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  1. Only eye I’m lookin’ at is her brown one from behind! Lmao
  2. Oh for Christ sakes Stunner....we have to draw a line somewhere! BYU is on the outside looking in but you’re an alright dude sometimes! God I feel dirty after typing that. I’m off to shower and rub one out to a picture of Becki Falwell...
  3. Did the same!!! Lmao! She’d do in a pinch I think
  4. @AztecSU...here’s a solution! They’d have to be a sharpshooter to hit yours though!
  5. I’m not saying things are fair or equal. I believe we have a ways to go to before all people are treated the same. that said I just don’t get the looting and violence. I’m not even saying it’s blm anymore. The punks that are doing this need their ass kicked black or white!
  6. Not gonna do it. People who are lifting and being violent can choke on a fat one.
  7. So a privately owned business is corporate America? GTFO with that bullshit
  8. Yes and no to your last comment. In the big scheme of things it is dumb to risk your life over material things. That being said if I owned a business and these punks were trying g to loot or burn it...shit would get real in a hurry.
  9. What’s wrong with having a boner you limp dick! Boners matter too! edit... forgot to add this for some sarcasm and came off being a little douchey myself.
  10. Crazy...take your skateboards you +++++ing douchebags and go get a damn job. +++++ing gutless punks with the mob mentality.
  11. You aren’t wrong! Also, the Dems do exactly the same thing. Both parties suck ass!
  12. I don’t know...after she’s had sex either orange turd it just seems kinda gross looking at her in that light. I think she’s very attractive but no on the sex thing if she’s had the mushroom.
  13. I can accept that to a point. While it may be harder to recruit to Laramie that it is to San I don’t think he will necessarily face “diminishing returns.” As long as he is there they’ll compete very well in the mountain division and possibly for conference titles I think.
  14. And I suppose SDSU is loaded with 5 star talent... lmao
  15. Climate change has absolutely had an effect here. Poor management practices have also caused events like this to be more common. Trump says things that are for lack of better words...+++++ing stupid. I’m not a fan of his but your tree hugging environmentalists are also to blame here I think.
  16. Not quite Stunner level trolling but you are trying! Keep it up champ! 😉
  17. What a bunch of ignorant douchebags! I am now dumber for having watched that video.
  18. It’s where you were conceived by an ornory old cowpoke! Must be why you have all that hate built up inside of you! He ran off afterwards!
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