets hot shooting open rhythm shots all game.
  12. I just cant for the life of me understand why you go out and sign a player worse than the walkons. Trey & Coupet are way better than Shibel. It calls the HC & staffs eye for talent and decision making into question. This season is showing that TJ is not some prodigy or over the top great coach, yet. TJ has never had the final say on how a program is built. He is learning on the job, but he is not being compensated like he is. We wont know what TJ is until about year 3 or 4, most likely. A complete program reboot with an unknown calls the ADs decision making into question. We wont know about her eye for talent until we at least know what TJ can really do. Maybe next year, but for me guys like Jenkins, Wood, Fleming, Brown, Lindsey, Antonio are all huge question marks at this point. Adding a very nice class and some transfers can sometimes get it done, but when youre adding it to a core this far off, it generally takes a few seasons. I hope its s16 next year, but man I just dont know what to expect.
  13. It's still a bit too early to tell how her picks pan out, but it certainly looks like amateur hour.
  14. Las Vegas is perpetually behind when it comes to the logistics of travel on the Highways. Traffic is going to be madness. The stadium is in a good location, in my opinion, but it wont matter. The exits and streets leading up to the stadium are not set up to handle that level of flow.