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  1. Really? Squeaking out a win to the 14-18 UNM Lobos was the deciding factor?
  2. Ok, if they call a flagrant, the fix is in
  3. Wow, the Lobos are determined to take down the MW conference post-season hopes with them. Where has this team been all year?
  4. So if USU loses to the Lobos in the quarterfinals, are they still good enough for an at-large?
  5. Safe bet. Paul Weir has a hard time beating Aggies. It's like his kryptonite.
  6. Yeah, that lack of urgency was surprising. Wasn't there also still a timeout left? I am glad that Kuiper got a chance to seal the win like that. Even though Lobos are rivals, I've always thought he was a good player, great sportsmanship, just a quality kid and have rooted for him to do well at UNM.
  7. Here's hoping that based on the jobs Menzies and Weir are currently doing, the MW quits taking our head coaches. LOL
  8. Not really Mexican (or New Mexican, which is clearly superior) but a few places in town here do made from scratch pasta with a red chile alfredo sauce + added roasted green chile on top. Fabulous.
  9. I don't know. I've watched some Lobo games this year. In-game adjustments are not Weir's strong suit.
  10. The Reno player pushed himself up off the floor using that cadet's face. Good for his teammate coming to his defense. Would expect nothing less from a service academy
  11. LOL. I'm just a newbie here, but I hear Teddy KGB in my head every time I read one of Blue voodoo's posts.
  12. Reno will have a hard time on the road; as someone mentioned earlier, they'll have a big target on their back for each and every game. Still can't believe the Lobos blew them out, though...
  13. Mathis is a hell of a three point shooter. But he has a tendency to fall down, throw the ball away, make silly fouls. But that kid can shoot.