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  1. Doesn't change the fact that they were mistreated...where do you draw the line?
  2. What about the Chinese and the Irish that were mistreated during the same timeframe? Should they be paid also?
  3. Spending ours on paying taxes...FML...
  4. Says you! I've banged GoStates mom a lot! In fact she's had my dick in her more than my underwear have.
  5. It gets better the further you get into it and there are lots of boobies! Give it a chance and if nothing else you'll get to see some average boobs! 🤣
  6. He'd break your hip old gray mare 😂
  7. Wife and I are binging The Last Kingdom now. Lots of violence and boobies. Not what I normally watch but I'm hooked.
  8. Decent post from a pillow biting bronco fan! 😉
  9. Absolutely 👍. Good luck Top25! You've got this!
  10. Soni was in college and working for my future father in law and it is over 100 degrees and we digging footers by hand for a windmill...big assed holes about 5 feet deep. I forget my water jug and he had hot coffee or Shaeffers Light riding in the back of the pickup...I drank 4-5 of those God awful things because I was that thirsty. Nasty stuff!!
  11. Just started The Last Kingdom this week. Not my usual thing but it isn't too bad so far.
  12. She was a Heisman in the sack for sure! 😁
  13. And even before Christensen. We had some shitty years in there. You are correct that it does in fact suck to be a CSU ram however
  14. Welcome to the dark years before Bohl showed up as a Poke fan. I hope we can keep it going against Coach Dude!
  15. Sucks...I have some stock in oil and was getting a nice little check each month. They are dwindling fast.
  16. Me either...they'll be awesome! I can't +++++ing believe these two ass clowns are the best either party could come up with. America is seriously +++++ed right now!
  17. Can you imagine a debate between these two dickweeds!? What a complete and utter mess it'll be! Comedy at it's finest! Can't wait
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