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  1. My parents are boomers and I will guarantee they watch more news from multiple sources for their information than my two young adults do. And it’s not even close
  2. A really doubt madmartigan has ever had those words muttered at him... 😂
  3. We’ll split with you guys and Air Force...at the worst.
  4. As a public school teacher I agree with tenure and unions. Both have kept some amazingly crappy teachers employed. On the other hand I’m not sure I want some smal town asswipe on the school board etc... firing me because I didn’t play his kid in the jr high b game enough or I disciplined him in my class for being a douchebag. A double edged sword for sure.
  5. Wow is all I got! He seemed like such a nice guy at first...😂
  6. So is McDonalds I’m betting. Seriously I can’t drink Starbucks. So bitter unless you put enough sugar in it to give you diabetes! Haha
  7. First of all why are you Starbucks? Their coffee blows I think
  8. Sounds like a kinky Friday night with @tailingpermits mom.
  9. To hell with that old bag also! Pelosi is Trump with a vagina on the opposite side of the political spectrum imho
  10. You asshole! Man that looks awesome!
  11. Yet when the same situation is from the other “side” you are one of the worst to question everything! Weird how that works
  12. I stand corrected on his training. I shouldn’t have replied in such a flippant manner. I don’t wish harm in anybody protesting in a peaceful manner. i do feel that if you bring a gun into these situations you are begging for a confrontation and this kind of stuff will contrition happen. Not a wise choice on his part unfortunately.
  13. Died a hero...lol. Still died though. These dumbasses with little to no training with firearms have no business doing this kind of stuff
  14. Because screw that! Get your stupid ass out of the street and quit damaging vehicles...that’s why
  15. Absolutely not! I think they have the right to protest and as long as it is peaceful they should be doing what they feel is right! I’m gonna go out on a limb here though and say the VAST majority of them have never had a finger laid on them. Prove me wrong and I’ll eat my words but I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong. It’s basically your typical left wing bullshit here...the police are beating old women up blah blah blah. This narrative is getting old for anyone with an ounce of common sense.
  16. Statistics..how many “moms” were beat up? Honestly curious...
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