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  1. Comparing online video of him and Luis Rodriguez. Nowell is the better athlete. Wouldnt mind seeing a line up of: Hark Nowell LuRod K Hall Muoka or a more traditional line up like: Hark JJ Nowell K Hall Muoka Or a big line up like: Hark Nowell KHall Cottrell Muoka I think were going to see a lot of different line ups before KK settles on one. He may settle and resettle several times with all the new parts. There are essentially two starting line ups worth of quality players. I see no real reason to play Lui Rod or Nowell at PF unless the other team goes super small and starts hitting a bunch of shots. I put Hark at PG in all of these, but im not even sure we see him at PG at all really.
  2. Shane Nowell as "bench depth"? Im done.
  3. BENCH (depth) Guard: Shane Nowell, sophomore Nowell is the one true man of mystery on this year’s roster. He only played 66 minutes at Arizona last year as a freshman, so there wasn’t enough footage of him to do a full breakdown of his game. Based on what he’s shown on the practice court so far, he’s got good size and athleticism for a wing; now it’s up to UNLV to develop his skills. Forward: Keyshawn Hall, freshman Aside from Gilbert, Hall may be the Scarlet and Gray’s most watchable player. He checks in at a burly 6-foot-6 but plays a perimeter game; he’s clever with the ball, creates off the dribble and completes passes that startle the receivers. It’s hard to see a true freshman cracking the rotation out of the gate, however, especially on a team this deep with defenders. Hall will see minutes eventually, but he’ll have to earn his spot. Forward: Victor Iwuakor, senior There’s no doubt Iwuakor can play, especially on defense. UNLV was better when he was on the floor last year. Unfortunately, he’s been battling injuries for almost a year now, and he has yet to participate in summer workouts. Kruger said Iwuakor will be ready by the start of the season, but counting on him to play a major role would be irresponsible. Center: Karl Jones, junior Between Muoka and Cottrell, UNLV’s allotment of 40 minutes at the center position seem to be accounted for. Jones is here in case someone gets hurt or if Kruger wants additional muscle on the court for certain matchups.
  4. So Cottrell, McCabe and JJ are off the bench, huh? Okay, dude. That starting unit would completely rely on 2.6ppg Keshon Gilbert to carry the offense.
  5. If this line up gets significant PT together this year, season is sunk, KK will not do this much, if at all. I hope.
  6. I hope Keshon comes out as good as advertised. That would be a huge plus. Sounds like it will need to be, based on what I saw of Keshons game last year. If hes the best player on the floor, this team is in deep poo.
  7. Love to see this happen, but will have to see it to believe it. Seems to be some quality depth at small guard.
  8. I remember Jamaal. He went to unm with a ton of hype. He was okay. Now go get us some guys.
  9. KK better hide his assistants. Beard just lost another one of at ut.
  10. UNLV is playing in the SoCal Challenge with Minnesota, Cal Baptist and Southern Illinois. UNLV opens up vs. Southern Illinois. Minn vs Cal Bap. Winners and losers play Nov 23rd.
  11. Unless he's coming with a top flight player right now, id pass. Not sure players would follow their aau coach as much as they would go where their handlers have hashed out the best deal. But if they did follow him, he'd end up being a one year rental.
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