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  1. While I wholeheartedly agree with the people telling these two morons to take off the swastika masks can we as a people maybe try to use less f-bombs
  2. My comment was mostly tic... I agree and I don’t want the protestors to get sick either.
  3. And both probably have some truth in them. Who knows
  4. Maybe if COVID runs rampant through theses idiots it’s eventually strengthen the herd so to speak. Thin out the dumb and weak...
  5. I’d laugh but it’s really not funny. Lots of innocent people are going to end up dead or hurt with these dumb asses parading around with guns.
  6. I’m seriously afraid of how this is going to go. I don’t see it getting better before it gets way worse. Hopefully I’m wrong
  7. +++++ing idiots... how are blm people going to spin this?
  8. Cubbies take 2-3 from the brew crew. The NL Central is going to be fun this summer! As long as the cards don’t win it!
  9. My senior year English teacher I would’ve banged in a heartbeat! She was a former cheerleader at UW and was a cute little thing.
  10. Cubs Win!!! That is all...
  11. Been around a long time my friend...changed handles etc... you’ve been kinda angry all summer. Relax it’s no way to go through life!
  12. Good Christ you need to settle down. While I won’t speak for half man I took it as some good natured ball busting. You don’t need to take everything so personal.
  13. Were children separated from parents under Obama or Clinton? And no I’m not a trump supporter
  14. Did any of this happen under president Obama or Clinton? Honest question and I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m guessing it did...were you against it then?
  15. I misread your initial post. I’m still not a fan of moving the season back more than a week or two and adjusting the schedule if needed. I thought you were for skipping the season entirely. My bad
  16. Because your suggestion sucks...
  17. Yer mom would be in my top 25 but the smell ruins it for me! Sorry but that’s a fact Jack!
  18. Just watched an interview with the Chicago police chief. They have confiscated over 5 thousand guns since the first of the year in Chicago. I’m sure some of them were purchased legally etc but I’ll bet money that the majority of them weren’t. I’m not for preemptive arrests either but taking legally purchased guns by law abiding citizens is just as dumb.
  19. If caught I hope the thief gets some hard time!
  20. Of course CSU will finish even lower than that! Poor little lambs!
  21. Soon to be Wyoming! The right coach and a little better recruiting. Give us a year or two and we’ll be making some noise again in the MWC and nationally. You heard it here first!
  22. Pokes are 7-3 over the last 10 meetings...
  23. It is compared to the hamburger helper and box Mac and cheese yer mom makes me after I’m done uhhh “delivering the pizza”
  24. I haven’t looked at your schedule but you guys play fort Lewis?
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