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  1. You must be a horny sob! 🤮
  2. I get that as I probably would but that still doesn’t give them the right to be violent or loot and +++++ stuff up. I don’t feel one bit sorry for the assholes who break the law.
  3. Well maybe if the dumb cocksuckers would get their stupid asses out of the road they wouldn’t get ran over! Weird concept I know...
  4. She’s as big of worthless bag of hot air and crap as Trump is....
  5. Never caught a whitefish before...how do you prepare them? I’ve heard they are decent eating...
  6. Kid is a douche for sure on the field...but I guess I’d take him if he was a Poke...
  7. Yes but that’s beside the point. Nobody should be a douche like this! Just one of the reasons almost everybody bags on Hoser...because of douchebag fans like sjsumf2013
  8. Fake news! Duck and goose, pheasant, deer, elk, and antelope. Plus fishing for walleye, trout, and pan fish...nothing better in my opinion.
  9. You’re kinda like that parent who wants four Michael Jordan’s and your son on the court regardless of how shitty he is including UNLV in this list... lol
  10. How is this any different than it is now for Christ sakes as far as corporations running our country? It isn’t going to get any better than it is right now.
  11. I have absolutely no problem with a kid getting his ass chewed! Hell my oldest plays d2 ball and has taken some ass chewings and stuff. He’s seen some other kids take ass chewings that were “embarrassing “ they were so bad. But the kids who survive these things usually stick together and form a bond that is unbreakable.
  12. I played D2 football and myself as well as others were called some of the most vile shit I’ve ever heard. I didn’t like it and considered smacking my position coach but knew I’d be in deep shit if I did. It isn’t fun and all but in the end I got over it and so did my teammates. Coincidentally he played at CSU lol
  13. Mug I 100% agree with you. I honestly don’t give two shits who our president is. The scum in Congress are the ones who need voted out! It would improve everything almost immediately.
  14. Both of them...we’re not gonna take it by Twisted Sister because +++++ both of those ass clowns!
  15. Now before you get all crazy I’m not a right winger but I’d be on board if all the crazy assholes that said they’d move to another country it X or Y get elected I’m all for it! They can all move and screw off!
  16. Kind of like all the lefty turds were going to move to Canada and then didn’t...
  17. I heard he started his own business as a fluffer for gay porn flicks....😎
  18. Just went up to the snowies last week for a day trip. Caught a couple of real nice Brookline’s and cutthroat. Smoked them the next day...delicious!! Plan on doing more of that this fall. Also drew a deer tag and may go buy a general elk tag.
  19. The Dude is going to win us a conference championship... just you poke fans wait! 😂😂😂
  20. Bought the youngest a used pickup...bought a house in a college town where my oldest goes to school a year ago. Won’t be traveling to watch my oldest play college ball or to watch the Pokes play. May spend some money on some fall hunting/camping trips.
  21. CSU... we are expecting an invite to the B1G any day now...
  22. The Bronze Boot really doesn’t matter...
  23. Ransacks mom is a good lay...😜😎
  24. Narcolepsy...why can’t something like cause nymphomania!!!!! Damn it!
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