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  1. Marshall Faulk stats in 1992 I believe weren’t great in Laramie.  Pokes beat that poor dude to death that day damn near.  Also saw a dude streak the field and get taken down hard by the Laramie pd... freaking hilarious!

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  2. 3 hours ago, Slapdad said:

    You're missing the point of the post. I don't begrudge the police for shooting him and I believe he got what he wanted. My point was that I would have been just as happy had he complied and was arrested and let justice play out through the judicial system. That didn't happen though. He was being arrested for a violent crime and didn't comply/cooperate and he's no longer around. 

    I don’t disagree with you.  I feel for the cops who shot him too because I truly doubt 99.99% of all cops want to do something like that no what the narrative is from some people.  

  3. 1 hour ago, Slapdad said:

    Justice can be served in many forms. I would have been okay with him being arrested and living out his days in prison. Ultimately, he made the choice for those trying to arrest him and he is no longer around.

    I guess I don’t know how he was supposedly arrested.  If he pulled a gun and wanted a gun fight I guess he got what he deserved.  If he was shot just because then I have a problem with it.  I’m guessing he had a gun so it is what it is...  

  4. 36 minutes ago, NorthWestCowboy said:

    Serious question though.  Isn't this joeybtoonz just as bad?

    He scours the internet looking for the worst of us.  Then collects and posts these vieos to YouTube all as a means to get likes and generate revenue.  The joeybtoonz of the world act as amplifiers pointing out the worst in us and pretending this is the norm.  I travel quite a lot for work to cities across the country.  Sure I see people taking selfies but I cant think of a single time I've seen people acting narcissistic to this extent.  It's not even close to the norm.  But scour the internet and collect them on a YouTube channel and suddenly America is F#@ked.

    America and Americans are nowhere near as bad as what social media and the joeybtoonz of the world portray.  In my opinion joeybtoonz is no different than the people he makes fun of on his YouTube channel.

    I won’t argue a bit on your points.  

  5. 8 minutes ago, DestinFlPackfan said:

    Thanks for being transparent.  The reason I asked the questions is a co-worker 'suddenly' was out on sick leave. No info about said illness, which I understand (HIPPA laws)  but a couple days turned into exactly 15 days when she returned.  

    We all wear masks ( corporate mandate) we limit our interactions to a few minutes and try to adhere to policy as much as possible. 

    None of us knew how 'sick' she was, until she let it slip. 

    I'm of the opinion  (now) that most companies cannot /will not put employees out on quarantine based on one persons results or will notify those who were working around said person.  

    By the time she got her results, if we were going be infected, we would have been and spread it to others. 

    Hope your colleague gets better and you and yours stay healthy. 

    Thank you.

    as teachers we wear our masks religiously but I’m not sold on how much good they actually do.  But I love my job and the kids in my class so I’ll be a good soldier and do what I can to keep them and my family safe.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Blue voodoo said:

    Thought it took more then a day to test positive?seems too me your full of shit. Just sayin

    It was about a 6 hour turn around from test to results.  I could give two shits if you believe me or not you clown.  lol 


    There are other tests...I’m getting tested tomorrow... that take 2-3 days

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