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  1. No special deal for Boise. We already have enough teams that can lose to Virginia at home.
  2. Birthright Citizenship is the way to go.
  3. Ridiculous public land grab

    The Silicon Valley tech company I work is looking to expand in Northern Nevada, so I've been looking at real estate up there, and i like what i see. It's so cheap up there.
  4. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Renoskier/Studman69 must be a real ladies' man.
  5. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Am I the only person who sees the irony of Boise State complaining about other Mountain West schools?
  6. NMSU national champs?

    1960 National Champs. Mountain West Champs every year they beat UNM. C-USA champs every year they beat UTEP. At this rate they're going to need to replace the Participation Trophy case with a real one.
  7. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    SJSU might not have the best sports. But we do lead the nation in hot asian girls! No more SJSU means no more China Dolls. Think about it!
  8. I noticed that SJSU has NMSU on its 2021 schedule, but there is no game scheduled for @ NMSU. Is that because NMSU's administration is planning on moving down to FCS by then?
  9. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    One thing to take in to consideration is the decision making process in these kind of matters. The school presidents are the ones making the decisions in this case. They would most likely prefer that SJSU deliver better Football and Basketball teams. But they're always going to want us as peers. We are a dynamic economic and cultural capital. And we have CalPERS, the gold standard for old fat cat administrators.