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  1. My wife and I are both public school teachers who are now in a 14 day quarantine. We were exposed by another teacher that was purely accidental. We will be tested this week sometime with another 3-5 days to wait on results. It suck! After 23 years of teaching I miss my students and being with my people! I’m hoping we are negative and can get back to school sooner rather than later. Also, my youngest is a senior and we have to miss his Senior night this week because of this. Heartbreaking for his mom and I
  2. In a lot of ways his equal I think..which isn’t saying much!
  3. While I understand we should try to do better in jury selection and really all areas of life in being better to each other etc... this is crazy. How would this work with double jeopardy? Can he be tried again with a different jury?
  4. Just the couple of dipshits on the far right and the far left who visit this side....
  5. Ok so I understand the bias on the jury selection... I’m too lazy to go research it all. Did the dude do it?
  6. I wouldn’t know how or why anyone would want to go on the dark web.
  7. Yer moms safe word is harder...is she an R or a D?
  8. Just as bad as what’s his douche Sanjoser fan who wants boomers to croak.
  9. Dude slow your roll. I don’t give a rats ass which side you’re on and IMO the dude was a coward and scum but to cheer his death is bullshit
  10. Holy Shiite Muslim Batman. Lots of smoke in eastern Wyoming from these fires.
  11. It’s pretty awesome when I bang yer mom and she wears the MAGA hat! What a turn on!!
  12. You know... Mormon and all.
  13. I do and she was damn hot! Dark hair and skinny. Just a freak in the sack. Ahhhh the good ol days!
  14. When I was 19 I was banging a teacher who was 25 that lived in the next town over. Biatch was crazy! Had two kids and was married and divorced three times by then
  15. Do you have mommy issues or what? I’d plow Jennifer Aniston if she was 100 years old!
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