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  1. I hate rooting for a SEC team but if UCF fans and AAC fans in general weren’t such utter pricks I wouldn’t have too. I think the difference between this UCF team and those great BSU, Utah, and TCU teams was that those teams could actually play defense.
  2. UCF is one of the luckiest teams I’ve ever seen. The amount of breaks they’ve gotten over their winning streak is insane!
  3. Male cheerleaders for LSU we’re talking crap to the UCF DB on that pi call. 😂 You’re a male cheerleader stfu!!!
  4. That national championship claim is straight up embarrassing. I’m so glad BSU never made some idiotic claim like that.
  5. I usually root for g5 schools but I’m so sick of UCF and their fans. BSU fans were pretty bad back in their golden years but UCF takes it to a whole other level. The behavior of both their fans and players is appalling.
  6. Both these teams are full of thugs. Why can’t players just shut their damn mouths.
  7. UCF acting like a bunch of cocky asshole thugs out there.